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News Autumn Term 2017

Field Day

Field Day Field Day Field Day was action packed as always with trips to Cheddar Gorge and Colston Hall, activities including surfing, the Canal Challenge, mountain biking, fishing and much more. Year 9 enjoyed participating in a Refugee Disaster Management day. Topics covered included the Humanitarian Principles for aid, how the UN and aid agencies work to respond to emergencies and the difficulties of coordinating the many sectors. It was clear that the Year 9 pupils have benefited from the recent Islands Project (as featured in The Diary summer edition) backed up by the William's Cup – demonstrated in how quickly they settled into their research tasks, their team work and communication skills.

Blundell's campus turned into crime scene investigation site for the renowned CSI Day when Year 7's from St Peter's Prep and the Downs School came to the Senior School to discover the culprit. Working with 6th form students, they followed a series of practical clues to find the evidence. The day was enjoyed by all and at lunch the pupils were treated to a gruesome meal with slow cooked human flesh (pulled pork with crackling), baked brains (cauliflower cheese) and a side of mealworms on the menu.