The Head Master with pupils

Head Master Mr Andy Southgate, BA Ed (Hons)

I believe that we are a family school which embraces the traditional values of family life along with a strong academic ethos. From the moment you walk into the school you will find a tangible sense of community and a passionate approach towards the development of every individual. We know each and every child in our care and this forms the basis for the vibrant style of education that we offer.

Whilst academic pursuits are a vital part of each child’s school life we recognise that growing up is much more than just time spent in the classroom. At Blundell’s Prep the message to the children is clear. We want you to try everything, to find what you enjoy, what challenges you, what inspires you. You will find it in the classroom, in the drama studio and on the games field. You will find it in Music, in Art and in the wonderful friendships that you will make. We want every child to feel that they belong here and the school’s motto ‘Non Sibi’ encourages values of courtesy, empathy and selflessness which combine to create a very special atmosphere.

From Rising 3, your children will discover the joy of exploration within a superbly equipped Nursery. As they move through the school they become more independent and venture out into the beautiful grounds set amongst idyllic Devon countryside. With dedicated staff and high quality resources available to support your child they will grow and develop into young people with a thirst for learning and the confidence to face the challenges of the next stage of their education.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the latest copy of ‘Review’ from the home page then I would encourage you to do so as it encapsulates this sense of excitement and opportunity. I would be delighted to take you on a tour so that you can experience first-hand the many qualities of this remarkable school. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Andy Southgate