Transport Minibus Service

Blundell’s School runs a minibus service to and from school on a daily basis as per the schedule below.

Each minibus is capable of carrying 14-16 passengers.

If you would like to use this facility, please fill in the application form and return it to me by August 1st 2018. We are asking you to supply your telephone numbers so we are able to contact you in an emergency or if the minibus is late.

There have been a few changes since last year, so please check the schedule showing the routes and indicate on your application form which route you would like to use.

We ask you to be aware of the following rules if your child travels on a minibus:

  1. All passengers are to wear seat belts at all times when in the minibus. Failure to do so may result in your in being denied the use of the service.
  2. Parents/Guardians must be at the pick-up/drop-off points on time as drivers have a schedule and may be unable to wait.
  3. Damage to the vehicle or the leaving of litter may result in your child being denied the use of the service.

Payment for minibuses will be raised by the bursary at the end of each term, all trips booked and any extra trips will be charged for.  Minibuses will only go to pick up and drop off locations if there is a scheduled pick up or drop off.

All timings could be affected by weather or traffic conditions; therefore delays may occur but will be kept to a minimum. The drivers will do their utmost to maintain the schedule but if delayed your patience and understanding will be greatly appreciated.

Mr D. Driver, Transport Manager

Minibus Routes, Charges and Timings 2018-19

Routes/Charges Departure/Collection Point Morning Evening
£7.85 per trip each way
Heathfield (ATS Depot)
- Newton Abbot pick up
7.25am 6.30pm
Chudleigh/Exeter Racecourse
£7.30 per trip each way
Chudleigh Slip Road 7.30am 6.35pm
Exeter Racecourse 7.40am 6.15pm
£7.30 per trip each way
Dart’s Farm 7.30am 6.25pm
£6.25 per trip each way
Cullompton 8.00am 5.55pm
£7.30 per trip each way
Tesco Car Park 7.30am 6.30pm
South Molton (Mole Valley Farmers) 7.40am 6.15pm
Moortown Cross (Picnic/Service Station) 7.55am 6.00pm
Exeter Valley
£6.25 per trip each way
St David’s Station 7.50am 6.15pm
Stoke Canon 8.00am 6.05pm
Ruffwell Inn 8.05am 6.00pm
£6.90 per trip each way
Galmington Trading Estate/Topps Tiles 7.30am 6.30pm
£6.25 per trip each way
Travelodge/Skylark Car Park 7.40am 6.20pm
Whiteball Garage 7.50am 6.10pm
£6.25 per trip each way
Somerfield Car Park 7.45am 6.30pm
Devonshire Dumpling Car Park 7.30am 6.45pm
£7.85 per trip each way
Sidford Car Park 7.15am 6.45pm
Hare & Hounds Sidford 7.25am 6.35pm
£7.30 per trip each way
Heathpark Service Station/LIDL Car Park 7.35am 6.30pm
Daisy Mount 7.45am 6.20pm
£6.25 per trip each way
Exmoor House Car Park 7.45am 6.15pm
Bampton Main Street 8.00am 6.05pm

Parents please note that minibuses do NOT run:

  • on the last day of half term or the end of term,
  • the start of exeat Weekends,
  • on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.