13+ Entry

We look to take about 35 new pupils into Year 9 each year making a year group of eighty five (50-55 boys and 30-35 girls). The majority of these enter via the 13+ Common Entrance, which is taken in June at Preparatory Schools, or via the Scholarship programme (in January).

Those not at Preparatory Schools take the Blundell’s Entry Tests in English, Mathematics by arrangement - practice past papers are available on request. An interview is desirable but not always possible and reports are also required.

Core Subjects    Guided Choice
Art History Spanish
Biology Information Technology German
Chemistry Mathematics Latin
Design & Technology Music  
Drama Personal and Social
English Physical Education
French Physics
Geography Religious education
Health Education  

During Year 9 the pupils continue to have experience of the greatest possible number of subjects. There are few options at this stage.

At the beginning of the year, pupils are placed in form group sets (with separate sets for English, Mathematics and French), on the basis of their performance in entrance examinations or in Year 8. Alterations are usually made during the first term, if at all. Examinations are held at the end of the Autumn Term and again in June. We have a significant number of new pupils joining the School in Year 9 each year, so care is taken to monitor progress via Mark Orders (every 4 weeks), reports and examinations in order that adjustments to groups or sets can be made if appropriate.

The courses serve as introductions to GCSE, so that choices are made on the basis of experience. In the latter part of the year, pupils (in consultation with their parents) decide between certain options for continued study to GCSE.


For further information please contact Mrs T Frankpitt: -

Tel: 01884 232310
Email: t.frankpitt@blundells.org



Current Information (PDF)
More detailed scholarship information is available in the Current Information PDF document.