Geography at Blundell's

Geography has been described as the bridge between the sciences and the humanities, the link between humans and the environment. Never has the understanding of this relationship been so important; our world is changing fast and we need to adapt and react to these changes. We welcome anyone who cares about learning more about the world they live in and hope that some people will go on to use this knowledge to do something useful.

Nestled in the heart of the Exe valley, just a stone's throw from Dartmoor and Exmoor National Parks, Blundell's has some exciting opportunities for Geographers. We have field trips to Dunster, Dawlish, South Wales, Exeter, Dorset and Iceland. We encourage practical work of an individual nature and believe that the skills you learn in Geography can be useful to you in many of your future career choices.

The department has a wealth of experience and anecdotes to share with you once we get talking...

Guy Bucknell
Mr G. Bucknell
Head of Dept.
Charlie Hamilton
Mr C.M. Hamilton
Sarah Holman
Mrs S. Holman
Beverley Nuttall-Owen
Mrs B. Nuttall-Owen
Emmie Partington
Miss E.C. Partington
BSc Bristol, MSc Bristol, PGCE