Modern Languages at Blundell's

‘We are fortunate to speak a global language but in a smart and competitive world, exclusive reliance on English leaves [us] vulnerable and dependent on the linguistic competence and the goodwill of others.’ Nuffield Languages Enquiry UK, 2000

Aims of the MFL Dept.

  • Positive experience
  • Sense of achievement and enjoyment
  • Cultural awareness
  • Confident communication skills
  • Transferable skills
  • Broadening horizons

As Modern Linguists we think learning a foreign language is important and we hope to convey our enjoyment of languages to our pupils. We want our pupils to maximize their potential in the world of study and work but also be fulfilled as individuals whatever their academic level. The skills range is wide, from being able to communicate on holiday for example, to having a sound base from which to study languages at a top level university. We aim to give all pupils a positive experience of learning at least one modern foreign language so that they gain a sense of achievement and enjoyment and hopefully go on to learn other languages as adults. Our methods are based on a communicative approach underpinned by a clear grammatical structure. We also hope to give them an insight into the culture of the country whose language they are studying. Through learning a modern foreign language, pupils acquire study skills which support other subjects.

All pupils start learning French in Year 7 and they have the chance to pick up a second language (German or Spanish) in year 9.

All pupils study at least one language for GCSE.

French, German and Spanish are offered to A level.