Future Term Dates

This page details the key dates for the beginning and end of future school terms, and also the dates for half-term breaks, leave weekends and exeats.

TERM Begins Half-Term Ends
Spring Mon 8th Jan, 6:00pm Fri 9th Feb, 4:00pm
Sun 18th Feb, 6:00pm
Fri 23rd Mar, 4:30pm
Summer Mon 16th Apr, 6:00pm Fri 25th May, 4:00pm
Sun 3rd June, 6:00pm
Fri 6th July, 4:30pm
Autumn Weds 5th Sept, 6:00pm Weds 17th Oct, 1:15pm
Sun 28th Oct, 6:00pm
Weds 12th Dec, 4:30pm
(SH Tues 11th Dec, 3:30pm)
Spring Mon 7th Jan, 6:00pm Fri 15th Feb, 4:00pm
Sun 24th Feb, 6:00pm
Fri 29th Mar, 4:30pm
Summer Tues 23rd Apr, 6:00pm Fri 24th May, 4:00pm
Sun 2nd June, 6:00pm
Fri 5th July, 4:30pm

Leave Weekends

Term Leave weekend
Leave weekend
Leave weekend
Spring 2018 20th - 21st Jan 10th - 11th Mar -
Summer 2018 5th - 6th May 16th - 17th June -
Autumn 2018 22nd - 23rd Sept 6th - 7th Oct 1st - 2nd Dec

Exeat Weekends

  • Spring Term 2018: Fri 26th Jan, 1:15pm - Sun 28th Jan, 8:00pm
  • Autumn Term 2018: Fri 16th Nov, 1:15pm - Sun 18th Nov, 8:00pm

Term and Half-Term Timings

The timings of Terms and Half Terms are as follows unless otherwise indicated: -

Start of Term 8:00pm – Junior Department (SH) boarders
9:00pm – Senior School boarders
8:30am the following day – all other pupils
End of Term 4:30pm
Start of Half Term 1:15pm Wednesday (Autumn) and 4.00pm Friday (Spring and Summer)
End of Half Term 8:00pm – Junior Department (SH) boarders
9:00pm – Senior School boarders
8:30 am the following day – all other pupils

All members of the School are reminded that they must fulfil all school commitments until such time that release is agreed.