Iron Age Day


The primary aim of the History Department at Blundell's Prep is a simple one – develop a love for the subject that will last long after the children leave the school. This happens in many different ways but few will leave Blundell’s Prep without having explored the wonders of Egyptian mummification, life as a Victorian servant, or the wrath of Henry VIII!

Bringing history to life through a chronological framework is at the heart of the department’s aims. The Pre-Prep follow the KS1 National Curriculum and then at KS2 they go on to explore ‘Ancient Civilizations’ through to the main events of the 20th Century.

Trips to local museums allow the children to get up close to history and all are encouraged to explore the subject beyond the curriculum and the constraints of the classroom.

What is present throughout is the focus on the story, the drama and excitement and the characters that have made the subject so fascinating to explore.