Music - cellos

Pre-Prep Music

At the Early Years Foundation Stage music is included in the area of learning called Expressive Arts and Design. Children are given opportunities to experience live and recorded music and learn how musical instruments produce different sounds. The children learn simple songs and build up a repertoire of their favourites. They have the opportunity to move and dance to music. They are introduced to the language of music and start to recognise changes in pitch, tempo etc. They learn to tap simple rhythms and make up their own. They use percussion instruments to accompany singing and create their own music.

At Key Stage One the children build on what they have learned in the previous years. They have the opportunity to listen to a wider range of music from different times and cultures. They learn to use their voices expressively by singing songs and speaking chants. They develop their skills on the percussion instruments and learn to create musical patterns and explore and organise musical ideas. Their aural memory is developed and they learn about how pitch, dynamics, tempo etc. are used. From Nursery to Year One music is taught by class teachers. In Year Two a specialist music teacher teaches the subject.

In addition to class music lessons there are plenty of opportunities for children to develop their skills and interest in music. Each year group performs an entertainment or musical play twice a year. As well as being great fun this is invaluable in developing the children's self-confidence and ability to perform in front of an audience. Music plays a major part in our daily assemblies and we like to invite groups such as Weapons of Sound and Musicgarten in to school to organise workshops.

See also the Pre-Prep Clubs and Music booklet.