Future Term Dates

This page details the key dates for the beginning and end of future school terms, and also the dates for half-term breaks, leave weekends and exeats.

TERM Begins Half-Term Ends
Summer Tues 18th Apr, 6.00pm Fri 26th May, 4.00pm,
Sun 4th June, 6.00pm
Sat 1st July, 4.30pm
Autumn Weds 6th Sept, 6.00pm Weds 18th Oct, 1.15pm
Sun 29th Oct, 6.00pm
Weds 13th Dec, 4.30pm
(SH 12th Dec, 3.30pm)
Spring Mon 8th Jan, 6.00pm Fri 9th Feb, 4.00pm
Sun 18th Feb, 6.00pm
Fri 23rd Mar, 4.30pm
Summer Mon 16th Apr, 6.00pm Fri 25th May, 4.00pm
Sun 3rd June, 6.00pm
Fri 6th July, 4.30pm

Leave Weekends

Term Leave weekend
Leave weekend
Leave weekend
Summer 2017 6th - 7th May 17th - 18th June -
Autumn 2017 23rd - 24th Sept 7th - 8th Oct -

Exeat Weekends

  • Autumn Term 2017: Fri 17th Nov, 1.15pm - Sun 19th Nov, 8.00pm

Term and Half-Term Timings

The timings of Terms and Half Terms are as follows unless otherwise indicated: -

Start of Term 8.00pm – Junior Department (SH) boarders
9.00pm – Senior School boarders
8.30am the following day – all other pupils
End of Term 4.30pm
Start of Half Term 1.15pm Wednesday (Autumn) and 4.00pm Friday (Spring and Summer)
End of Half Term 8:00pm – Junior Department (SH) boarders
9:00pm – Senior School boarders
8.30 am the following day – all other pupils

All members of the School are reminded that they must fulfil all school commitments until such time that release is agreed.