How To Apply

Blundell’s has a strict policy of limiting the overall number of overseas pupils, so the few places available at any entry level are very popular and tend to fill up quite quickly. There are many agencies who will represent pupils, however, it is quite possible to apply independently. Initial contact and enquiry can be made via the Contacts page on this website or by email to, telephone 00 44 1884 252543 or fax 00 44 1884 243232. Current fees are available by request via email and are also in the back of the prospectus. If there is an appropriate place available you will be sent a prospectus and other relevant information.

Stage 1 Your enquiry + Prospectus

Ideally we would like to be able to interview all prospective pupils but this is often understandably not possible. In all cases we require copies of a pupil’s most recent reports, personal school references etc. If we feel that the candidate is suitable for an available place, parents will be encouraged to register.

Stage 2 Registration Form + Fee (£100.00)

Once we have received the Registration Form + fee (the form can be found in the back of the prospectus) most applicants will then be expected to take an appropriate Mathematics and an English Test paper set by the school. We can usually arrange for these papers to be taken at the pupil’s present school, or some agencies offer supervised facilities. If the application is successful then parents will be invited to confirm their place.

Stage 3 Acceptance Form + Deposit (£1,000)

Once this form + deposit has been received the school will guarantee the place. The deposit is refunded when the pupil finishes his/her education at Blundell’s.