Guardians have a strong role to play in the pastoral care of International students at Blundell’s. We value our contacts with all nationalities and families from abroad enormously. However, there are days when it is essential that your son or daughter, whatever their age, has a guardian who is living in this country. Some of pupils come through agencies, which provide guardianship services, others prefer to use local families. We may be able to put parents in contact with local families who are known to the school, but this can in no way be considered as a recommendation. The arrangements are made solely between the parents and the local family.

The provision of a Guardian, however good, is no substitute for contact with parents, and Housemasters or Housemistresses will always be pleased to hear from you as to when you will be in England. We hope you will take the opportunity to meet - particularly if your visit can coincide with a Parents’ Meeting, the dates of which are always published in the Calendar, which is sent to parents.

The dates of terms and holidays are also published in the Calendar (and on the website) at least a year in advance. The purpose of this early warning is to ensure as far as possible that those who live overseas do not have to leave before the end of term or return after the beginning. Parents arrange tickets for overseas flights and are responsible for passports; these documents can obviously be sent to the Housemaster or Housemistress for safe-keeping. Guardians will usually meet pupils at the airport or train station, particularly if the pupils are young and/or inexperienced travellers.

It is to avoid any confusion of responsibility that the School has drafted the following, admittedly rather clinical, document defining the obligations of a Guardian as the School sees them.

Obligations of a Guardian

  • To provide or arrange accommodation for the pupil:
    • If so agreed with parents, during school holidays, Half Term and, where possible, Leave Weekends.
    • If the school has to close temporarily because of an emergency e.g. fire or epidemic.
    • If the pupil is suspended or expelled, or has had to have a period away from the school on medical.
  • To take decisions in emergencies on behalf of the parents in cases where the school is not empowered to do so.
  • To keep in touch with the pupil’s Housemaster or Housemistress and to ensure that they know the Guardian’s up-to-date address, telephone number etc.

In order to carry out these duties it is essential that the Guardian should be a householder (i.e. not a student), should be able to speak English and be accessible by telephone.