Exmouth beach

Pre-Prep Geography

At Key Stage One pupils are taught geography through a variety of topics with cross curricular links. Pupils are given opportunities to: -

  • Develop their awareness and the interest in their environment
  • Begin to observe accurately and develop simple enquiry skills
  • Look at and discuss ways in which land is used and the purpose of different buildings
  • Investigate changes in the local area
  • Link human activities to places within the local area
  • Understand how people‚Äôs lives are affected by the local environment
  • Understanding the changing seasons and how the climate affects the growth of plants, the lives of animals and human behaviour
  • Have some understanding of how individuals, in different ways, contribute to the life of the local community
  • Begin to have an awareness of other people outside of their own environment
  • Begin to develop an awareness of cultural and ethnic diversity within our society, while recognising some of the similarities of activities, interests and aspirations of different peoples
  • Broaden their vocabulary, develop language, mathematical concepts and number skills within the context of geography
  • Communicate their knowledge in a variety of forms to include writing, drawings, simple diagrams and maps

Enquiry skills in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One are promoted through direct experience, practical activities and fieldwork in the locality.

Exmouth and Budleigh tripExmouth and Budleigh tripExmouth and Budleigh trip