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Affiliated with the Sub Aqua Association
(SAA club number 1069)

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Our Club

Club Founded in June 2004.

The Committee, 2012

  • Chairman – Mr. Bart Wielenga (Big Dive!)
  • Secretary –  Miss. Karyn Wilson (contact
  • Diving Officer – Mr. Bart Wielenga (contact
  • Training Officer – Mr. Graham Samson
  • Treasurer – Mr. Trevor Henderson
  • Publicity Officer
  • Student Liaison Officer
  • Equipment Officers


Turkey 2012 Dive Trip Preparation

The Blundell's Sub Aqua Club is in concentrated training in preparation for their Dive Trip to Turkey in the Summer. This requires all members are as prepared as possible. This video is a quick one minute cover of their training session during their activity slot on the 31st of May. This video features the exercise of sharing air from one air source a vital skill for emergencies for the yr11 group who were being instructed by Mr. Yates.

The following video has been filmed and edited by Alex Holme.

Dive Trip Training (This video will take a moment to load)

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We are currently able to offer the following levels of qualification.

Elementary Diver

An elementary diver is fully pool trained but inexperienced in open water. When diving in Open Water an elementary diver must be accompanied by a minimum of Dive Leader or above.

Open Water Diver (CMAS *)

An open water diver has additional practical experience but in open water must be accompanied by another diver who has a minimum qualification of Dive leader.

Club Diver (CMAS **)

A Club Diver is a qualified open water diver and may dive with others holding an equal or greater diving qualification. They are not considered to have sufficient experience to take elementary or Open Water divers on open water dives.

Dive Leader (CMAS **) (Over 18 years of age only)

A Dive Leader is a diver who has had additional experience in both practical and theory and has a proven ability to lead divers underwater. A dive leader may dive with any grade of diver.

For further information on any of the above qualifications please click here.

We are of course open to help or training from qualified instructors willing to cross over or train with SAA, if not already affiliated.


Any student of Blundell’s School in Year 10 or above may begin to learn to SCUBA Dive with the Club. Training is also open to Staff, families of students or staff, and Old Blundellians.

Trainees must be physically fit and have parental consent if they are under 18.

Training towards a diving qualification is possible as a Thursday activity for Years 10 - 13. The next group of trainees will started in September 2011. If you would like to start training, come and pick up a form from Mr Yates as soon as possible. Places are limited to a maximum of 6 new people per year.

It takes about a year to become qualified. During this time you will learn the theory and practical rescue and safety drills, how to be a good 'buddy' and how to make sure that your skills and abilities keep you safe whilst letting you have the best time ever!

Already Qualified?

The club also welcomes any students, staff, families of students or staff and Old Blundellians that are already qualified divers. Dive trips take place most weekends throughout the term, weather and number dependent, and we welcome any company on these trips.

Where possible we could arrange further training for qualified divers wishing to pursue more qualifications. Crossover to SAA will need to be arranged in most cases (see costs below).

Please contact for further information.


New Members September 2011

  • Membership of the club includes SAA membership and is £41 per year for current students aged 12-16 (junior membership), £46 per year for those aged 16+ (student membership).
  • The price for OB's and other adults is £52 per year.
  • A joining fee to cover the cost of training manuals, log book and your CMAS (internationally recognised) certification card (upon satisfactory completion of course) is £40.
  • Training is provided free.
  • Use of club equipment is £15 per term to help cover servicing costs. Students will be expected to have their own basic equipment by the end of the first year (mask, fins, snorkel for open water, this will be approximately £100). Students may wish to invest in this early on for consistency and ease.
  • Trainees also need to pay for air refills in the cylinders at £4 per training session, or £8 for day trips.
  • Boat hire will be an additional cost as and when required.

Renewals September 2011

  • Junior member (12-16) £31, Student member (16+, in education) £36, Adult member £ 42.
  • Use of club equipment is £15 per term to help cover servicing costs.
  • You will also need to pay for air refills in the cylinders at £4 per pool session, or £8 for day trips.
  • Boat hire will be an additional cost as and when required.

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