PSHE (Personal Social Health and Education)

The PSHE lesson is part of a process which involves the whole ethos of the School. Pupils will respond to the character of a School and will learn the good or bad habits that are current in it. The love of learning, self-respect, good sportsmanship, respect for other people, self-discipline, honesty, responsibility and all the other good things we want to pass on to Blundellians are not learnt in a lesson a week, but in the whole life of the School.

In PSHE we try to get the pupils to reflect on and discuss many aspects of their social interactions and personal development. We give information and make use of a variety of media, but the primary focus is on exploring and discussing the processes of growing up and the challenges of the wider world, in ways that are directly relevant to the pupils. The range of topics is wide and divergent: alcohol, adolescence, bullying, conversations, drugs, families, friendships, disability, study skills, how to relate to the opposite sex, smoking, racism, peer pressure and so on.

We encourage participation in discussion, in large groups and in small ones. Expressing yourself and listening to others are important skills which we try to foster. The teachers work as a team. They meet regularly to plan the programme and discuss how it is working. They are all committed to providing an open and positive experience for the individuals in the group.