Working in Partnership with the OB Club

Group photo - Paddy Armstrong, Janet Wooff, Emily Roffe-Silvester, Amber OliverThe Development Office works in partnership with the Old Blundellian Club in order to provide the best possible service to the whole Blundell’s community and encourage support towards ensuring we meet our aims:

  • To co-ordinate, facilitate and support the activity of all Blundellian groups (Friends of Blundell's, Old Blundellian Club, Peter Blundell Society and all other friends and contacts of the School)
  • To provide excellent communications between all sections and members of the extended Blundellian family
  • To cultivate goodwill and support
  • To promote the standing and status of Blundell's School, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • To sustain the tradition of benefaction that has been central to Blundell's continuous development over the centuries
  • To generate ever-increasing demand for places at Blundell's School.

Paddy Armstrong     Janet Wooff
Old Blundellian Club staff: Paddy Armstrong and Janet Wooff

Amber Oliver     Jessica Riley
Development Office staff: Amber Oliver and Jessica Riley

Collaborative working with the Old Blundellian Club allows us to strengthen our links, unite and build on the Foundation’s original objectives and to extend the role it plays in ensuring a strong and sustained development of the school as a whole.

We have introduced a programme of opportunities to develop career interests, to build networks and also encourage social activities and events which would appeal to all Blundellians, young and old, male and female, embracing the friendships and relationship formed whilst in the Blundell’s fold.

Our website is a portal to provide a focus for all Blundellians, who can then maintain their links with the School and with each other wherever they may be, nationally or internationally.

Stay In Touch

Old Blundellians are very important to us and we do our best to keep in touch via the Development Office and in association with the Old Blundellian Club. We believe our Old Blundellians are amongst our greatest assets and their contribution through the years has been incalculable. The Development Department is responsible for working with the OB Club to maintain the network of former pupils and hopes to keep Old Boys and Girls informed of what is going on at Blundell’s and increase their opportunities to attend events both at School and around the country and on occasions with our Overseas members.

We hold regular reunions at Blundell’s, together with other events such as the London Casual drinks reception which all Blundellians are invited, and we also do our best to put long lost school friends in touch with one another.

Blundellians have proved an enormous resource in terms of careers advice and indeed, inspiration to current pupils. Their experiences help to inform university choice and in the world of work our network of former students provides a great support for career opportunities.

If you would like to ensure we have your up to date details or wish to resume contact with Blundell's please complete our questionnaire form and send to Emily Roffe-Silvester at or call 01884 243262.

We also maintain an online database allowing you to adjust your own entry and find contact details of other Old Blundellians or Friends of Blundell's. Visit the Alumni Database. (For more information about the Alumni Database and how to use it, download our instruction manual.)


Missing OBs

We are making a special effort to trace the 2,500 missing OB members and any help or information as to their whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.

Also, please make sure your own contact information is up to date by emailing us at with your current contact details or registering on Blundell’s Online.