Pre-Prep News 2009/10

Summer Term 2010

Year 1 Trip to Torquay

Babbacombe Model VillageKent's CavernThe children in Year One had a very exciting day in Torquay. They visited Babbacombe Model Village and Kent's Cavern. They enjoyed looking at the model houses and finding the Letterland characters. They managed to find Wally too. They were fascinated by the fire-blowing dragon and the knights in the castle. After a delicious packed lunch, they then had a tour of the caves at Kent's Cavern. Terry, the guide, talked to them about life in the cave and they thoroughly enjoyed finding out about the different animals that lived in Torquay thousands of years ago. The sun appeared at the end of the day and the children sat in the gardens to eat their ice lollies. It was a great day out.

Year 1 Play, The Gingerbread Man

Year One Play, The Gingerbread ManYear One Play, The Gingerbread ManThe last play of the term was performed by Year One. It was a retelling of the story of "The Gingerbread Man." The children spoke their words with enthusiasm and energy. They sang songs and danced. There were one or two solos too. Luckily, there was a happy ending with the Gingerbread Man escaping being eaten by the farmer and his wife, Auntie Nan, many children, a dog, a cat, a cow and a horse. The play was superb and all the children's friends and relatives enjoyed watching it.

Pre-Prep Sports Day

Pre-Prep Sports DayPre-Prep Sports DayThe sun was shining for this year's Pre-Prep Sports Day. The children had a wonderful time sprinting to the finish line. There were novelty races such as a sack race, egg and spoon, dress the scarecrow and a water race. The older children showed their sporting prowess in the skills races with skipping, hockey stick and ball control and football dribbling. There was great cheering from relatives and friends who were enjoying cream teas in the sun. Many children received certificates presented by Mrs. Cross. There was great competitive spirit in the Fathers' walking race and the Mothers' egg and spoon race.

Nursery 2 Play

Nursery Two PlayNursery Two PlayNursery Two children provided us with great entertainment this week with their summer play which was called "Bella, Bella, Cinderella." Many of the children were dressed in beautiful ball dresses and smart suits. There was a special carriage to carry Cinderella to the Ball. The step mother and step sisters were particularly bossy! The children sang some super songs and looked as though they were thoroughly enjoying themselves on stage. They had learned their words well and spoke out with confidence.

West Exe Trip for Nursery 1

West Exe Trip for Nursery 1West Exe Trip for Nursery 1Nursery One went to visit St. Paul's Church, West Exe and then went on to feed the ducks, paddle in the pool, play on the play equipment and have a picnic in the band stand at West Exe Recreation Ground. This linked in with looking at places in our town.

Farm Shop Trip for Nursery 1

Farm Shop Trip for Nursery 1Farm Shop Trip for Nursery 1Nursery One went to visit Halberton Court Farm Shop to purchase ingredients to make their own lunch. These included sausages, bread, cheese, carrots, tomatoes, ice cream and strawberries- picked by ourselves!

Nursery 1 Play

Nursery One PlayNursery One PlayThe very youngest children in the Pre-Prep from Nursery One gave a wonderful performance of the story "The Magician and the Princess" to their friends and relatives. The exciting story involved a magician capturing a princess; the rest of the class played the parts of different characters who tried to rescue the princess. There were fairies, firemen, mice and policemen offering various bribes to the magician to release the princess but he kept saying, "no, no, no ,no, no" quite emphatically. Finally, two children realise that what they need to say is "please" which they do and the princess is released to the relief of everyone involved. They were very proud of their costumes and full of enthusiasm for the songs.

Kindergarten Summer Play

Kindergarten Summer PlayThe children in the Kindergarten performed a wonderful summer play this week for their friends and relatives. It was called "The Litter Muncher" and told the story of the people in Lazy Daisy Town who left their rubbish lying around. They sang out beautifully and all spoke their words loudly and clearly. They really looked as though they were enjoying themselves on stage.

Ballet Show

Ballet ShowBallet ShowYoung ballet stars of all ages captivated a large audience this week with their various dances in the annual ballet show. There were children from the youngest class in the school to the most senior class. They danced with confidence and seemed to be enjoying every minute of their performances. They demonstrated the skills they have been working on in their weekly ballet classes and looked very smart in their matching outfits.

Year 1 Visit Blundell's Chapel

Year One Visit Blundell's ChapelYear One Visit Blundell's ChapelYear One spent an interesting morning visiting Blundell's Chapel. Mr. Hunt, the school Chaplain, talked about the history of the Chapel and about its different features. As part of the R.E. curriculum, the children have been learning about what happens in churches and it was useful to hear about how the school Chapel is used every day by the Blundell's senior pupils. They were very interested in what Mr. Hunt had to say and asked some pertinent questions at the end of his talk.

Tiverton Museum Trip for Year 1

Tiverton Museum Trip for Year 1Tiverton Museum Trip for Year 1The children in Year One had an interesting time at the Tiverton Museum where they spent a day finding out about life in the Victorian times. They experienced what it would have been like in a Victorian school. There were some very strict rules and the children were quite relieved that schooling has changed since then! They had fun helping with a Victorian washday. They enjoyed using the mangle and grating the soap. They also learnt how to use the Dolly peg for turning the laundry. After the guided workshops, they had the opportunity to look at the artefacts around the museum. They loved seeing the Tivvy Bumper steam engine. There was also a great deal of interest in the man and animal traps that were on display in the poaching section! It was a full day and gave the children a great insight into what life was like for children one hundred and fifty years ago.

Spring Term 2010

Year 2 Poets

Year 2 PoetsThese children in Year Two all succeeded in winning a writing competition and will have their winning riddles published in a special poetry book. Well done to them all.

Theatre Trip for Year 1

Theatre Trip for Year 1The children in Year One had a wonderful day out this week. They went to Torquay to watch a production of George's Marvellous Medicine at the Princess Theatre. They enjoyed watching Grandma shooting through the roof as she grew taller and taller; they also enjoyed seeing the different farm animals either growing or shrinking depending on which medicine they had been given. They consumed a delicious picnic at the Theatre before heading home on the coach. It was a most memorable trip.

Year 2 Mozart play

Year 2 Mozart playYear 2 Mozart playThe Year Two children performed a delightful play this week about the story of the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. They dressed up in period costume and coped amazingly well with the challenging songs and words.

Science Week

Science Week - the best flying kites

Science Week - the best decorated kites
Science Week - Radioactive Rose from Mad Science

Science Week - Radioactive Rose demonstrates a hovercraft with the aid of a volunteer!

Science Week in the Pre-Prep started with a bang when Mr Guy, a chemistry teacher at the senior school, visited our assembly. He demonstrated a variety of exciting experiments involving coloured flames, foaming liquids and some very loud noises!

This year’s competition was to make a kite at home which could be entered into the category of best decorated or best flying kite. The children made a fantastic variety of kites and we had over a hundred on display around the Pre-Prep. Luckily we had sunny weather and wind on the day of the kite flying final.

Form Two had the opportunity to become teachers for a lesson in which they helped the children in Nursery Two to make paper helicopters.

The week ended with a wonderful science show put on by Mad Science. Radioactive Rose showed the children a selection of experiments involving dry ice, air pressure and friction. She also demonstrated how a hovercraft works and a volunteer had the opportunity to ride on it. The children sat enthralled for nearly an hour and loved every minute of it.

World Maths Day

World Maths DayWorld Maths DayWednesday 3rd March was World Maths Day. In the Pre-Prep we recognised this day and linked this with Science Week, the theme being air. The children in Kindergarten, Form One and Form Two were set a challenge to see how many bubbles they could blow in one minute, using a bubble solution. Heats were held in form groups with a grand final taking place on the 3rd March. There were prizes for the children in each year group that could blow the most bubbles! The children in Nursery One guessed how many bubbles Mrs McDowell could blow in one go. In Nursery Two the children guessed how many bubbles their teachers could blow before they counted to twenty. Well done to all the winners and everyone for taking part in these activities and a lot of fun was had by us all.

Fiddle Frolics

Fiddle FrolicsThe pre-prep children who learn the violin showed some of their friends and teachers what they have been learning at the "Fiddle Frolics" this term.

Showtime at Busy Bees

Showtime at Busy BeesShowtime at Busy BeesThere was great excitement at this week's Busy Bees Club as it was Showtime. We were entertained by such a variety of things. Some children were proud to show models they had made. Some brought in holiday photographs to share. There were dancers, joke tellers, a saxophonist and even Batman paid us a visit!

Poetry Competition

Poetry CompetitionWell done to these Year Two children who recently won a poetry competition. They had had to write an acrostic poem describing themselves and based on the letters of their names. They all received a certificate and their poems will be published in a special book of children's poems.

Violin Performance

Violin PerformanceOne of the Pre-Prep pupils entertained her friends and teachers in assembly with a delightful performance on her violin. She had recently passed her Grade One violin examination and played the piece "Pony Ride" beautifully.

Year 1 Learn About the Great Fire of London

Year One Learn About the Great Fire of London

Year One Learn About the Great Fire of London
Year One Learn About the Great Fire of London

Year One Learn About the Great Fire of London

Year One went to St. Nicholas's Priory to find out about the Great Fire of London. They were involved in different workshops that helped them to understand more about living conditions, food and clothing during that period in history. They learned about the diarist Samuel Pepys and his role in the Great Fire. At the end of the day, they then performed in a dramatic representation of the Great Fire. It was a very worthwhile trip.

Really Wild Show Visits the Kindergarten

Really Wild Show Visits the KindergartenReally Wild Show Visits the KindergartenKindergarten visit from Neil from the Really Wild Show was excellent. We met Giant African land snails called Bethany and Brian – sadly their parents had died from Swine flu! Have you ever stroked a skeleton? We have: the snail’s shell is their skeleton and some of us were brave enough to be slimed by the snails, having them on our hands! We then met Stumpy the bird-eating spider who normally lives in a burrow. Stumpy has this name because he only has 71/2 legs – one was caught in a door! Finally we met a Blue-tongued skink called Norris who really liked being perched on Elizabeth’s head!

Snow Fun

Snow FunSnow FunThe children were very excited about playtime in the snow on the first day back after the Christmas holiday.

Autumn Term 2009

Pre-prep Christmas Party

Pre-prep Christmas PartyPre-prep Christmas PartyThe term ended with great excitement at the Pre-prep Christmas party. The children enjoyed dancing and playing games. There was delicious party food to eat and a special visit from Father Christmas.

Year 1 Trip to Killerton House

Year 1 Trip to Killerton HouseYear One had a wonderful afternoon at Killerton House where they learned about how Christmas was celebrated during the Victorian times. To add to the occasion, the children dressed up as Victorian children. The house was beautifully decorated with Christmas trees, holly, ivy and ribbons. The fires were burning and the whole house was feeling very festive. The children learned about the toys that children would have played with, the food they would have eaten and the games they would have played. It was a very worthwhile trip and a super way to start the Christmas festivities.

Nursery Christmas Play: The Whoopsadaisy Angel

Nursery Christmas Play: The Whoopsadaisy AngelNursery Christmas Play: The Whoopsadaisy AngelThe last Christmas play of the term was performed by the youngest children in the Pre-prep, the three Nursery classes. They told the story of "The Whoopsadaisy Angel". The poor Whoopsadaisy Angel kept being left out because she was no good at anything; she kept falling over and her halo was always lopsided. No one would give her an important job to do. She felt very sorry for herself until, one day, she was given the important job of leading the shepherds and the wise men to the stable to visit the special baby, Jesus. It was a delightful play with super songs; the children coped extremely well with their first experience of performing to a crowded hall packed with their parents and relatives.

Kindergarten Christmas Play: Fishing for Stars

Kindergarten Christmas Play: Fishing for StarsKindergarten Christmas Play: Fishing for StarsThe Kindergarten children charmed their audience with their Christmas Play which was called "Fishing for Stars". The story involved a little boy fishing for the largest star he could find. The shepherds and the Wise Men see the star and also chase after it and it leads them to the stable where they find Mary and Joseph. It was a tremendous production for such young children.

Year 1 Nativity: The Bossy Christmas Fairy

Year 1 Nativity: The Bossy Christmas FairyYear 1 Nativity: The Bossy Christmas FairyThis year's Year One Nativity play was full of colour and sparkle. The play was called "The Bossy Christmas Fairy" which involved a very bossy fairy organising all the decorations on her Christmas tree. A few of the decorations were rather old and tatty and were rejected by her; she even wanted to reject the Nativity figures underneath the tree. By the end of the play, she learns what is really important about Christmas. There was some wonderful singing and dancing and the play provided great entertainment for all the mums, dads and relatives who came to watch.

Year 2 Nativity: Born in a Barn

Year 2 Nativity: Born in a BarnYear 2 Nativity: Born in a BarnThe Year Two children heralded in the Christmas season of Nativity plays with their production of "Born in a Barn." It was a delightful retelling of the story of Jesus’ birth from the point of view of the animals. There were mice, camels, sheep, pigs, cows, a donkey, a dog and a cat and a very fine cockerel. All the children had words to say; some children sang solos and there were groups of singers too. It was a wonderful entertainment.

Midlands Theatre Company Visits

Midlands Theatre Company VisitsMidlands Theatre Company VisitsMidlands Theatre Company VisitsThere was a great deal of fun and laughter in the preprep when the Midlands Theatre Company came for their annual visit this week. The younger members of the school listened to the unravelling of the story of "Wicked William" with bated breath. Some of them had the opportunity to join in and help the actors and actresses on stage.
The performance was full of energy and excitement and just what we needed on a wet Friday afternoon.

Nurse Visits the Pre-Prep

Nurse Visits the Pre-PrepMrs. Gray came to talk to Nursery 2 today about her role as a nurse. She told them how important it is for them to eat fruit and vegetables to keep healthy. She also reminded them about washing their hands to keep them clean and about using a handkerchief when they cough or sneeze.
She bandaged up Peyton's arm and Rosie's leg as she might do in a doctor's or hospital surgery but the best bit was when she let us use her stethoscope to listen to our hearts.
I think that we all enjoyed her visit and I am sure that we will try to follow her advice to keep healthy.

Musical Assembly

Musical AssemblySenior pupils joined the preprep for a special musical assembly this week. The children learnt about different brass instruments and how to play them.

Painting in the Pre-Prep

Painting in the Pre-PrepColour mixing in the Pre-Prep using powder paints. The children are encouraged to make their own colours by mixing the powder paint to make Autumn colours to then paint their own leaves.

Eggs hatch in the Pre-Prep

Eggs hatch in the Pre-PrepEggs hatch in the Pre-PrepThere has been great excitement in the Pre-Prep due to the arrival of six eggs that were about to hatch. To the relief of Mrs. Connolly, they all hatched successfully. The chicks have been very patient whilst being visited several times by all of the children although they looked quite tired by Friday afternoon! Year Two has been thinking about "Change" as part of its' science curriculum and have been observing the changes that have taken place in the chicks.

Form 1P Poems

Form 1P PoemsThe children in Form 1P celebrated National Poetry Day this week by reading out poems they had written about autumn and the senses during their assembly.

Cycle Sunday

Cycle SundayTwo children were presented with tee shirt prizes for cycling the most laps around the school car park at last week's "Cycle Sunday." It was a sponsored event in aid of the "Head South" Appeal. It was a lovely sunny day and many children enjoyed taking part.

Book Week

Book WeekBook WeekThe annual Book Week has arrived again. This year's theme is animal stories, poems and rhymes. The children in Year Two gave the PrePrep a special assembly about their favourite animal stories and poems. The younger children had the opportunity to visit the local library to find out about what services it provides and to look at the books.

- Book Week: Book Quiz

Book QuizBook QuizThere was great excitement and tension in this year's Book Quiz as the three teams battled their way to victory by answering some quite challenging questions about books, authors and poets. After a fierce competition, the red team won by only a few points.

- Book Week: Shoo Rayner Visits

Shoo Rayner VisitsShoo Rayner VisitsDuring the week, the author and illustrator, Shoo Rayner, visited and talked to all the children about his work. He read some of his stories and showed how he illustrated his books. He brought his sketch book which showed some examples of the different characters he has written about. His talents extended to story telling; the children were spellbound as they learned the truth about how the whale got his throat. He also gave them some ideas about how to draw funny illustrations.

- Book Week: Animal Stories

Animal StoriesDuring Book Week each child had the opportunity to write an animal story which was on display in the hall. We were very fortunate to be visited by the author, Shoo Rayner, who read them all and judged the winning stories. It was a tough decision and he was impressed by all the children's efforts but managed to select a winner in each class. This photo shows the winning children who received books as prizes for their achievements.

- Book Week: Animal Characters

Animal CharactersAnimal CharactersOn the last day of Book Week, everyone, even the teachers, came to school dressed as an animal book character. There were some amazing creations and the parents and children had put much effort into their costumes.

- Book Week: Book at Bedtime

Book at BedtimeBook at BedtimeThe week ended with "Book at Bedtime" on the Friday night. The children returned to school in their pyjamas clutching their sleeping bags, pillows and cuddlies. They snuggled up while the teachers read them some of their favourite bedtime stories in the candlelight. They then enjoyed a warm mug of hot chocolate with a homemade cookie.

Harvest Assembly

Harvest AssemblyHarvest AssemblyMr. Folland, with the help of the Year Two children, led the Pre Prep Harvest assembly this week. It was well supported by parents and the children enjoyed taking part. Many children donated gifts of food; at the end of the week, these gifts will be taken to St. Petrocs in Exeter to be shared out amongst the homeless. I am sure it will be very gratefully received.

Year 1 Teddy Bears

Year 1 Teddy BearsIn Year One the children are finding out about old Teddy Bears in history. They have created a timeline of the bears that they brought in to show the oldest and the newest bears. The oldest bear was seventy years old!

Year 2 Trip to Budleigh Salterton and Exmouth

Year 2 Trip to Budleigh Salterton and ExmouthYear 2 Trip to Budleigh Salterton and Exmouth - lunch-time!Form 2C and Form 2K had a super trip to Budleigh Salterton and Exmouth on Thursday 17th September 2009. The sun shone and the children learnt many interesting things about both the seaside towns, as part of their work on seasides for their geography, history and science lessons. We all had lots of fun too.