Children are taught English every day. Here at Blundell’s Preparatory School we seek to equip the children with the literacy skills with which they can access the wider curriculum; we also seek to develop an interest in and appreciation of literature for its own sake. Programmes of study reflect the aims of the National Curriculum 2014 and seek to foster confidence and develop skills in the key areas of speaking and listening, reading and writing. The new Curriculum places an emphasis on word reading, transcription, spelling, punctuation and grammar. Our aim at Blundell’s Prep is to teach these skills while still teaching the children how to write creatively in a range of different fiction and non-fiction genres. We also place value in comprehension skills and our reading programmes are taught with this in mind.

The teaching of English in the classroom is complemented by a wide range of enrichment activities, including book fairs, poetry competitions, dressing up as book characters for Book Week, theatre trips and talks by visiting authors.


ERIC stands for 'Everybody Reading In Class', and we are delighted that in addition to daily English lessons we can give all of the children at the Prep School the opportunity to pursue their own reading interests in this dedicated weekly reading session. Form Teachers hear all in their classes read, and ensure that Reading Diaries are kept up to date, while the pupils can relax into a book of their choice at the end of a busy week...

Children's Author Shoo Rayner Visits

We were delighted that popular children's author and illustrator Shoo Rayner could visit this term to share his writing and drawing experiences with the children. Shoo Rayner VisitsShoo read extracts from some of his books, answered questions on life as an author, and ran some fantastic drawing workshops based around some of his best known characters.

Shoo Rayner VisitsShoo has written more than 175 children's books, creating such characters as The Ginger Ninja, Monster Boy, Axel Storm, Ricky Rocket, Viking Vik and The Secret Society of Scaredy Cats.

He has also rewritten Rudyard Kipling's Just So stories for a younger audience, and has illustrated books for authors including Michael Morpurgo, Rose Impey and Michael Rosen. Shoo has also posted his own Drawing Lessons on YouTube to reach as wide an audience as possible.

To find out more about Shoo, visit: www.shoorayner.com.

Shoo Rayner entertains     Shoo Rayner entertains

Poetry Slam

English - Poetry Slam     English - Poetry Slam

English - Poetry Slam     English - Poetry Slam