Blundell's Staff and Governors

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Senior Management & Leadership Team  
The Head Mrs N.A. Huggett, MA, St Hugh's, Oxford, PGCE
Second Master Mr B. Wielenga, BCom, Natal & Johannesburg, BEd (Economics)
Deputy Head (Academic) Mr C.H. List, BSc Durham, PGCE Durham
Deputy Head (Co-Curricular) Mr E.K.G. Saunders, BA Leeds Metropolitan, PGCE (Physical Education)
Senior Master Mr A.J.R Berrow, MA, St Peter's College, Oxford, PGCE (Religious Studies)
Senior Mistress Mrs G.M.L. Batting, BEng, Exeter, PGCE (Head of Science)
The Bursar Mr D. Chambers, FCA
Director of Marketing & Communications Mrs J. Jeffrey, BA (Hons), Reading
Director of Development Mrs A. Oliver, MInstF
Director of IT Mr M.P. Dyer, MSc Dundee, PGCE Exeter (Computer Science)
Chaplain The Reverend T.C. Hunt, BD, Wales-Cardiff, MTh, MRICS (Religious Studies; PSD)


Assistant Staff
bold = Head of Dept
italic = House Parent
Member of Staff Qualifications Role House Appointed
Armstrong Williams, Gil BA Stourbridge College of Art & Technology, GDST Auckland Art GH 2012
Baily, Graham BSc Aston, PGCE Warwick Biology, Chemistry P/W 2013
Balsdon, John BSc London, PhD Reading, PGCE Exeter Biology OH/W 1998
Barnes, Luke BSc Gloucestershire, PGCE Biology P 2016
Brigden, Diana BEd Exeter Biology, PSHCE NC 1996
Bucknell, Guy BSc Durham Geography OH 2007
Candler, Amy BSc Loughborough, PGCE Exeter PE, Geography NC 2007
Candler, Tom BA Plymouth Business Studies, Economics, IT FH 2010
Clark, Sue BA Hons UNISA Learning Support - 2015
Clayton, Jonny MSc Earth Sciences Oxon, PGCE Exeter Physics FH 2014
Corbin, Kate MA, MSc Birmingham, PGCE Loughborough Learning Support, English NC 2013
Cox, Alison MA Bristol, PGCE King's College London Classics - 2016
Crease, Rachel BEd Plymouth RS NC 2000
Cruchon, Marine BA Rouen France French Assistante SH 2015
Dawson, Steven BA, PGCE East Anglia English, Film Studies OH 2002
Delrue, Manon Licence LLCER University of Lille 3 Charles de Gaulle French Assistante SH 2016
Fairclough, Jonny BSc Exeter Sports Coordinator FH 2014
Francis, Cassie BA De Montfort, PGCE SW Teacher Training Graphic Products (DT) & Art P 2014
Francis, Jo MPhil Cantab, GTP Exeter History, Politics NC 2013
Frappart, Tom BA Plymouth, PGCE Design & Technology FH 2016
Gabbitass, Charlie BEd Cheltenham PE, Mathematics FH 2000
Gill, Vicki MEd, PGCE Birmingham PE NC 2012
Gordon, Peter BA, HED Rhodes, Bed Hons UNISA Mathematics FH 1995
Gore-Lloyd, Emma BA Bristol, MA Westminster TESOL SH 2016
Grant, Alice BA Leeds College of Music, PGCE Cambs Music GH 2016
Grant, Tom BA University of Wales Institute, PGCE Exeter Art & Design P 2016
Griffiths, Tori BA London, GTP London Classics, English - 2006
Hall, Claire BA Bristol, PGCE Bristol EPQ, French, Spanish GH 2014
Hamilton, Charlie BA Anglia College of A&T, PGCE Southbank Geography FH 2001
Hatton, John BA Salford Spanish - 2017
Hawkins, Matthew BA Nottingham, MA Wisconsin History FH 2007
Hernández-Garcia, José BA Universidad Miguel Hernandez, PGCE Leeds Trinity and All Saints Spanish P 2014
Ho, May BSc/BEd Exeter, MEd The Open University Maths GH 2016
Holman, Sarah BA (ss) Geography Exeter, PGCE Geography Exeter Geography NC 2002
Hosking, Debbie BEd Dartford English, PSHCE GH 1999
Hunt, Tim BD Cardiff, MTh Oxon RS  - 2001
Hutchinson-Bazely, Jas BMus Royal Northern College of Music Organist in Residence W 2016
Insull, Kim BA UWCN, PGCE Art & Photography GH 2016
Isdell-Carpenter, Rebecca BA Wales, PGCE Buckingham English GH/W 2014
Johnson, Simon BSc Bath, MA Manchester Metropolitan History, Politics FH 2015
Jones, Harry BSc UWE Bristol, MSc Bristol PE OH 2014
Jones, Phil CELTA Kent TESOL TESOL P 2013
Klinkenberg, Nicky BSc Wales, PGCE Bristol Mathematics, Games W 1997
Klinkenberg, Peter BEd Hons Exeter Registrar W 1997
Lacki, Elizabeth BA, MA, CELTA, DELTA, Exeter TESOL - 2016
Lambert, Adam MPhys Durham, PGCE Buckingham Physics FH 2015
Leaman, Oliver BMus Prix Edinburgh, PhD Brunel Music GH 2014
Lecharpentier, Nick MEd Universitė de Caen, PGCE Exeter French GH 2014
Lewis, Beth MLitt Glasgow, MA King's College, DELTA Cambridge, PGCE Bath English FH 2016
Lewis, Liam BSc Loughborough, PGCE Exeter Business Studies P 2015
List, Charles BSc, PGCE Durham Science - 2017
Lodge, Matt BSc, PGCE Exeter Physics, Chemistry SH 2012
Marshman, Damian BSc Loughborough, PGCE Exeter Mathematics SH 2011
Mawson, Philip MChem Edinburgh, PGCE Bristol Learning Support, Biology, Physics - 2013
Mault, Stephen BSc Liverpool, BSc Southampton, PGCE Brighton Mathematics OH 2015
Mead, Andrew BSc Bath, PGCE Exeter Chemistry NC 2010
Menheneott, Leigh BEd St Pauls' Cheltenham, MBA Leicester PE NC 2001
Milne, Becky MA Exeter, PGCE Cantab Classics P 2001
Milne, Rachel BA Wales, PGCE Exeter LAMDA - 2014
Morrison, Douglas MEng Bristol Physics OH/W 2009
Mycock, Tim BSc Plymouth Chemistry OH 2016
Norman, Sue BSc, PGCE Exeter Careers - 1999
Nuttall-Owen, Beverley BSc Hons Durham, PGCE Cantab Geography SH 2003
Olive, Charlie BSc Wales, PGCE Coventry Biology OH 2013
Olive, Jenni MEng London, PGCE Coventry Mathematics OH 2009
Partington, Emmie BSc Bristol, MSc Bristol, PGCE Exeter Geography FH 2016
Ratcliffe, Jonathan BSc Nottingham, PhD Nottingham, PGCE Nottingham Biology P 2016
Rees, Beth BSc Cardiff, PGCE SW Teacher Training Chemistry W 2013
Rivett, Paul MA Exhibitioner of Queen's College Oxon, PGCE (Mathematics) Mathematics - 1978
Rochfort, James - Drama SH 2013
St Louis, Carla BA Bristol, BA Guildhall School of Speech and Drama Speech and Drama - 2016
Sage, Emma BA Durham, PGCE King's College London Classics GH/W 2014
Scott, Isobel BA Reading, MA Thames Valley, PGCE Inst of Ed London German GH 1999
Shrimpton, Jeremy BA Bristol English NC 1988
Smart, Dylan BSc Birmingham, PGCE Exeter Biology, Chemistry P 2008
Spencer, Jayne BA MEd Northumbria, PGCE Drama GH 2016
Stanton, Louisa BA Sheffield, PGCE Exeter Spanish, French NC 2008
Taylor-Ross, Annabel BA Nottingham, MA King's College London, PGCE The Open University PSHCE, Geography OH 2014
Thain, Andrew BA Winchester English SH 2016
Trivett, Georgie BSc Gloucester, PGCE Buckingham Graduate Assistant - 2017
Turnbull, Tricia BA Staffordshire, MSc Loughborough, PGCE Leeds Economics & B Studies NC 2011
Weaver, Emma BSc Cardiff, PGCE Exeter Psychology, RS GH 2009
Webster, Lucy BSc, PGCE Exeter Physics SH 2012
Wheatley, Bruce MA, PGCE Loughborough DT OH 2004
Wheatley, Kate BA Wales, PGCE UWE French, Spanish NC 1999
Wielenga, Bart BCOM Hons Johannesberg, BEd Hons Natal Economics - 2012
Wielenga, Lara BEd Natal Learning Support, English SH 2013
Winsley, Tammy BA Exeter Drama SH 2010
Yang, Linda MBS Sunderland Mandarin - 2016
Youngs, Helen BTEC Somerset College of Arts Learning Support SH 2004


Co-optative Mr C.M. Clapp, FCA Chairman
Mr N. Arnold, BA (Hons), App Dip Crim (Cantab)
Mr N.J. Cryer, BEng (Hons), MCIBSE
Mr N.P. Hall, MA FCA
Mr B.J. Hurst-Bannister, MA
Mr P.M. Johnson, MA FRSA
Mrs M. MacNeice, BCL
Mr J.K. Macpherson, B.Ed
Mrs J.M.A. Mannix, MA
Fr R. Maudsley
Rt Rev’d N. McKinnel
Mr I.R.G. Thomas, AFPS
Dr M.E. Wood, MA
Representative Mrs E.V. Heeley, BA (Hons), Cert Ed
Honorary Governor
Sir Christopher Ondaatje, OC, CBE
Bursar and Clerk to
the Governors
Mr D. Chambers, FCA
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