Forthcoming Events / Calendar

Date / Time Event Venue Contact
June 8th-10th Blundell’s Stand at the Royal Cornwall Show Royal Cornwall Show Ground D.O.
17th OB Day - O.B.C.
23rd Prep School OB Parents’ Lunch
Beale Centre Prep School
July 1st Speech Day Marquee -
OB Current Parents’ Speech Day Lunch Beale Centre O.B.C.
22nd Blundell’s Stand at the Mid Devon Show Knightshayes, Tiverton D.O.
August - - - -
September 24th Reichwald Fives Tournament Blundell's -
October 11th Winter Lunch
Speaker: Douglas Rice (Master, 1969-98). Topic: TBC
Beale Centre O.B.C.
November 8th Winter Lunch
Speaker: Nick Cooper (P 1963-67). Topic: TBC
Beale Centre O.B.C.
December 6th Winter Lunch
Speaker: Alice Kerr (NC 1999-2004). Topic: TBC
Beale Centre O.B.C.
January 10th Winter Lunch
Speaker: Charles Abram (M 1959-64). Topic: Illustrated talk on Exeter Cathedral
Beale Centre O.B.C.
February 14th Winter Lunch
Speaker: David d'Arcy Hughes (FH 1958-62). Topic: TBC
Beale Centre O.B.C.
March 14th Winter Lunch
Speaker: Ali Deighton-Gibson (Master 1981-2014). Topic: TBC
Beale Centre O.B.C.

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Details of golf, shooting, cricket, squash, fives, hockey, football and tennis can be found on the OB Club website.