Classics at Blundell's


Welcome to the Classics Department. We teach Latin throughout the School, from Year 7 (11 year olds) through GCSE and all the way up to A2 and University level. We also teach Classical Civilisation and Classical Greek.

Colosseum   Spanish Steps
The Classics, History and Geography departments on tour

In the past few years distinguished speakers have come to the School: Barbara Bell (Minimus), Professor Peter Wiseman (Exeter), Dr Peter Jones (Newcastle, Friends of Classics and the Daily Telegraph), Shelley Hales (Bristol) - the Casts Project in Pompeii.

Toga     Toga

We aim to visit Classical sites such as Bath, Caerleon, Rome, Maiden Castle and the British Museum.

All in all, we try to show every pupil how much of the ancient world there is to enjoy and appreciate in our world of today.

An Old Blundellian
Bath, 2004. We met an Old Blundellian enjoying the delights Bath has to offer.

Aims and Objectives of the Department

The aims of the Department are:

  • to act as a source of information and inspiration for gaining and maintaining knowledge of, acquaintance with, and respect and affection for, the classical world in the school community at large and beyond where possible; to encourage worthwhile study of classical subjects as part of the curriculum;
  • to explain and make available aspects of the classical world by all possible means to as wide an audience as possible;
  • and to assist those studying classics to seek and obtain the formal qualifications and career opportunities they require.

These aims are targeted through the following objectives: -

  • Delivery of courses leading to: 
    • Classical Civilisation
    • AS in Latin and Classical Studies (+Greek)
    • A2 in Latin and Classical Studies
  • Provision of lectures, visits, activities and other events of general interest to present the Classical World to all sections of the School Community at appropriate levels
  • The Classics department promotes tolerance and considers the feelings of all pupils regarding their religious and cultural values. Teachers do not express their political opinions on world events where these may lead to feelings of judgement or ostracisation amongst pupils and will make all efforts not to label or make any assumptions based on nationality or religious beliefs.