Latin Prayer

Latin Prayer Spring Term 2019

Monday 14th January 2019

Ten Tors

Ten Tors continued training walks this weekend. The 45 teams completing 22 kilometres and the 35 teams 14. The terrain covered was fairly arduous and at times the conditions challenging with strong winds, poor visibility and Dartmoor drizzle testing the resolve of the students. They all proved up for the challenge and covered the distance an hour under the estimated time, a clear indication of their fitness and navigational ability.

This was the first walk without staff embedded in the teams, requiring the teams to make key decisions which should have increased their confidence.

All the students should be very proud of their efforts and I would like to thank them all for their very positive approach.

Also a huge thank you to Mr Mycock and Mr Candler for giving up their Sunday and also Mr Driver for providing safety vehicle cover, without their dedication such training could not happen.


In November seven A-level physics pupils took part in the gruelling three and a half hour British Physics Olympiad exam. The competition is notoriously hard to gain any award in as it is only sat by the very best A-level physicists across the country. Josh Harper, Rory Bateman and Lafite Lo did very well to achieve a commendation. I would like to invite the following up to receive their certificates for doing exceptionally well: Bronze Awards to David Zhuang and Zitian Ni. A silver Award to Bill Gao and an exceptionally rare Gold to Pradyut Sekhsaria.

Drama and Music Awards

At the end of last term a number of pupils took exams in Speech and Drama. Traditionally we invite those achieving Grade 6 and above to collect their certificates:

  • Helen Cheng - Grade 8 (Gold Medal) Devising
  • Molly Clayton - Grade 6 (Bronze Medal) Speech & Drama
  • George McIntyre – Grade 6 (Bronze Medal) Acting
  • Alex Coray - Grade 6 (Bronze Medal) Reading for Performance
  • Robert Case - Grade 6 (Bronze Medal) Reading for Performance

In Music I am also pleased to award certificates to the following:


  • Jessica Whitehead – Grade 7 Singing – with Distinction
  • Freya Marr – Grade 7 Violin – with Distinction
  • Emily Davis – Grade 7 Singing – with Merit
  • Laura Smith – Grade 7 Piano – with Merit

Trinity College London

  • Yutong Lu – Grade 7 Piano – with Merit


Boys’ Hockey

Vs Exeter
  • 1st        Lost 1-5
  • 2nd       Won 5-0
  • U15A     Won 4-2
  • U14A     Drew 1-1
  • U14B     Won 4-0
  • U13A     Won 3-2
  • U13B     Won 3-2
  • U12A     Lost 0-6
  • U12B     Won 3-0

Vs Wellington

  • U12A     Won 6-0
  • U12B     Won 6-0

Congratulations to Jack Klinkenburg and Will Kennaugh who have been appointed Captain and Vice-Captain respectively of the 1st XI Hockey Team for season.

The hockey season started off superbly against one of the strongest hockey schools on our circuit. Although the 1st XI had a particularly difficult game on Friday evening, overall we won 6 out of the 9 games. That is an outstanding start and bodes well for the rest of the season.

A particular highlight was the 3 – 2 win that the U13A’s enjoyed who, after having gone ahead 2 – 0 quite early on, allowed Exeter to draw the game level again and it required a goal from Max Banton in the dying minutes to secure us the narrow 3 – 2 win. Toby Butler in goal, Chris van der Walt an Archie Joyner get a special mention.


Vs West Buckland
  • 1st VII                   L              13 – 15
  • 2nd VII                  W            16 – 15
  • 3rd VII                   L             11 – 14
  • 4th VII                   L             12 – 15
  • U15A                     W            22 – 15
  • U15B                     W            28 – 16
  • U14A                     L              12 – 22
  • U13A                     L              7 – 22
  • U12A     4th place in the tournament at Taunton Prep with good results against King’s Hall, West Buckland and Queen’s.
Vs King’s, Bruton
  • 1st VII                  W            31 – 19
  • 2nd VII                 W            12 – 8
  • 3rd VII                  W            13 – 6   
  • 4th VII                  W            11 – 9
  • U15A                    W            22 – 10
  • U15B                    W            17 – 10
  • U14A                    L              2 – 32

A really strong first outing for the girls in their netball. We had a doubleheader against West Buckland and King’s, Bruton. The 1st XI had a very narrow defeat against West Buckland but a most convincing win in their second match against King’s. Special mention to Kitty Dart in Year 11 and Meg Hamilton-Strong in Year 10 who both played their first matches for the 1st VII.

The 2nd team had two tight wins with mentions going to Mia Butterfield and Katie Finchett.

Overall we won 9 matches and lost 6 so an excellent start for the girls.


Vs Downside
  • 1st XI                  W            4 – 1

Many congratulations to Liam Syed on his appointment as Captain of the 1st XI Football. He will be supported by Ben Dawson as Vice-Captain.

The First XI started the season brightly against a physical Downside team. Ben Dawson opened the scoring, followed by a fine individual goal from Joe Hancock to make it 2-1 at half time. Despite some heavy pressure from Downside in the second half, the defence held firm and debutant Hal Baker scored twice on the break to make the final score 4-1 to us.


The Fives club had their opening fixture of the season against The Jesters. The opposition provided some stern games for our young squad. Boris Ames and Will Bucknell found it hard going against an excellent first pair including Alexandra Steele (OB) who is the female British Number One. Tommy Ryder and George Gibbs battled hard as second pair. Alex Grubb and Harry Rackham rallied well, but found that the experience of the opposition out-foxed their abilities to keep the ball in play. Despite recording one win across all matches played it was a suitable outing before fixtures against other schools begin in earnest.


The Under13’s opened the Rugby Sevens season with a visit to at St Peter’s Lympstone where they played Mount Kelly, St Peter’s Exeter, and St Peter’s Lympstone in a round robin Festival. The side consisting of Toby Butler, James Clarkson, Barnaby Hull, Will Jeffery, Archie Joyner, Jasper Kowloski, Will Maunder, Harry Southgate and Charlie Tomlinson were dominant in all games scoring a total of 30 tries with just two against.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed the first week back and that you are into a good and positive routine. The Year 11 and 13’s finish their exams today so please remain mindful of that when you walk past the exam venues.

Last week I spoke about gratitude and how we need to try to make a habit of being grateful.

One way to show appreciation and gratitude to the people around you is by being polite and courteous to them.

I think, for example, that when you cross the road many of you are very good at thanking drivers and it makes a really positive impression. It shows that you appreciate the care the vast majority of drivers take when they are driving along Blundell’s Road. Please keep doing that.

In your planners there are further instructions as to how you can show your respect for people in what are referred to as the Basic Courtesies. I am going to read them to you as a reminder.

  1. Greet people: all members of staff and all visitors to the School.
  2. If you notice visitors to the school looking lost, offer to help them. ‘Can I help you’ is often adequate.
  3. If visitors come into your study or a room where you are sitting down, or come up to you when you are sitting on a bench outside, you should stand up.
  4. If you approach a doorway at the same time as adults or visitors, you should allow them through the doorway before you go through.
  5. Open doors for adults and let them go through first.
  6. Take your hands out of your pockets when talking to members of staff and other adults. When singing hymns or the National Anthem; when walking in and out of Chapel; when prayers are said and on similar formal occasions it is inappropriate to have your hands in your pockets.
  7. Listen attentively to people when they are speaking to you; look interested; do not interrupt until it is your turn to speak. Speak up clearly, and look up, when you are talking. It is considered courteous to look people in the eye when you are talking to them.
  8. If you are going to miss an engagement, whether it be a meeting, a lesson or a games session or anything else where your attendance is expected, it is appropriate that you should excuse yourself in advance, either in person or in writing. A polite e-mail would usually suffice.
  9. Respond promptly, in writing, whenever you receive a written invitation for a school or private function. A written note of thanks to your host or hostess is always appropriate when you have been entertained for a meal or a party. A written note or e-mail to a member of staff who has organised a trip or an expedition is also an appropriate way to express your appreciation.
  10. The greatest courtesy of all is merely to add ‘please’ to all requests and ‘thank you’ for all services rendered. ‘I am sorry’, said sincerely, helps when things have gone wrong.

I know that many of you do many of those things as a matter of course, but it is good to be reminded. I hope that these basic courtesies are a cornerstone of our Blundell’s Community.

Have a good day everyone.

Bart Wielenga