Latin Prayer

Latin Prayer Autumn Term 2019

Monday 11th November 2019

Good morning everyone, please sit down.

Today is the 11th of November and later this morning the Years 7 – 10 will be meeting in chapel for their Service of Remembrance, where we pay tribute to those men and women who have died in conflict over the past century. Yesterday Years 11 – 13 participated in a very moving service and ceremony with over one hundred guests who joined us for the occasion. It is testimony to how well you honour this occasion that so many people: parents, past pupils and the parents of past pupils, want to be here for that service. Could I thank all of you who played your parts for the tremendous dignity and concentration you afforded the service, from the precision of the CCF to the excellence of the choir and to the absolute silence from all of you when the situation called for it. I was very proud of you all. I want to pay particular tribute to the trumpeters who have to play under such silent scrutiny. Thank you to Joe Horsey, Will Bucknell, Ed Swarbrick, Archie Guinness and Toby Johnson. That is some pressure, but you did a great job. There will again be a short ceremony outside chapel here at the memorial for all those who are in chapel in Years 7 – 10 but the ceremony outside is open to anyone who would like to join in. It falls at break time so you are all welcome to join in that part as I know many of the support staff will be doing. If you are not attending that please be mindful of it so that we keep a respectful silence in that area of the school.


Today I am going to focus a little bit more on sport than I have in recent times. It was frustrating for the girls to not have a big block fixture over the past few Saturdays but that does not mean that there haven’t been a number of significant matches. I was also pleased to hear of the spirit in which you participated in the games set up to replace the block fixture with King’s Bruton. We understand that there has been an outbreak of a virus of sorts at King’s so it made better sense to scrap the fixture for the year rather than try to cobble fixtures together. The 1st XI will play their match in due course because it doubles up as their next cup game to. They are through to the next round following a very confident 7 – 1 win against Redmaids’ from Bristol earlier last week.

The U14’s were desperately unlucky to be eliminated from the cup competition by the narrowest of margins. After losing by a single goal to Canford and drawing with Taunton, they had to go to penalty flicks to progress to the next round. Despite not getting through the girls showed excellent tenacity and they won’t be the first or last team to lose in such tough circumstances. I have no doubt that the experience will have been a good one.

A particularly pleasing report came in from Mrs Klinkenberg who coached a combined Year 7 and 8 team against a very strong team from The Downs. It really did prove to be a very challenging afternoon against an organised team and our girls had to be at their best to win the game 2 – 1. An excellent outcome from our School House girls that followed on from the U13A’s excellent win against King’s Hall earlier in the week.

The rugby fixtures against Millfield provided plenty of drama and I was especially pleased for the 1st XV who, after their tough cup loss against a very impressive Epsom College team, bounced back very well to record their 3rd consecutive win over Millfield. This was a particularly scrappy affair with the game starting on Big Field and finishing in the far corner of Amory. It made for an atmospheric end to a long and rather grim afternoon and the boys were deserving of their narrow 6 – 0 win with Wilf McCarthy handling the pressure very well to kick the two decisive penalties.

I have seldom seen Mr Menheneott quite as chipper with a draw as he was on Saturday and the 2nd XV were heroic in their 0 – 0 draw. These kinds of results don’t happen often in a rugby match but whilst that score line may sound rather boring it was anything but and a large crowd enjoyed a very exciting and hard-fought encounter. The boys showed a great deal of character out there and I am sure the result was just as satisfying as many wins.

The U15A’s continued their outstanding run of form with a good 25 – 5 win away from home and the U16A’s were hugely courageous and competitive in a match where we were again depleted by numerous injuries. It has been a tough season for the U16’s but they continue to do us proud by their never say die attitude and their work ethic. The U14A’s suffered their first setback against a very big and aggressive team but will have learnt a few lessons along the way and the 3rd’ also had to scrap hard against a team much bigger than them. Well done to all of you out there for your efforts.

Full Colours – Betty Stone

Betty has been a member of the 1st team for three seasons and during that time has consistently been one of the team’s top goal scorers. Fiercely competitive, she has a desire to score and utilizes her skill set to devastating effect in the attacking ’25. Her reverse stick shot is technically excellent and the fact that she can shoot with power and accuracy off both wings, makes her a handful to mark for all opposition players. She is not afraid to take opponents on and many of her goals come from situations where she has used quick hands or 3-D skills to eliminate an opponent, before unleashing a strike.

In defence, Betty uses her height to devastating effect, with her reach and reading of the game, putting opposition defenders under huge amounts of pressure. She has a never-say-die attitude when going in for a challenge and is one of those players whose speed is only truly evident when closing players down or driving with the ball. When she commits to an attack or a defensive position at full speed, Betty can be next to unstoppable.

As a member of the leadership group in this year’s 1st team, her goal scoring, interlinking attacking play and success rate at penalty corners have been vital to setting an example and leading the team to success.

Betty has represented Blundell’s and ISCA at National Finals, both indoors and out, in addition to having previously attended Junior Regional Performance Centres.

Having been a member of the 1st Netball Squad since Year 10, in addition to playing in the 1st Tennis team, Betty will continue to make a tremendous contribution to school sport.

In recognition of her dedication and achievement Betty is fully deserving of Full Colours for Hockey.

Full Colours - Rebecca Hamilton

Always composed on the ball, Rebecca Hamilton has been a consistent and highly effective presence in the 1st team for the past 3 years. As a midfielder, she demonstrates an ability to read the game, that ensures her positioning in both attack and defence is excellent. Her awareness of the need to offer a pass, particularly as the team transition out of defence, is outstanding and she is able to receive the ball and retain possession under huge amounts of pressure. When space is allowed, she is able to receive the ball forward facing, before using her pace to drive on an angle, opening up decisive passing opportunities, which help to launch a quick attack, whether out wide or through the middle of the pitch.

In defence, Rebecca has excellent awareness of the phase of play and is always willing to hold and cover, allowing defenders to break through. She responds well to feedback and has worked hard to develop any areas of weakness so that she is truly effective in all situations. Her penalty corner injections are delivered with pace and accuracy and she now strikes the ball with maturity and confidence when in the D.

Rebecca is always willing to help organise and encourage younger players and has been an important part of the leadership group of this year’s 1st team. She has represented ISCA at Club National finals, as well as making National Finals for Blundell’s both outdoors and indoors.

As a Monitor and Musician, in addition to having been Vice Captain of Athletics, Rebecca continues to make a tremendous contribution to school life, whilst also maintaining the highest of academic standards.

In recognition of her commitment and achievement Rebecca is fully deserving of Full Colours for Hockey.

Full Colours - Roza Matsuszyk

Roza Matuszyk has been a key component of the 1st team for the past 3 years. As a defender, Roza never shies away from a challenge. She has an excellent eye for the ball and a block tackle that secures the ball cleanly and enables her to attack with speed and intent, which can strike fear into the opposing team. She slaps the ball cleanly, both on open and reverse sides and her distribution from the back helps to launch many attacking platforms. Showing speed and high levels of anaerobic endurance, Roza is able to get herself into good positions which make her hard to beat.

Roza is her own strongest critic and her desire to improve, evident from her first days at Blundell’s, has ensured that she is always willing to spend extra time developing her individual skills, whether it be the ‘Roza spin’ or one of the key components of an attacking penalty corner.

As a member of the leadership team in this year’s 1st team, her maturity and communication have been vital to the team’s success, particularly in tight games.

Roza has represented both school and ISCA at National Finals, playing indoor with confidence and aplomb. Having previously attended Junior Regional Performance Centres, Roza has been invited to join the Poland U21 Hockey squad, which she will do in the New Year. 

As a member of the 1st Netball Squad, a Monitor and a mainstay of Drama productions, Roza continues to make a tremendous contribution to school life.

In recognition of her dedication and achievement Roza is fully deserving of Full Colours for Hockey.

Tolerance and Kindness Week

Misha Pemberthy and Harry Rackham for the past week and for the week before – when I forgot to announce it – to Bea Tanner. I have been very pleased to receive nominations from teachers for pupils who shown genuine kindness and regard for others and you will be invited to join Mr Saunders on Friday in the FOB’s Café. Please do feel free to nominate people yourselves – we really do like to hear about the things pupils do – perhaps out of the limelight – but which make a difference to the people around them.


This one from Dr Ratcliffe: A reminder that the deadline for the next Blundell's Scientist is approaching. The theme of this issue is the environment, pollution and sustainability. Whilst this is broadly a science magazine, pupils can write from many different angles, such as the politics behind tackling climate change and the various protests that have been happening.

If you want more information please contact Dr Ratcliffe or check the email that was sent to you over half term.

Mrs Wheatley would like to invite any interested pupils – especially linguists in the Sixth Form – to an MFL Society meeting at 13:20 today in ML2. It is an opportunity to listen to native speakers talk about their lives at home. Please do take up that opportunity if you are at all interested in developing your language skills.

Bart Wielenga
The Head