School Fees 2018/19

Local fees apply to parent(s) with whom the child normally resides within a ten mile radius of the School. This is a definitive line, 10 miles as the crow flies from the clocktower at Blundell's. The Registrar's Office can give an exact assessment by post code and address analysis.

Full Boarder A pupil who normally stays 7 days a week with his/her own allocated bed and study area. Laundry, all meals and some weekend activities are included in the fee.
Weekly Boarder A pupil who stays from Monday to Friday inclusive in the Senior School (Mon' to Thu' in School House), with the provision of his/her own allocated bed and study area. Laundry and all meals during the week are included in the fee. Weekend stays are possible at the normal Flexi-boarder nightly cost, billed at the end of term.
Flexi-boarder A day pupil in a boarding house with the opportunity to spend nights in the house, providing reasonable notice is given and a bed is available. It is always hoped that a designated bed is available but it is not guaranteed - priority is given to pupils who stay more frequently. Flexi-boarders may also stay for supper and prep during the week. The first night and a further 5 nights each term are included in the fee, but any additional nights stayed are billed at the end of term. Laundry is not included in the fee.
Day Pupil A day pupil goes home at the end of the programmed day. Breakfast and/or supper and evening prep can be taken at an additional daily charge.

Flexi-boarder nightly fee, after the first 5 free nights, is £48.00 per night - billed at the end of each term. This covers supper, prep supervision, overnight stay and breakfast.

Sibling Discounts: 7% off the elder of two, 10% off the eldest and 7% off the second of three. This includes pupils at Blundell’s Preparatory School. If a pupil is awarded any other concession then this takes priority and any potential sibling discount ceases or does not apply. Sibling discount does not apply to pupils on the local fee tariff, which applies to Years 9-13 at the Senior School.

Services Bursary: Blundell’s offers its own Services Boarding Package. Contact The Registrar’s Office for more details:

Summary of termly fees and charges for 2018/19

(Information on new fees and charges sent out annually)

JUNIOR FEES (Years 7 & 8)

Full Boarding £8,020
Weekly Boarding (Monday to Thursday) £7,190
Flexi-Boarding £5,450
Day (Basic Junior Tuition Fee) £4,710

SENIOR FEES (Years 9 to 13)

Full Boarding £11,735   Local Boarding* £11,100
Weekly Boarding £10,220 Local Weekly Boarding* £9,585
Flexi-Boarding £8,170 Local Flexi-Boarding* £7,105
Day        £7,470 Local Day* (Basic Tuition Fee) £6,350

*Local fees apply to those parent(s) with whom the child (in years 9 to 13) normally resides within a ten-mile radius of the School.

Overnight stays are charged at £48.00 per night after the first night plus five further nights per term included in the flexi-boarding fee.

Insurance Charges (charged in advance on an opt in basis)

School Fees Protection Insurance 1.05% of fee payable
Personal Effects Insurance £8.57 per term
AXA PPP Healthcare (charged on an opt in basis) £82.00 per term



All Scholarships, concessions and awards are normally made as a percentage of the basic junior or senior tuition fee and deducted from the fee. Awards may be withdrawn for the term if payment is not received on or before the first day of term.

Sibling discount of 7% of the basic tuition fee (junior or senior) will apply to the elder child of two in full time education at Blundell’s School / Blundell’s Preparatory School or 10% and 7% respectively for the elder two, should there be three children. Please note that if a pupil is awarded any other concession then this takes priority and any potential sibling discount ceases or does not apply. For the avoidance of doubt, sibling discount does not apply to pupils on the local fee tariff.

Pre Entry Fees

Registration Fee (payable when a pupil is entered and non-refundable) £100.00

Confirmation Fee/Deposit (payable in advance of entry and refundable on the Leaver’s Bill issued at the end of a pupil’s final term) £500.00 (EU pupils) and £1,000 (non-EU pupils).


2% per month, calculated on a daily basis, will be charged on the balance of accounts not paid by the first day of term.


A full term’s notice is required in the following circumstances:

  • A change in designation (for example from flexi to weekly boarder)
  • An intention to leave the School (other than leaving normally at the end of the upper 6th year)
  • The stopping of music tuition
  • The stopping of Speech and Drama lessons
  • The stopping of EAL lessons
  • The stopping of additional language tuition

A term’s fees/charges in lieu of notice will be charged if due notice is not given.


Standard Extras (charged termly in arrears)

House Subs Set by House Parents
Text Books at cost
Examinations at cost
CCF (compulsory for all Year 10 students) £94.00 a one-off registration fee charged in advance

Optional Extras (charged in arrears)

Overnight stay £48.00 (see above)
Supper and Prep (Day pupils) £245.00 per term (pro rata)
DT, Art & Photographic Materials pro rata for additional materials
Excess Computer Printing pro rata beyond allocated budget
Music Tuition £33.00 per lesson
Speech & Drama Lessons £245.00 per term
Additional Language Tuition £30.00 per lesson
EAL Tuition varying support levels
Individual Learning Support by arrangement
Haircuts at cost
School Bus Fares from £6.25 to £7.85 each way depending on location

(A month’s notice must be given in writing to the Transport Department for any cancellation or changes)

Annual Charges (per family)

Blundellian magazine £20.00
Friends of Blundell’s Subscription £15.00 on an “opt-out” basis


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Company limited by guarantee, registered in England: Number 4016403. Registered Office: Blundell’s School Tiverton Devon EX16 4DT