Tennis 2001/02

Girls’ Captain: Polly Knowles NC
Boys’ Captain: Hans Jochim W

Girls' Tennis

Girl's 1st 2002 team
AE Dessain GH, AJ Crosse NC, GKV Sawrey-Cookson GH
JC Parker
TH, PJ Knowles NC(Capt.), LV Sanders TH

The 1st squad have had another very successful year, winning 5 out of their 8 matches. The girls started strongly with an easy win over West Buckland, but then they encountered King's and Millfield, who both fielded County and National players and proved to be too good on the day.

Georgie and Alex formed a consistent pairing and regularly beat all three couples. Lisa and Jacqui settled well into the team and had many good results, often in the tie-breakers. Polly and Anna had another successful season together, especially in the second half of the term.

The 2nd Team proved to be one of the most outstanding teams Blundell's has ever had. Out of 72 sets played they lost only 12. On three separate occasions (W Buckland 9-0, King's Taunton 9-0 & King's Bruton 9-0) they did not drop a single set and only Wellington 5-4 and Clifton 5-4 ran them close. As they will all be returning next year they will again be tough to beat. The other sides who failed to match us were Millfield 7-2, Taunton School 8-1, Queen's 8-1.

The 3rds and 4ths were both unbeaten and Blundell's has the largest depth of participating girls of any school on our circuit. This is producing the annual headache of trying to find enough fixtures for the 3rds and 4ths. Teams from King's Taunton 6-3, Taunton School 8-1 and Clifton 5-4 came, were seen and were conquered!

Although the weather was not always what we would have desired for the Summer Term, the girls' tennis at Blundell's was shining throughout and I would like to thank all the girls for a super season. Well done! RJC

Boys' Tennis

Boy's 1st 2002 team
Mr RS Tranchant, KA Klasen FH, TS Vantreen OH, OJ Revolta P, CP Kingdom OH, H Kohase W
CKL Lau FH, TP Nunn W, HGH Jochim W (Capt'), AP Unwin OH, WJ Hosegood OH 

Tennis matches for boys are now virtually all over by half term. The results have been average.

The 1st VI has won four and lost five. These include a Glanvill Cup victory over East Devon College and loss in round two to Torquay Grammar. We also lost the Hines-Ogilvy Trophy to Clifton College, while beating King's, Taunton. Tim Bayliss FH and captain Hans Jochim w were the regular first pair with Andy Unwin OH and Tom Nunn w, both of colts age, the second pair. David Atherton W and Clarence Lau FH have been the regular third pair.

The 2nd VI seems to have enjoyed its tennis but has lost four and won only one. There have been some heroic efforts from Charlie Kingdon OH, Haryuki Kohase W, William Hosegood OH and Konrad Klasen FH. Sadly they have usually been on different days!

The under 16 team has won four and lost four. The first two pairs - Luke O'Cathail FH, Tom Seamer P, Anthony Lacey P and this year's cricket convert Will Kerr P are all in year ten so should be playing next year. The regular third pair was Ed Vantreen OH and James Bancroft OH.

The Glanville Cup is a national knock-out cup for a team of 4 Senior boys. We won our first round comfortably against E Devon College but were seriously second to Torquay Boys Grammar.

Queen's U12 Tournament saw Sam Lockwood and Francis Unwin win the boys event in an excellent final in front of a large crowd. Will Vantreen and Max Venables came 10th. In the girls event Laura Meadows and Charlotte Venning were 8th and Jo Mardell and Becky Blackmore were 15th.

Master i/c Rod Tranchant

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