Learning & Pupil Support

English: homophonesOur Learning & Pupil Support (LPS) department works with students, across the ability range, to help them become skilled, independent learners who are able to confidently approach the challenges they face.

A pupil can ask for support from the department themselves, can be referred by a parent or a member of staff or as a result of an external professional assessment. Following an initial discussion, a pupil may be asked to attend for an assessment. LPS staff will gather information via standardised tests, wider school data and request information from all relevant members of staff. Once the assessment is complete, LPS staff will contact parents to discuss the outcome and agree whether or not additional support is indicated at that time. The receipt of support is at the discretion of the parents as there is an additional cost for this support.

Once consent has been given for us to support a pupil, we work in consultation with students, parents and staff to design a package of support based on assessment data and teacher information. This will be reviewed termly.

Mathematics: mind mapWe are able to provide support in a variety of ways:

  • In class support for year 7 and 8 lower English groups
  • Weekly small group support
  • Timetabled small group support
  • Individual lessons to meet the specific needs of a pupil

We use a range of resources as part of our support packages:

  • High quality teaching by experienced staff, including a PATOSS trained teacher, a science specialist and a registered Educational Psychologist
  • High interest, lower ability reading books
  • Individual spelling programme
  • Online reading comprehension
  • Audio books
  • Set texts available in an audio format
  • A range of games to reinforce teaching points
  • Touch typing

GeographyWe are able to provide assessment that can contribute to evidence for Access Arrangements (reader, scribe, extra time), although changes in regulations have made these more difficult to access.

We have strong links with our prep school and visit regularly throughout the year to meet pupils who may need to work with us upon senior school entry.

Students who work with us regularly will have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) detailing their specific targets as well as advice to teaching staff about strategies to help meet their needs.

We are happy to host outside professionals when assessments are required and can recommend a range of professionals to parents should they wish to pursue an external assessment.

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