GCSE Course Structures 2015/16

Subject / Unit Year 10 Year 11
Subject Total Unit Weighting Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
IGCSE English: Language (Edexcel) Coursework 30% Speaking and listening coursework (10%)  
Writing Creative Coursework (10%)   Reading Coursework (10%)    
Exam 70%           Paper 1: Reading and Writing (70%)
IGCSE English: Literature (Edexcel)   Coursework 40%       Poetry coursework (40%)    
Exam 60%           Drama and prose (60%)
IGCSE English as a Second Language (Cambridge) Exam 100%           Reading and writing exam (70% - 35% for each skill). Listening Exam (15%) Speaking exam (15%)
GCSE Mathematics Higher Tier: All sets (Edexcel) Exam 100%   Set 1: GCSE Statistics   January exam: Set 6 - GCSE Foundation Tier Unit 1: calculator (50%). Unit 2: non- calculator (50%)
GCSE Chemistry, Physics and Biology (AQA) Controlled Assessment (Investigative Skills Assignments) 25% Practising skills for Controlled Assessments throughout Year 10 Controlled Assessments – 2 Investigative Skills Assignments will be attempted  
Exam 75%           Unit 1 Exam 25%
Unit 2 Exam 25%
Unit 3 Exam 25%
iGCSE Chemistry, Physics and Biology (AQA certificate) Exam 100%           Paper 1 (90mins) 50%
Paper 2 (90 mins) 50%
IGCSE (Cambridge) French/Spanish and German. Exam 100%           Writing, Listening, Reading and Speaking exams (25% each)
IGCSE (Cambridge) History  Coursework 27%       2000 word assignment (27%)    
Exam 73%           Paper 1 (40%)
Paper 2 (33%)
iGCSE Geography Exam 100%           Paper 1 (60mins) 30%. Dynamic Physical World
Paper 2 (60 mins) 30%. Global Human Issues
Paper 3 (90 mins) 40%. Application of Geographical Skills and Decision Making
GCSE Design and Technology: Resistant Materials and Graphic Products (AQA) Controlled Assessment (Design and Make project) 60% Controlled Assessment (A3 design folder) Controlled Assessment (Practical) Controlled Assessment deadline immediately after Easter holidays
Exam 40%           Unit 1 Exam 40%
GCSE Religious Studies (OCR) Long and Short Course Exam 100%     Exams (4 for Long course, 2 for short course)
GCSE Physical Education (AQA) Controlled AssessmentThe Active participant (Practical performance in 4 sports) 60% Basketball, cricket badminton, table tennis, hockey, netball, rugby, football, rounders, athletics, swimming, x country, squash are some of the sports we undertake at school, pupils may be assessed in other sports they take part in out of school. E.g. skiing, bowls Final practical assessments and analysis of one the performances (Key process C worth 11% of practical mark)  
Exam 40%         Exam scenario issued to centres in advance of the examination worth 20% in total. Exam
GCSE Drama (Edexcel) Controlled Assessment and Assessed performance work (Unit 1 and 2) 60% Controlled Assessment: Unit 2 (Assessed performance work in class and coursework notes on performance work and a response to live theatre 3000 words) Controlled Assessment: Unit 1 (Assessed performance work in class and coursework notes on performance work 2000 words)    
Exam 40%         Unit 3 (Practical performance examination)
GCSE Art and Design (AQA) Controlled Assessment 60% Internally assessed termly rotation of printmaking/sculpture/painting/photography (some of which can be submitted as part of Coursework Portfolio) Coursework portfolio (45hrs) assessment exhibition. Deadline 16 Jan External moderation of sample.(early June)
Exam 40%         Exam paper themes issued  10 hour controlled exam (Week 1) followed by an examined exhibition (week 3)
GCSE Latin (OCR) Exam 100%     4 Exams 
GCSE Classical Civilisation (OCR) Controlled Assessment 25%         Controlled Assessment  
Exam 75%     3 Exams (written papers) 25% each
GCSE Music (OCR) Controlled Assessment 60% Performing (30%) internally assessed, externally moderated. Composing (30%) internally assessed, externally moderated, 20 hours of controlled time. All to be submitted by end of Spring Term Yr11
Exam 40% Listening and Appraising (25%), examined; Composing (15%) 1 hour controlled assesment, externally moderated. Exams in the summer term
GCSE BCS: Business and Communication Systems (AQA) Controlled Assessment 25%       8 hours research, 4 hours writing under controlled conditions (25%)  
Exam 75%           Exam 1: Written Paper (40%). Exam 2: Online exam (35%)
GCSE Computer Science (AQA) - for introduction in Sept 2015 Controlled Assessment 60%     50 hours Controlled Assessment  
Exam 40%           Exam: Computing Fundamentals