Biologyat Blundell's

Our department ensures that learners of all abilities fulfil their potential and develop independence of mind. We are greatly inspired by the example of Old Blundellian, Wilfrid Le Gros Clark who was a leader in the fields of neuroanatomy, primatology and palaeoanthropology who, by challenging convention, proved the ‘Piltdown Man’ was a hoax.

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The Biology Department is housed in its own detached building. Our facilities include five well equipped laboratories which are wirelessly connected to the school network, a library, greenhouse, small animal collection and nature garden. We also exploit the many opportunities our location provides us to study outdoors. We have two meadows which are bordered by the River Lowman, the nearby Grand Western Canal Nature Reserve, and we are 20 minutes from Exmoor and 40 minutes from the coast, all providing rich and varied areas of study. We are great believers in learning by doing; practical work and independent research are central to Biology.

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The department encourages a love for Biology beyond the classroom, whether it be helping with the care of our animals and carnivorous plants, bat and bird watching, CREST award club, attending lectures, attempting the Biology Olympiad or participating in the Science Discovery expedition to North America. Our Medics, Vets and Oxbridge Societies have also had considerable success in recent years, with members embarking upon courses at their chosen institutions.

Biology experiment, Dr John Balsdon oversees