Religious Studies / Divinity at Blundell's

An understanding of religions and their effects are fundamental to the comprehension of the world in which we live. The effects of faith on our history, architecture, music and literature are clear but it is in the spheres of philosophy and ethics that religion has its most far-reaching implications.

Pupils at Blundell's have the opportunity to study Philosophy and Ethics through the eyes of religion to A Level - a course which is both demanding and intellectually stimulating. It promotes clear thought and an ability to structure and argue a case and is popular with those doing both arts and sciences.

The department has a good record at A Level and GCSE and has sent pupils to Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrew's and Durham in recent years to read theology or philosophy. Many pupils use the subject as a springboard to degrees such as PPE, Law, English and History.

Religious Studies Teachers
Mr A.J.R. Berrow
Mr A.J.R. Berrow,
MA, Oxon,
Head of Dept.
Mrs R.J. Crease
Mrs R.J. Crease
BEd Plymouth
Mrs E.V. Weaver
Mrs E.V. Weaver
BSc (Hons) Cardiff
Rev'd T. Hunt
Rev'd T. Hunt,
Cardiff and Oxford