South Korea

South Korea

Hello. I am fifteen years old and I’m from Seoul in S Korea. I came to Blundell’s in the Summer Term of 2002 in Year 8. I decided to come to this school because I felt the education system was better, offering me a greater variety of subjects to study and sports to play. I knew that Blundell’s had very high academic standards as well as great sports facilities.

When I first arrived everything was completely new to me. I was homesick at the beginning and cried once or twice on the phone! I soon found comfort through talking to teachers and in the TESOL department, but it was quite hard to begin with because my English wasn’t that good. However, the TESOL teacher, helped me to understand how the system worked and I started to get on with it. After a while I started to socialize and make friends around the school.

Doing sports has made me a lot of friends. I feel if I do one thing really well, people talk to me and I can improve my English really fast. The TESOL teacher has been like a counsellor to me, and helped me with my homework when I needed it in the past. Now I still need support sometimes but not as much as last year.

I’ve learned to organise myself and to be more independent. I’m happy now with the way things are going. I enjoy learning new languages like Spanish, which you can’t do in my country. I’m getting A grades in Mathematics and Geography and doing pretty well in other subjects.

I love playing rugby. I didn’t even know how to play when I first came but now I’m always in the A team. When I scored my first try everyone cheered – it was a fantastic feeling. My friends taught me the different rules of the game, and this helped me with my English too. I also enjoy cricket and football, which we play here.

In the future I want to improve academically. That’s my Mum’s hope too! I’m doing really well in sports and I’d like to have the same kind of success in the classroom.