Medical Facilities at Blundell’s School

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The Medical Centre

The SanatoriumBlundell’s School aims to promote the health and wellbeing of all pupils. It will make provision for first aid for all pupils, staff and visitors. We aim to treat everyone with compassion, courtesy and dignity.

Thornton House,
Blundells Avenue,
Devon EX16 4DL

Tel: 01884 232422


Hours: During term time, the Medical Centre is open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. An on-call rota provides nursing cover overnight and on Sundays.

Finding Us

When approaching Blundell’s School from Tiverton on Blundell’s Road, pass the Murco Garage and head towards the school. Just before Blundell’s House on the right, is a right hand turn down ‘Horsdon Road’. Take this turn and then follow the road round towards the right. The Medical Centre can be found in the second house on the right hand side signposted ‘Blundell’s School Hospital’.


Medical Centre Staff

Nursing Staff

The Medical Centre is staffed by a dedicated team of seven nurses with a wide variety of experience. The team is led by Senior Nurse, Irene Horsey. The Senior Nurse can be contacted directly on The nurses work closely with a multi-disciplinary team to deliver quality healthcare for every pupil.

Medical Staff

Clare House Surgery in Tiverton provides medical cover for Blundell’s with daily clinics in the Medical Centre Monday to Friday from 8:00-8:45 am.

Dr Sarah-Jane Seymour is the school doctor with additional cover provided by the Clare House GP team. It is always possible to request a male or female GP. Appointments are made by the nursing team.

Clare House Surgery (address: Clare House Surgery, Newport Street, Tiverton, EX16 6NJ) can be contacted directly on 01883 252337 or via, although any enquiries about a Blundell’s pupil should be directed to the Medical Centre.

The School Counsellor

Vicky Hughes is the school counsellor and is available for confidential consultations on Tuesdays and Fridays. She may also be available at other times, if needed, through arrangement with her. Appointments can be made via the Medical Centre or alternatively she can be contacted on


Ocean Physio and rehab provide on-site physio assessment and treatment every Monday and Thursday. Appointments can be made via the Medical Centre. They can be contacted on 01395 239455 or


Healthcare Provision for Pupils


All pupils will be required to submit a Medical Information Form on acceptance of a place at school. This form also contains a parental consent for medical treatment which must be signed prior to admission. All full and weekly boarders will be registered with the school doctor at Clare House Surgery and will receive a medical examination during the first few weeks of school. Parents will be contacted if further medical information is required.

If any medical details change, please update the Medical Centre by visiting the Parents Portal or contacting the Medical Centre directly.


All pupils at Blundell’s can access care from the Medical Centre for any illness or injury that occurs during the school day. Parents will be notified, when necessary.

The weekday GP clinics are primarily for use by the full or weekly boarders registered with Clare House. In some circumstances, such as following a concussion, the school doctor may be involved in the follow-on care of day pupils although in other cases, parents should seek the advice of their own GP.


In addition to regular medical care, the Medical Centre will also organise flu, diabetic and asthma clinics. Sexual health advice is also available to all pupils. Please read the ‘Fraser Guidelines’ for information about medical advice and treatment for under 16’s without parental consent.


Unwell or injured pupils

All pupils taken unwell or injured at school will initially be cared for in the Medical Centre. Parents and guardians will be notified as soon as is possible and an appropriate plan of care arranged.

Full and weekly boarders who require on-going care will remain in the Medical Centre with nursing supervision. They will be reviewed daily (Mon – Fri) by the school doctor and any tests, such as blood tests or X-rays, will be organised by the Medical Centre team.

Any pupil who has diarrhoea and vomiting symptoms should remain out of the school environment for 48 hours after the last episode. Further advice about exclusion from school due to illness can be found on the ‘Is Your Child Fit for School’ document.

Head Injuries / Concussions

Head injuries and concussion injuries are managed according to the latest advice and guidance from the RFU. Recovery from a head injury involves a period of rest followed by a graduated return to play (GRTP) which is supervised by the Medical Centre.


If your child is prescribed medication by their GP which requires administration during the day, please ensure it is brought to school clearly labelled in its original packaging with the name and instructions for use.

If the pupil is under 16 years of age, this should be handed in to Matron in House for administration. If the pupil is over 16 years of age, they are allowed to self-medicate if they wish but only after they have read, understood and signed a ‘Self-Medication’ form available in the Medical Centre.



All pupils will be offered immunisations (with the exception of travel-related) as per the current UK schedule. The Child Health Exeter Immunisation team schedule and deliver these immunisations within school. They hold a central record of all immunizations delivered within school and can be contacted on 01392 356144.

For our full and weekly boarders, the annual flu vaccination is organised by the Medical Centre in conjunction with Clare House Surgery. Please note that written parental / guardian consent is required for all immunisations if the pupil is under 16 years of age.

Travel Vaccinations

Full and weekly boarders planning on travelling overseas and who may require travel vaccinations should contact the Medical Centre as soon as possible ahead of travel. A ‘Travel Risk Assessment’ form will need to be completed prior to receiving any vaccinations. Please be advised that there may be a cost incurred for travel vaccinations or medications.

Blundell’s School has close links with the Exeter Travel Health Consultancy, who are able to deliver private travel advice, planning and vaccination. They can be contacted on or 01392 430590.