The Ethos of Scholarship at Blundell's

Any great school should nurture academic performance through encouragement of scholarship and scholarly example. At Blundell's there are a number of awards aimed at encouraging academic excellence across a range of disciplines. We expect our scholars to lead by example and believe that their natural enthusiasm will draw out the best in those around them. Blundell’s has a range of awards which reflect the diverse talents and enthusiasms of pupils today. Academic awards are made to those who show a high level of academic success and a burning intellectual curiosity. We also reward those who offer leadership and talent at sport, music, art and the performing arts. All-rounder Awards, known as Popham Awards, may be offered to those who show talent and potential across several awards; all pupils must, of course, display a keenness for the classroom.

Scholars and Award holders at Blundell's are expected to lead by example. Each year performance is reviewed, thus giving them and us a time to reflect on the successes of the year and an opportunity to set targets for the year ahead. We can therefore develop strategies to ensure the award holder is being challenged but also guided and supported.

Peter Blundell Foundation Bursaries

Blundell's is fortunate to be able to offer means tested Foundation Bursaries to applicants, whose parents need financial assistance to afford a place at the school for their son or daughter. With these awards, the Governors wish to reflect the spirit of Peter Blundell’s vision. Prospective candidates are required to apply in conjunction with applications for any of the award categories. These must be accompanied by a Statement of Financial Means Form obtainable from the Registrars. The application for a Foundation Bursary is then considered if the candidate is successful in securing an award in any of the categories. Funding from the Peter Blundell Foundation can top up any award up to a maximum of 100% of the annual school fees.

All scholarship applicants must be registered (including a £100.00 fee) prior to sitting the relevant examinations, except for Foundation applicants who are exempt from the fee.

For all Scholarship Application Forms and enquiries, please contact Mrs T Frankpitt: -

Tel: 01884 232310

Scholarship Dates for entry in September 2019

Scholarship / Award Meeting / Examination Date Application Closing Date
16+ Scholarships: Academic, Art, Drama and Sport Tues 6th November 2018 Weds 17th October 2018
16+ Scholarships: Music & Choral Weds 7th November 2018
11+ Entrance & Scholarship Examinations Sat 12th January 2019 Mon 10th December 2018
11+ Music Awards Thurs 24th January 2019
13+ Sport Awards Mon 15th October 2018 Thurs 11th October 2018
13+ Academic Scholarships Tues 22nd - Weds 23rd January 2019 Mon 10th December 2018
13+ Drama Awards Thurs 24th January 2019
13+ Music & Choral Awards Thurs 24th January 2019
13+ Art Awards Fri 25th January 2019



Current Information (PDF)
More detailed scholarship information is available in the Current Information PDF document.