Blundell's is... innovative and inspiring

We combine a strong tradition of academic ambition with an innovative emphasis on the moral, spiritual and cultural development of our pupils. Recognised as excellent in this provision, our teachers know every child as an individual. Pupils develop a strong and well considered value system and develop the courage to take intellectual risks, achieving success in a wide range of academic disciplines. In class, pupils learn to be flexible, articulate and confident. They develop self-motivation and support each other in identifying their goals and how to achieve them. The skills of reason and logic are highly prized and our pupils are articulate and independent in their learning. We encourage critical thinking and the use of informed discussion and debate are present at every level of the school.

We have high expectations of Blundellians. We encourage and nurture a genuine love of study and scholarship, perseverance and intellectual inquisitiveness. Classroom learning is complemented by a vibrant enrichment programme of lectures, seminars, conferences, academic societies, international exchanges, national competitions and masterclasses.

Blundell's is...