Fees Academic Year 2018/19

(Charged termly in advance)

Year Groups Tuition Lunches
Years 5 – 6 Pupils
(Aged 9 – 11 years)
£4,065 £315
Years 3 – 4 Pupils
(Aged 7 – 9 years)
£3,980 £315
Years 2 Pupils
(Aged 6 – 7 years)
£2,930 £280
Years 1 Pupils
(Aged 5 – 6 years)
£2,820 £280
Reception *
(aged 4 – 5 years)
£2,300 £280
Nursery 1 and 2 – Full time
(Aged 2½ – 3 years)
£1,960 £280
See nursery fees here

* The minimum number of sessions that your child must attend in Reception are five mornings and three afternoons increasing to full-time at the start of the term of their fifth birthday or by the start of the summer term if their birthday falls in the summer holidays. Please note full fees for lunches and tuition are charged in Reception, no reduction is made for a child who is not attending full time.

Sibling discounts of 7% of the basic tuition fee will apply to the elder child of two in full-time education at the Preparatory School/Blundell’s or 10% and 7% respectively for the elder two, should there be three children. Please note that if a pupil is awarded any other concession then this takes priority and any potential sibling discount ceases or does not apply. For the avoidance of doubt, sibling discount does not apply to pupils on the local fee tariff which applies in years 9 to 13 at the Senior School.

All fees are payable on or before the first day of the term for which they are due. A surcharge of 2% per month will be made on overdue accounts.

Concessions may be withdrawn for the term if payment is not received on or before the first day of term.

Please contact the School for the registration procedure.

After School Clubs

(Subject to availability and age. Charged termly in arrears.)

Clubs (Subject to availability and age)

(Charged termly in arrears)

Club Fee
Art £66
Aqua Tots (Nursery) £4.50 per session
Ballet £68
Dance £55
Fencing £68
Golf £66
Grow and Bake £60
Gym £19
Judo £68*
Swimming £70
Woodwork £74
Yoga £62

* Plus annual membership and insurance.

Individual Music, Speech and Drama Tuition

(Charged termly in arrears)

Individual Music (Prep): £20.00 per lesson
Individual Music (Pre-Prep): £16.40 per lesson
Musical Instrument Hire (Subject to availability): £24.00 per term
Speech and Drama: £20.00 per lesson

A term’s notice in writing must be given before giving up any club, music tuition or speech and drama tuition, or a term’s fees paid in lieu of such notice.

Individual Learning Support

(Charged termly in arrears)

  • Hourly lesson: £32.00 per lesson