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Annual Fund 2014/15 A few words from The Head

Nicola Huggett

'...any child of outstanding ability should have access to a Blundell's education regardless of family background or wealth.'

Since its foundation, Blundell’s has been very fortunate to have been able to offer bursaries and scholarships to many exceptional pupils who would not otherwise have been able to experience this wonderful and varied education. As a result of Blundellian support in the past, those who are outstanding academics, artists, musicians, sportsmen and women, talented thespians and, of course, those who have all-round talents have found a home here. Many have gone on to excel as leaders in their respective professions and in turn have furthered the cause of education far beyond the confines of School life.

Despite a determined emphasis on restricting our expenditure, there is no doubt that all we provide here today at Blundell’s comes at some considerable cost. Whilst the continuing generosity of you as Old Blundellians, parents and friends, ensures a strong future for the School in line with the wishes of our founder, Peter Blundell, we cannot always help all those who are in need. Last year alone, sadly, we had to disappoint 16 excellent applicants.

I would like to encourage you to join me in support of our Annual Appeal. This year it specifically features the Peter Blundell Foundation Award which exists solely to change lives through the provision of means tested bursaries. It supports the belief that any child of outstanding ability should have access to a Blundell’s education regardless of family background or wealth.

We also continue to build on the support given last year to make our Boarding houses more of a home from home, and some examples of that work are featured here.

Thank you, most sincerely, for considering us.

Since the establishment of Blundell’s School in 1604, funded by the generous bequest of Peter Blundell, the School has been supported generation upon generation by Old Blundellians, parents, friends and the wider Blundell’s Community. Their many gifts, large or small, cash or gifts in kind, legacies, have allowed us to provide an ongoing outstanding educational environment.

We know that many of our present Old Blundellians, Parents, Friends and wider Community would like to continue supporting the School and to augment this tradition of giving the Blundell’s Foundation Charity, Number 1081249, was established in 1998. As a recognised Charity, donations to the Blundell’s Foundation can be augmented by Gift Aid, which significantly increases the value of the original gift. Equally, higher rate tax payers get even greater tax relief.

The Foundation which is administered by the Development Office ensures that the highest standards of conduct apply to the recognition of donors and to the use of their donations ensuring they go to the ends intended, and donors will be consulted should this not be possible. While we value the ability to inform donors to which purposes their gifts have been applied, we accept without question a donor’s request for anonymity.

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