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Boys' Games

Term Girls Sport Boys Sport
Autumn Hockey Rugby
Spring Netball Hockey, Rugby 7's
Summer Rounders Cricket

The children participate in three Games lessons a week and one P.E. lesson. These are broken up into season specific key sports and activities and are taught in the plentiful outdoor facilities around the school. With a highly qualified staff team that includes former professional sports people, the children have access to elite coaching at Blundell’s Prep so they are very well catered for in all sports across each year. During P.E. lessons, we take full advantage of the extensive facilities on offer here, including the gymnasium, sports hall, swimming pool, squash courts, astro courts, netball courts and fives courts. The children are taught a varied programme of sports from Lacrosse to Squash to Gymnastics to Dance. The different sports change for each year group but always incorporate a racket sport, a team ball sport, a body movement sport and a health related fitness element.

The department operates differentiated lessons so that each child is motivated and challenged to produce their own best performance. They are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and into their stretch zone in order to develop new skills and achieve greater success.

All of the children at Blundell’s have the opportunity to participate in competitive sport at a level that is appropriate for their individual ability. We introduce children to the competitive elements of sports at Pre-Prep level by organising friendly sporting festivals against local schools. These will include netball, tag rugby, football and hockey triangulars and also quad athletics. As the boys and girls move into the Prep School, they will compete in the main sports for each term and we endeavour to arrange fixtures every week for all teams, with the occasional weekend tournament or fixture. The fixtures are either home or away with an emphasis on fair play and good sportsmanship. This is certainly seen at the post match tea, which is an integral part of match day and allows the children to make new friends with those from a different school while restoring their energy levels. Over the years, they will meet many times throughout their time at school.

We aim to stretch the more able pupils even further by giving them exposure to regional and national competitions. These include IAPS – hockey, netball & rugby, Devon County matches in hockey, national school’s athletics, southwest rugby 7’s, and regional cross country that is hosted by Blundell’s. In year 6 there is the opportunity to go on a sports tour. This is open to all and an excellent way to show the great ambassadors Blundell’s Prep children are in the sporting arena.

As a sports’ department we also encourage all children to take part in local sports clubs – ISCA hockey, White Eagles, Tiverton Swimming club, Tiverton RFC, Tiverton FC, Heathcoat CC, Tiverton Gymnastic Club, Willow Dance Centre for Performing Arts and other sports clubs in the area.


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