News 2010 - 2011

Summer Term 2011

Year 4 Trip to Beam House

Year 4 Trip to Beam HouseThe rain followed the coach to Beam House but PGL staff don't seem to notice the rain as a full and active activity schedule was planned and completed.

Year 4 Trip to Beam HouseThe whole of Year 4 were split into their three form groups for year 5 as teambuilding was one of the main aims of the trip. The others included fun, stepping out of comfort zone and to have a go at everything.

With great food and good company many of the Year 4 children asked if they could stay longer or even work for PGL. This shows how much children enjoy adventurous activities and being allowed to try something new and challenging.

In the end everybody (staff included) tried each activity and many overcame fears to complete the activities. This just added to the success of the trip which was brought to a close with a final night disco where dancing and games were played.

Sports Day

'Inclusive, competitive and all for each house'. This was the aim for the new styled sports day.

Sports DayQuad Athletics enables everybody to compete at their level to the best of their ability to gain points for their house and compete for themselves. Each person takes part in a distance run, a sprint, a long jump and a throwing event.

During the afternoon years 3 & 4 went first moving around the field competing for 15 minutes at each event. They were assisted by year 6 who had their chance to compete with year 5 next.

Sports DayThere were 96 medals presented to first, second and third by Mrs Connolly and Mrs Jeffs. Everybody competed wining points no matter their personal position in each event, each point going towards their house totals. M Crowe (year 6) and R Hartley (year 3) both broke their age group school records in the cricket ball throw.

Grenville won overall with Drake second and Raleigh third.

Many thanks to all the staff for running and recording the quad events. Thank you to the parents for supporting and creating a vibrant atmosphere all afternoon.

Blundell's supports Children's Hospice South West

Blundell's supports Children's Hospice South WestBlundell's supports Children's Hospice South WestBlundell's Preparatory School was delighted to hand over a cheque for £2237.30 to Children's Hospice South West this week. Paula Hullett, the regional fundraising representative from Children's Hospice, spoke to the School about the marvellous work and support this charity provides for children and families in need. Money had been raised by our community from carol services and a popular Christmas Fayre, which were supported wholeheartedly by our parents and wider community.

Royal Wedding Street Party

Royal Wedding Street PartyRoyal Wedding Street PartyThe whole of the Prep School enjoyed a great traditional "playground street party" to celebrate our future King's wedding. The wonderful spread included our own Union Jack cake, which was cut at the end by our youngest pupil, three year old Sophia Rushton, with a piece for every child in the School.

The children sang the National Anthem, waved Union Jack flags, performed Mexican waves and listened to stirring music. All enjoyed sitting together as a whole school outside in beautiful weather. It all proved to be a special lunch time, which we hope the children will remember. All the children also received their own commemorative bookmark. Blundell's Prep wishes William and Kate every happiness in their marriage.

Spring Term 2011

Joint Concert and House Cross-Country - McIntyre's News

This week in McIntyre's news it is an End of Term Special! Although to be honest there's nothing particularly special about it. The name just sounds cooler. Highlights are the coming holidays and end of term!

The House Cross-country competition was held on Monday, one of the most loved events of the year. Grenville stole a win. I am not sure how this happened, seeing that Drake has all the amazing runners. Raleigh finished second.

On Thursday the U9A, B, C and even a D team played Kelly College - with varied results. The U11/U8 netballers both travelled to Maynard, while the U11 boys got a visit to forget from Millfield.

The joint concert took place at the senior school, on Tuesday. The concert had it all; an orchestra, solo performances and even people from the Czech Republic singing folksongs! In addition, the Annual Easter service took place on Thursday morning and everything went smoothly.

There must be a troll or goblin with a mild addiction to digestive biscuits inhabiting the school. I say this because recently there have been sightings of a small pile of digestives on the floor of the year six stairs, tucked away, almost out of sight. The mystery continues...

The end of term is upon us so now is the time to say thank you to the teachers for all the work they have done this term...who am I kidding, lets party! Bring on the Easter eggs! Let's have a disco! I love discos.

In summary, trolls like digestives and the Easter Bunny is my new hero! That brings an end to this week's news, until next term, bye!

U10 Netball Tournament at Exeter Junior School

U10 Netball Tournament at Exeter Junior SchoolU10 Netball Tournament at Exeter Junior SchoolThe U10 Netball Tournament at Exeter Junior School was fantastic and the team performance was outstanding. They played six matches against Plymouth College, The Maynard, West Buckland, Queens College, Exeter Junior School and Millfield Prep. Blundell's Prep won all six games, scoring 49 goals in total and conceding only 9 goals throughout the tournament. I was extremely proud of the hard work and determination that each girl demonstrated. They were a credit to the school. Well done, and thank you also to the parents who came along to support.

Year 5 London Trip - McIntyre's News

This week in McIntyre's News I cover Year Five's London Trip and the weekly sporting events. Don't worry Mr. Hirst; this issue is entirely orange free.

Some are calling the time that they were away the Quiet Era or simply the Great Silence. Whatever it's called I definitely enjoyed it. When Neville Chamberlain famously stated, 'Peace in our time', was he referring to the Year Fives staying in London? It is actually a truly fun trip. You sneak sweets to scoff at night then get a sugar rush so you do not get any sleep. Then to top it off you shine lights in your mates' faces. That's what my dorm did anyway!

The U11 boys all played hockey against Exeter Prep. Both A's and B's lost their games but more importantly they had HP sauce on their hotdogs! Other fixtures included U11 girls netball vs Maynard School, whilst the U9 boys and girls played football and netball against Exeter Junior School and Stover and were victorious.

Finally, on Thursday the choir and a few speech and drama pupils went to Tiverton's St. Peter's Church to perform. A well done to all that participated in raising money for the hospice, as well as entertaining Tiverton at the same time.

In summary, the Happy Puzzle Company was made unhappy as we easily cracked the puzzles and I discovered the true meaning of love... HARIBO'S. That brings an end to this week's news. Until next week...bye!

TeaTime Concert & Year 6 Play Auditions - McIntyre's News

This week in McIntyre's news I cover the not so new news of this week. Highlights include a teatime concert that ended at bedtime and some strange visitors to Pre-Prep.

However, before all that, there were the Speech and Drama exams that took place on Monday and Tuesday. They provided a perfect excuse to get out of lessons!

Year six had their auditions for their top secret, high security play that for some fancy and confidential reasons that I don't understand must remain nameless. Come-on Ms. Jeffs, you trust me, right? I keep secrets better protected than a safe does. It's not like I'm going to tell anyone that it's called The Powder Monkeys. Oops, I've done it again haven't I?

On the sporting front we had football and netball matches with all teams playing well. My sporting pick of the week is a goal by the U11 B team. Olsen crossed the ball to Watt who then volleyed it past the keeper!

The Pre-Prep was more of a zoo than normal this week. The usual animals were joined by a cute chinchilla and a half dragon, half lizard thingy called Boris!

The teatime concert was on Thursday and everybody was brilliant in their performances. We have some really gifted musicians in our school. Then there's me!

In summary, the Pre-Prep floor gets covered in owl pellets, some of us seem to have grown rather ugly red nose warts and Mr. Hirst found an orange! That brings an end to this week's news. Until next week, bye!

Year 3 Trip to Buckfast Abbey

Year 3 Trip to Buckfast AbbeyYear 3 Trip to Buckfast AbbeyAs part of our R.E. curriculum, Year 3 visited Buckfast Abbey. They began with an excellent 'hands on' experience in the education room where they were able to build stained glass windows, arches, spiral staircases and even have a go at hoisting blocks of stone using a pulley. They also discovered what a day in the life of a monk involved. After this the children met Brother Nicholas who showed them around the Abbey and answered a question from every child. In the afternoon the children returned to the Abbey for a 10 minute service, listening to the monks singing, praying and reading from the Bible. They then explored the Abbey, answering questions and making sketches of different aspects of the building.

Blundell’s Prep Rugby Enjoys Regional and National Success

The 2011 Team with their medalsThe 2011 Team mid play

At Epsom College on Sunday 6th March the U11 Blundell's Prep team took part in the National Prep School Rugby Finals.

Having played three games in the pool, the team went through to the main competition where they faced St. George's Prep School. The game was won 14 - 7. This victory took the team into the semi finals where Warwick Prep were waiting. The team dug deep and scored the only try of the game to win 7-0. The final was played with Donhead Prep (Surrey). Blundell’s were on top first half but Donhead’s defence was strong and we couldn’t quite score a try. The second half was a very similar affair but Donhead crossed the Blundell’s line to score, this single try settled the match and Blundell’s ended the game as runner up.

This is a fantastic achievement and the whole school is very proud of the boys who took part, everybody played their part in every game. This magnificent performance followed a terrific sevens display on the previous Friday which saw Blundell’s Prep crowned South West champions after a series of comfortable wins at Plymouth College. A great few days for the boys, well done lads.

This Week's Major Events - McIntyre's News

This week, in McIntyre’s news, I cover the major events of the week, from new headmasters, to Art Week.

Through the course of the week, potential heads for the school have been provided a tour of the premises. Instructions were given to the staff about being on their best behaviour and pretending to enjoy the lesson. Similar messages were received by the pupils. After their first tour, every candidate said how well mannered and pleasant the students where.

Now Art week, and every day was packed with fun, arty activities. Even a person not even faintly artistic learnt something and enjoyed themselves.

The Monday Speech and Drama Recital next, where everyone performed well in their piece. It was a good event for all. Great skill is needed to learn all of those lines.

This week I’ll finish on a sporting note. On Tuesday a cross-country team (yes, everyone’s favourite) went to Stover. There was an excellent array of results for the school with Greg Kitson and Jack Klinkenburg performing especially well. Let’s be honest, though, we always expected it. Finally, on Sunday there’s the U11 Rugby Nationals at Epsom. Some of the best teams in the country will be there. Good luck with that. Not that you need it or anything!

That brings an end to this week’s news until next week, bye!

Year 3 and 4 House Matches - McIntyre's News

This week, in McIntyre’s news, my focus will be house matches... Hang on a second; didn’t we do this last week? I think I’m having Déjà Vu... Anyway, this week it was years 3 and 4, which were fighting for sporting supremacy.

The junior house matches, and the year 3s and 4s tried their best in exceedingly muddy conditions. I will begin with Year 4 boys. The conclusion of the games was a win for Grenville, with Drake coming second place and Raleigh finishing third. A result that Mr Mildren, I’m sure, will treasure for many years to come. The year 4 girls also fought hard for their respective houses, with Grenville grabbing a win, Raleigh in second and Drake in third. Drake won a sports competition, for once, in the year three boys’ house matches with Grenville clinching the silver medal and Raleigh managing bronze. It’s nice to see Drake putting the other houses in their place.

As you can see, everyone is wearing red and white clothing today. Is it just me or did anyone else not know that it was National Dress like a Candy-cane day? I thought that we are supporting Action for Children, but I guess I’m wrong. Look, red, white, red, white, red, red, red, white and some more white! I can see the logic, though, candy-canes are delicious! That brings an end to this week’s news. Until after half-term, bye!

Prep School Barbarians

Blundell's Prep School is extremely proud to announce that Sam Maunder has been selected for the U11 Prep School Barbarian rugby team, after trials at Rugby School this week. Sam follows in the footsteps of his brother Jack, who has also represented the Barbarian team and continues to do so. Both play at scrum half and Sam's bravery, intelligence and rugby playing skill shone through to the selectors. He now looks forward to touring in Dublin at Easter. Well done Sam, the School is very proud of you.

Unfortunately Ben Stevens did not quite get picked, but can consider himself unlucky. Ben joined Sam at Rugby School and performed wonderfully well. We are confident he will be successful in the future and will get another crack at it, as he is an excellent player.

House Music and Senior House Matches - McIntyre's News

House MusicHouse MusicThis week in McIntyre’s News, house music and the senior house matches will be my focus. The house music competition first, and after an excellent performance of musical flair, by all three houses (see, I’m not biased to Drake... well, maybe a little) Drake was declared the winning house. Credit to Raleigh and Grenville though, they pushed the judges into an awfully gruelling decision. I think Robert Wakem’s yellow bird costume possibly winged it for Drake!

Senior house matches now. All of the senior girls battled hard for their houses but the end result was that Raleigh won deservedly. The boys in Grenville and Drake were the underdogs before the football matches even started, as they were faced with the widely regarded favourite, Raleigh. As it turned out, in a result that would’ve made the bookies choke all three houses finished in a first place draw! The biggest stun was Drake’s 1-0 win over Raleigh. A calm and cool goal by Max Payne secured the points for Drake. Drake and Grenville are calling it the Year of the Upset. Raleigh senior boys are calling it a fluke. That brings an end to this week’s summary. Until next week’s news, bye.

Girls' Gym Competition

Girls' Gym CompetitionGirls' Gym CompetitionAs part of our gym club some of the girls have been working towards taking part in their first gym competition. They competed in the South West finals in Sherborne. The girls worked in pairs, performing a two and a half minute routine to music which incorporated balances, agilities and choreography. They all performed with confidence, in front of a large audience, and demonstrated the new skills that they have learnt in gym club over the last two terms. Well done, girls.

Tudor Day

Tudor DayTudor DayYear five had an exciting day when “King Henry VIII” visited the school. With his booming voice and wicked humour he brought the Tudor times to life. The children also played their part by dressing up in Tudor costume. The pupils learnt about crime and punishment, toys and games and foods of the period. They listened to some Tudor music played on genuine Tudor instruments and finished the day by taking part in a jousting contest.

Prep Merit Badge Awarded

Prep Merit Badge AwardedCongratulations to Imogen Usherwood, Year 6, who has become the first Blundell's Prep pupil ever to achieve the Prep Merit Badge. This is quite a remarkable achievement, requiring her to gain 500 merits since her time in Year 3 - and she has done it with a term and a half to spare. Well done Imogen!

French Day

French DayFrench DayAll pupils thoroughly enjoyed our themed French Day at the end of January. Some wonderful art work was created across all year groups, concentrating on French artists. A huge amount of bunting was created across the School, all in French colours and the children also enjoyed French Boules in the playground. They also cooked up some wonderful French food. To cap off the day, all were treated to a French theatrical show in the afternoon, where they had to listen intently to French in the context of a fun and interactive performance with Monsieur Roro.

Autumn Term 2010

Fairtrade/Traidcraft Stalls

Fairtrade/Traidcraft StallsFairtrade/Traidcraft StallsIn our pursuit of being awarded Fairtrade Schools status, we held a Traidcraft stall and Fairtrade cake stall to promote these products during the morning of our Christmas pantomimes. We also sold Fairtrade teas and coffees. All the cakes were sold and parents and grandparents enjoyed a hot drink while they watched the pantomimes. They were then able to buy a range of Traidcraft products including Christmas cards, jewellery, food, and gifts. The year 6 children helped to run these stalls.

Halberton Farm Trip for Year 5

Halberton Farm Trip for Year 5Halberton Farm Trip for Year 5The children in Year 5 visited the farm in Halberton as part of their geography work on farming. They toured the farm on the back of two very bumpy tractors and learnt about all the different crops that were growing.

Salmon Release

Salmon ReleaseSalmon ReleaseAs part of their Geography work last year on Rivers, Year 5 looked after some salmon eggs. This involved learning about the life cycle of a salmon and monitoring their tank every day to make sure that the temperature was just right for them.
These eggs have now grown into salmon and the children in Year 5 walked down to the River Lowman and took it in turns to release them into the river. They worked with John Hickey, from the Rivers Trust, who was able to tell them all about the journey that these salmon would be taking.

Tiverton and Knightshayes Trip for Year 3

Tiverton and Knightshayes Trip for Year 3Tiverton and Knightshayes Trip for Year 3Year 3 Geography pupils recently visited Tiverton and Knightshayes Court as part of their geography topic on local settlements. We visited local historical buildings, industries and geographical features. John Heathcoat lived in Knighthayes house and from the garden he could keep an eye on the factory to ensure it was working to its full potential!

Ancient Egypt Experience for Year 3

Ancient Egypt Experience for Year 3Ancient Egypt Experience for Year 3Year 3 spent a day off-curriculum learning about Ancient Egyptian artefacts and the process of mummification! With the help of Exeter Museum the children became archaeologists, handling original and replica artefacts and learning how to tell the difference. They were also transported back in time to practise the process of mummification, learning all the different steps involved with this important ritual.

Violin Lessons for Year 4

Rugby v Swanbourne Prep SchoolRugby v Swanbourne Prep SchoolLast week the school hosted Swanbourne House on a Rugby Tour to the South West. A competitive game led to a convincing win for the visitors. After the match the captains exchanged mementoes of the game. It was enjoyable afternoon.