11+ Entrance and Scholarships

Blundell’s is a school with a very strong record of academic success. We believe that educational excellence also needs to embrace moral, spiritual and cultural development.  Blundell’s is committed to encouraging and nurturing a genuine love of study and scholarship.  The curriculum framework is complemented by a vibrant enrichment programme of lectures, seminars, conferences, academic societies, international exchanges, national competitions and master classes.

11+ Entrance Examinations & Scholarships
for entry in September 2019
Examination Date Saturday 12th January 2019
Closing Date Monday 10th December 2018

All candidates will sit entry papers in:

  • English (1 hour)
  • Mathematics (1 hour) - Calculators not allowed
  • New Group Reading Test NGRT
    External candidates only

Those who show outstanding academic performance in the entrance exams will be considered for academic scholarships. These are Minor Awards at the discretion of the Head. All pupils entering at 11+ will be eligible to compete for the 13+ Scholarships & Awards as internal candidates when they are in Year 8.

Foundation Bursaries

We are fortunate to be able to offer means tested Foundation Bursaries to successful scholars, whose parents need financial assistance in order to send their son or daughter to Blundell’s. With these bursaries, the Governors wish to reflect the spirit of Peter Blundell’s vision. Applications must be accompanied by a notarised Statement of Financial Means form (available from the Registrar’s Office).

Music Awards

11+ Music Awards
for entry in September 2019
Audition Date Thursday 24th January 2019
Closing Date Monday 10th December 2018

Music Awards at 11+ will be held in the Spring Term and will usually entail an audition and interview. Candidates should bring their instruments with them. Please send a copy of the accompaniments three weeks before the audition

Candidates at 11+ should be able to offer two instruments, but one may be offered at a high level. Considerable importance is attached to general musical knowledge, aural ability and sight reading. Candidates will be required to play two contrasting pieces on their first study plus another piece of their choice on their second study. A third instrument may be presented if the candidate wishes.  Music Scholars are expected to make a valuable contribution to the musical life of the School. Parents and Head Teachers are invited to contact the Director of Music for further information and advice.

For further information please contact Mrs T Frankpitt: -

Tel: 01884 232310
Email: t.frankpitt@blundells.org



Current Information (PDF)
More detailed scholarship information is available in the Current Information PDF document.