Pre-Prep PSHEE

In the Pre-Prep PHSE helps to develop confidence and a sense of responsibility, enabling children to make the most of their abilities. The PHSE curriculum aims to assist children in preparing to play an active role as citizens and to develop a safe and healthy lifestyle. It enables children to develop positive relationships with others and to respect and value the differences between people.

The pastoral care of each child is the responsibility of the Class teacher in the Pre-Prep. Many classes have their own set of’ Golden Rules’ which apply inside the classroom and there are also rules which apply to the playground. The Golden Book is used to record kind or helpful behaviour and this is celebrated during our Friday Assembly. Children can also earn Gold Cards on the playground for helpful and kind behaviour and these are brought to the Head of Pre-Prep who rewards them with a special sticker.

Every child in the Pre-Prep will be encouraged to explore age appropriate topics on feelings, friendships, relationships, behaviour, school, home, responsibilities and promoting healthy lifestyles. The older children also participate in sessions relating to simple philosophy whereby their thinking skills are developed and they are given opportunities to explore opinions and values as well as develop emotional intelligence.