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Pre-Prep English

Language is an intrinsic part of teaching in all subjects in the Pre-Prep. Throughout the school day children are encouraged to use and develop their language skills through play, discussion and conversation. The language curriculum in the Pre-Prep is based on the National Literacy Strategy and the New Primary Framework, and at Key Stage One, one hour each morning is devoted to the teaching of language. During these lessons the areas of reading, phonics, spelling, grammar, punctuation, creative writing and handwriting are taught. The Read, Write Inc. scheme and other quality texts are used for these lessons and through these, the children explore a breadth of literature and are introduced to simple grammar and punctuation.

We strive to develop a love of reading in all our children. Reading is taught using the Read, Write Inc. scheme supported by a variety of other quality modern schemes and with guidance, when ready, children also choose books from their own level in the class or library, to read at home. A sound knowledge and understanding of phonics is vital in the learning of both reading and writing and the children are helped to build their phonic knowledge throughout the different year groups. During Years' One and Two children widen their knowledge of spelling and take home words to learn each week.

From a young age the children are encouraged to create their own stories and poems and to begin to use language and vocabulary confidently and to write independently. Handwriting is also taught and the Nelson scheme is followed throughout the Department. Children are assisted in forming a joined, cursive style by the time they leave Year two.

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