Pre-Prep Clubs

After School Club

Free after school care runs from 3.45pm until 5.40pm daily, term time only. Children can be booked into this club for the whole term or they can attend on a daily basis as required. A light tea consisting of sandwiches, fresh and dried fruit, yoghurt and drinks is served. Following tea a range of activities is offered with the children being taken outside to play whenever possible.


This creative club is run by a local artist and children’s illustrator who uses her own talent to enthuse children to produce art which is both inspirational and imaginative. An extensive array of mediums is used and the children return home with some very original and creative pieces of art.


Children learn the fine art of Ballet with our fully qualified and greatly experienced teacher. The children study the rudiments of this art and parents are invited to come and watch their child’s progress during the year.


This club allows children the opportunity to play an instrument from the Brass family. It is surprising how much ‘puff’ such young children can make and it is not long before sounds and then music come forth from the instrument. Early note recognition is also embraced.

Busy Bees

Each Busy Bees session starts with the children sing the ‘Busy Bee’ song. Each week is planned and throughout a term activities such as parachute games, art and craft fun, Show Time and model making are included. There has been lots of talent at these ‘Show Times’ from children performing with electric guitars and violins, to dancing and singing as well as various demonstrations of sporting skills.


The cello looks like the violin but is much larger and makes a wide variety of tones, from warm low pitches to bright higher tones. The children will learn that you play a ½-size cello in a similar manner to the violin but that it is placed on the floor rather than held. Under the guidance of our cello teacher it will not be long before the children are playing simple tunes.

Games (Rugby/Football/Cricket)

This club takes a specific sport each term and concentrates on team work, skills and the rules. Perhaps the most important part of the club though is the emphasis on fun and the sense of joy in playing. Ruby is the featured sport in the Autumn Term, Football in the Spring and Cricket in the Summer.

Games (Hockey/Netball/Rounders)

This club takes a specific sport each term and concentrates on team work, skills and the rules. Perhaps the most important part of the club though is the emphasis on fun and the sense of joy in playing. Hockey is the featured sport in the Autumn Term, Netball in the Spring and Rounders in the Summer.


The children have expert instruction by a 4th Dan. They take part in gradings each term which allows the children to progress through the different levels of Judo. They also are invited to take part in the UBA championships each year. Judo takes place in the Prep School Hall and parents are welcome to collect their child from the hall at 4.30 pm.

Multi Sports

This club emphasizes team spirit, healthy competitive attitudes and team skills. A wide variety of sport is played during this club.


Otters Club encompasses activities ranging from latest dance crazes to fun races. The children also take part in the arts and crafts producing some wonderful results.


The recorder is a woodwind musical instrument of the family which includes the tin whistle. Recorder club will be taught by our flute teacher and under her gentle guidance the children will soon be mastering this medieval instrument. Children will need to purchase a descant recorder and the recommended book.

Sibling Club

This is a supervised club, for children with older siblings in the Prep School, which operates from 3.45pm until 4.30pm. Children can participate in a range of activities. There is no charge for this facility.


Bows to the ready, fingers primed for plucking, our young violinists are equipped to make music. Under expert tutelage the children learn finger position, the correct hold and note reading.


This popular Club is taught by an expert Yoga Teacher. Children derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves.