Pre-Prep News 2011/12

Summer Term 2012

Pre-Prep End of Year Presentations 2012

Pre-Prep End of Year Presentations 2012Pre-Prep End of Year Presentations 2012The academic year ended with our wonderful, celebratory assembly. It was lovely to see so many certificates of achievement being awarded. Four children were presented with Ballet medals in recognition of their hard work and commitment to ballet and we were thrilled that, this year, a Pre-Prep pupil was awarded the Judo Cup. The assembly ended with a very loud three cheers to all the teachers. It was a great way to end the year!

Babbacombe Model Village and Kent's Cavern Trip for Year One

Babbacombe Model Village and Kent's Cavern Trip for Year OneBabbacombe Model Village and Kent's Cavern Trip for Year OneYear One ended the year with its annual trip to Babbacombe Model Village and Kent's Cavern. Despite the drizzle in the morning, the children had a lovely time walking around the Model Village looking at the different scenes and spotting the Where's Wally characters. Luckily, at the caves, the staff had reserved part of the Dining Room for us so that we didn't have to eat our picnic outside in the rain. Once in the caves, the weather ceased to be important and the children had a lovely time hearing about the wild animals and cave men and women that used to inhabit them. They enjoyed finding out about how the stalagmites and stalactites were formed. After the tour, we found that the sunshine had come out and we were able to sit in the garden and enjoy an ice cream. It was a great day out and lots of fun.

Summer Music Concert in the Marquee

Summer Music Concert in the MarqueeSummer Music Concert in the MarqueeIt was wonderful to see the Pre-Prep children taking part in this year's Summer Music Concert in the Marquee. The children in Year Two sang a beautiful song about the Olympics called "Going For Gold". Some Year Two children joined in with the Prep School brass group playing their brass instruments and the Year One and Two violinists joined in with the older children in the string group. It was a great achievement to play in front of a packed marquee at such a young age and everyone enjoyed their playing.

Sports Day

Sports DaySports DayDue to a very inclement day, the Pre-Prep Sports Day had to be held in the Sports Hall this year. It did not deter the parents, grandparents or friends; there was a wonderfully supportive audience to cheer the children on in their races. We had some topical races with "Pass the Olympic Torch" and "Dress the Jubilee Queen". For the first time for many years, the Nursery children took part as well and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Every child took part with enthusiasm and each was rewarded at the end of the races with a chocolate medallion. There was great competition amongst the dads to see who would win the Walking Race and the mums were good sports too taking part in the Egg and Spoon Race. The whole afternoon went off very smoothly and was a great start to the weekend.

Year One Summer Play: Stone Soup

Year One Summer Play: Stone SoupYear One Summer Play: Stone SoupThe Year One children thoroughly enjoyed performing their summer play which was called "Stone Soup". They sang some super songs that told the story of the six hungry soldiers who tricked some villagers into sharing their food with them by making some stone soup. The soup starts off as a soup made from stones and slowly the soldiers persuade the villagers to add their carrots, onions, bones, salt and pepper and barley. Once the soup is made, it is so delicious that they all have a party together to celebrate. The children spoke their words confidently and provided their friends and families with some great entertainment.

Nursery One Visit Tiverton Library

Nursery One Visit Tiverton Library Nursery One enjoyed a storytime and choosing books to bring back to school. They travelled on the minibus, always a highlight of any visit out!

New Play Equipment in Nursery One Playground

New Play Equipment in Nursery One PlaygroundNew Play Equipment in Nursery One PlaygroundThe promised play equipment has arrived and is more wonderful than anyone had imagined! Made from oak branches, entertwined, it appeals to all ages in the Pre-Prep; giving oportunity for imagination and physical challenges. It has been funded by The Friends of Blundell's and by money raised from our Toddler Group which meets each Wednesday afternoon.

Nursery One Visit the Halberton Court Farm Shop

Nursery One Visit the Halberton Court Farm ShopNursery One Visit the Halberton Court Farm ShopNursery One have been out and about, visiting various places of interest in our locality. They travelled on the minibus to Halberton Court Farm Shop to pick strawberries and to purchase ingredients to make their lunch. Children, staff and parents all enjoyed the visit!

Bronze Book Awards

Bronze Book AwardsMany congratulations to the first group of children in the Pre-prep who have just achieved their Bronze Holiday Reading Challenge Award. During this academic year, they have managed to read ten books and to complete ten super book reviews during the school holidays. They were very proud to receive their bronze badges which they will be able to wear on their blazers.

Kindergarten Visit the World of Country Life

Kindergarten Visit the World of Country LifeKindergarten Visit the World of Country LifeKindergarten had fun recently at the World of Country Life.

Kindergarten Summer Play, The Little Red Hen

Kindergarten Summer Play, The Little Red Hen

Kindergarten Summer Play, The Little Red Hen
Kindergarten Summer Play, The Little Red Hen

Kindergarten Summer Play, The Little Red Hen

This year's Kindergarten Summer Play was called "The Little Red Hen". It told the charming story of a Little Red Hen who wanted to make a loaf of bread. She asked her friends to help her but they were reluctant to help. Luckily, her many chicks offered to help and then enjoyed eating the bread afterwards. The moral of the story was the importance of sharing and thinking of others. The children thoroughly enjoyed performing in front of their friends, parents and teachers. They spoke their lines confidently and sang their songs with enthusiasm. There was some solo singing too which was super. Well done to the children for such a wonderful performance!

Diamond Jubilee Celebration

Diamond Jubilee CelebrationDiamond Jubilee CelebrationThere was great excitement in the Pre-Prep this week due to a special celebration day for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The children came to school dressed in patriotic colours; there were children wearing Union Jack flags, Union Jack wigs, Union Jack tee shirts even Union Jack leggings. We joined the Prep school for a street party and enjoyed a fantastic lunch provided by the kitchen staff. The ice cream was a particular favourite as the sun was shining and it was very hot. After the lunch, we all stood up to sing the National Anthem; this was followed by a presentation by the Kitchen Staff of a wonderful celebration cake. Everyone had a slice of cake and it was a wonderful way to end the day.

Nursery Play, The Three Cornered Hat

Nursery Play, The Three Cornered HatNursery Play, The Three Cornered HatThe Nursery classes performed their summer play with great enthusiasm. It was a lovely story called "The Three Cornered Hat." The villagers from Greenfield, Redbridge and Yellowstone were starving because they wouldn't share. One village had seeds, one had water and the other had tools but they were all too selfish to share, making it impossible to grow anything. Luckily, a three cornered hat visits the villages and helps them to learn that they must work together. Despite being so young, the children all had words to say and songs to sing. Many of the songs were accompanied by actions and it was a delight to watch. Well done to the Nursery for such super entertainment!

Maths Day in Pre-Prep

Tuesday 8th May was Maths Day in the Pre-Prep. The theme this year was maths board games and many children from Nursery One to Year Two designed and made their own game to enter a competition. During the morning Year One and Kindergarten joined together to play a variety of board games and participate in maths activities both inside and outside the classroom. Much fun was had by all and both year groups enjoyed the chance to socialise, as well as play the maths games. Year Two had a fantastic time with Nursery One and Nursery Two. They helped them with a variety of mathematical based tasks including searching for numbers in the sand and playing skittles.

It was a tough challenge for Mrs Nicholls and Miss Harrison to judge the board game competition as the entries were of such a high standard but the winners are as follows: -

Nursery One – Jamie Weeks with a caterpillar game
Nursery Two - joint winners Alicia Perry, with a game involving teeth, and Ophelia Thorpe's game involving counting seeds
Kindergarten – James Saunders with his Hot Wheels Maths Track
Year One – Romulus Hill with his game involving helicopters
Year Two – Phoebe Jerreat with her slide and ladder game.

I would like to thank all the children and staff that entered into the spirit of the morning, Mrs Nicholls and Miss Harrison for agreeing to have the difficult task as our judges and last but not least, for the support of the parents who encouraged and helped the children make their games, which made this event such a success.

Year One Grandparents Day

Year One Grandparents DayYear One Grandparents dayIt was lovely to welcome so many of our grandparents to this year's Grandparent's Day. The day started with a "Celebration Assembly" to give them a taste of what happens in the Pre-Prep during a normal Friday assembly. Certificates were awarded, birthdays celebrated and presentations made. They then had the opportunity to watch a lesson in their grandchildren's classes and to join in with the activities. Most agreed that schools have changed a lot since their day! The children thoroughly enjoyed showing off their classrooms and chatting to their relatives. The morning ended with a cup of coffee and some delicious cakes that were served to our grandparents by the Year Two children. The grandparents seemed to really enjoy visiting the school and certainly some thought it was such fun they would have liked to stay all day!

Chapel Visit for Year One

Chapel Visit for Year OneChapel Visit for Year OneAs part of the Year One R.E. curriculum, the children visited the School Chapel. Mr Hunt, the School Chaplain, gave them a talk about the Chapel and about some of its main features. They were very interested to hear about the cross, the organ, the stained glass windows and the altar. They were quick to notice some of the Bible stories they had listened to in class were represented in the stained glass windows.

Tiverton Museum Trip for Year One

Tiverton Museum Trip for Year One

Tiverton Museum Trip for Year One
Tiverton Museum Trip for Year One

Tiverton Museum Trip for Year One

Children in Year One enjoyed finding out about what life was like for Victorian children when they visited the Tiverton Museum this week. They learned about the toys that they played with and noticed a definite lack of controls, power and screens! They spent a pleasant half an hour playing with such things as a Ball and Cup, a Hoop, a Flick Book, Five Stones and Jacob's Ladder. They then moved onto the Victorian Parlour and Kitchen. They tried out the tin bath tub and were amazed to find out that it had to be filled with water by a jug and shared by all the family! There was not a tap in sight! There was a great deal of laughter at the thought of using a Chamber Pot and a clay hot water bottle. The biggest shock was finding out about the strict Victorian schools. There was a Victorian teacher who inspected their hands for cleanliness and that their hair was tied back and their shoes clean. They were not allowed to talk and had to be seated in separate rows of girls and boys. They loved trying on the Victorian clothes and the boys practised doffing their caps. The teacher was holding a cane which had a very calming effect on the children! Finally, they went outside to find out all about the Victorian Washday. They grated soap into the big wash tub and they moved the washing around the tub using a Dolly Peg; they then put the washing through a mangle. After the arranged activities, the children then enjoyed looking around the museum. The highlight of visiting all the museum artefacts was seeing the Tivvy Bumper and tooting its whistle! It was a super day out which not only broadened the children's historical understanding but was also a lot of fun too.

Spring Term 2012

Tag Rugby Festival

Tag Rugby FestivalTag Rugby FestivalThe Tag Rugby Festival, which involved all the children in Years One and Two, was even better this year because of the wonderful weather that we experienced on the day. Despite the fact that it was held in March, the sun was shining and the temperature warm. The children were so excited about the inter schools event and they were not disappointed. I overheard one boy say "this is the funnest day in my whole life!" The opportunity to play matches against other schools was fantastic. They played in different heats for almost an hour and a half and then enjoyed a delicious picnic tea afterwards. The children would all like to say a big "thank you" to Mr. Swain for organising the very popular event.

Form 2K Visit to Exeter Cathedral

Form 2K Visit to Exeter CathedralForm 2K Visit to Exeter CathedralOn Monday 26th March 2012 Form 2K set off on a lovely sunny morning to visit Exeter Cathedral as part of their Religious Education Curriculum. The children were taken on a tour of the cathedral and they asked many interesting questions, which pleased our guide. The children were also able to do some brass rubbings, using wax crayons, in the cathedral. After eating their picnic lunch, outside in the warm spring sunshine, the children went back into the cathedral to do some sketching of some of the things they had seen. The children were fascinated by the size of the organ pipes and they also enjoyed sketching the many flags they had seen. We all had an enjoyable day and it was hugely beneficial for the children to see some of the things such as the font, stained glass windows and the pulpit, which we have studied in the classroom.

Year Two Play, The Magic Mirror of Health

Year Two Play, The Magic Mirror of HealthYear Two Play, The Magic Mirror of HealthWe thoroughly enjoyed the Year Two play this year. It was a play that had a healthy theme and was called "The Magic Mirror of Health." The children appeared to be having a lovely time on stage telling the humorous story of a rather large King who had his offer of marriage to a beautiful princess turned down because of his unhealthy lifestyle! The plot was further complicated by the fact that the princess was already betrothed to a mean and nasty pie and cake seller who liked selling his pies and cakes to the King! It was a very funny and entertaining story which had the audience in stitches. Fortunately, the King learns the error of his ways and becomes thinner and healthier looking and the pie and cake seller meets an unhappy end leaving the beautiful princess free to marry the King. Everyone had a big surprise at the end when they had to stand up and take part in some healthy exercises to the rhythm of the final song. The children gave us a fantastic performance with their confident singing, dancing and acting.

Science Week

Science Week

Science Week
Science Week

Science Week

The theme for this year's Science Week was 'Our World in Motion.' The week got off to an explosive start with rocket challenge workshops run by Andrew Baines from Hands on Science. The children listened intently as Andrew talked to them about energy and demonstrated various kinds of rockets. They then had the opportunity to make their own rocket and see how far it would travel.

Andrew Mead, a chemistry teacher from the senior school, joined us one day to show the children some exciting, and noisy, chemistry experiments on the theme of transport. The experiment that the children enjoyed the most was when balloons filled with various gases were ignited and then burst with different coloured flames.

Mr. Southgate amazed the children with his experiment involving a hard-boiled egg.

For this year's Science Week competition the children were challenged to design and make a model of a wheeled vehicle for the Queen to use when celebrating her Diamond Jubilee. We had an absolutely fantastic variety of entries from golden horse-drawn carriages to crown shaped vehicles and even an eco-carriage covered in moss and fir cones.

Year 2 Play Matches Against Kelly College

Year 2 Play Matches Against Kelly College

Year 2 Play Matches Against Kelly College
Year 2 Play Matches Against Kelly College

Year 2 Play Matches Against Kelly College

On Tuesday 13th March Year 2 set off in the mist to Kelly College and arrived in bright sunshine, to play their first matches representing Blundell's Preparatory School. There was great excitement for weeks leading up to this event and the children were not disappointed. They were warmly welcomed by our hosts and then got straight down to business preparing for the matches. The boys played a magnificent game of football, with everyone working together as a team. They won their match four goals to nil. The girls also did very well with their netball match and they worked hard as a team passing the ball. Initially the girls were two goals down to the opposition but they came back to draw at two all. It was a fantastic afternoon out and well done to everyone in Year Two for their excellent sportsmanship.

Poetry Day

Poetry DayPoetry DayOur first ever Poetry Day was a great success. We decided to celebrate World Book Day with a focus on poetry and rhyme this year. The children were fantastic in the way they supported the day. They all came to school dressed up as characters from poems and rhymes. Many of them had learned poems which they bravely recited in front of their friends and teachers. Many children also entered the "Best decorated Poem" competition; there were some wonderful, imaginative and colourful entries. It was a real treat to be visited by children from the Senior School who recited a super poem too. A few of them could actually remember being in the Pre Prep themselves!

Masterchef at Blundell's

Masterchef at Blundell'sMasterchef at Blundell'sOn Tuesday 28th February Year 2 welcomed children from four local primary schools to join them in a Masterchef competition. Everyone was really excited and could not wait to cook. Bread rolls were made and all sorts of interesting shapes were produced including plaits, snowmen and hedgehogs! All the children from Blundell's, St John's, Bickleigh, Burlescombe and Tidcombe all worked really hard and had lots of fun cooking and participating in other activities. These included tasting different sorts of bread, looking at bread from around the world and decorating a recipe card. Mrs Edge and Mrs Watson worked hard with the children in the kitchen and they said that all the children were very well behaved. Our visiting Master Chef and judge, Monsieur Le Grand from Woods in Dulverton, thought all the children worked extremely hard and he found it very difficult to select the winners. Each school had a winning Masterchef and Elizabeth Honey won the Blundell's Junior Masterchef apron.

Creative Arts Week

Creative Arts WeekCreative Arts WeekAs part of Creative Arts Week, all the children in the Pre-Prep enjoyed taking part in a full day of art activities. The overall theme was the environment and each year group looked at a particular aspect of this. Year Two took inspiration from the local landscape, Year one a variety of buildings, linked to their History topic, and Kindergarten looked at Plants. Beautiful woven landscapes, colourful wax batik and wintry street scenes were some of the activities. All the children made a 'sheep' pom-pom, to create a flock of sheep, to celebrate and promote the wool industry, and the children in the Nursery painted, printed and then cut out their own sheep to add to the display. Altogether the children produced some fabulous work; please do come in and look at the displays.

Science of Food Technology

Science of Food TechnologyScience of Food TechnologyThere was great excitement in form 2K recently as we were off to the Food Technology room for our Science lesson! The children were investigating to see if the ingredients would look the same after they had made their sultana cakes. They listened carefully to Mrs Watson and even managed to crack their own eggs – Mrs Kimber helped to fish out any bits of shell! The children even enjoyed washing up and cleaning their work stations at the end. The cakes were taken back to the classroom to dissect and it was found that only the sultanas had stayed the same. Of course the children ate the cake that they had dissected and took the rest home for tea. It was declared by all that Form 2K are great cooks and make delicious cakes.

Nursery One Decker Bus Trip

Nursery One Decker Bus TripNursery One Decker Bus TripNursery One went on what has become an annual trip on the double decker bus from School to Tiverton Parkway. The children were delighted with all they could see from the top deck; it was worth the mamouth climb up the stairs, quite challenging for young legs. The Stagecoach drivers were marvellously accommodating; hopefully we did not delay their Number 1 service for the rest of the day!

Visit to St Nicholas's Priory for Year One

Visit to St Nicholas's Priory for Year OneVisit to St Nicholas's Priory for Year OneYear One children thoroughly enjoyed their trip to St. Nicholas's Priory in Exeter where they attended a series of workshops that helped to build up their understanding of The Great Fire of London. They had already been introduced to the story of the 1666 fire during their History lessons and the workshops helped to consolidate what they had learned. They met Thomas Black, a man from that period, who told them about life in London in 1666. They learned about clothing and food; they were able to visit the parlour, kitchen and bedroom of a wealthy Tudor gentleman. The loo and the lack of proper plumbing was of great interest and entertainment! The kitchen was fascinating; the dry and wet fires, herbs hanging above the fire, chickens in an indoor cage, a dead hare hanging from the wall to name just a few of the points of interest. There was a great deal for us to notice about how life has changed so much. The day ended with the children acting out the story of the Great Fire. They had a thoroughly interesting day and a lot of fun too.

Really Wild Show

Really Wild ShowReally Wild ShowThere was great excitement amongst the Kindergarten children when Neil Vaughan visited school to present his Really Wild Show. Speculation about what creatures he might bring ranged from rattlesnakes to lions! In reality the ones that he brought were just as fascinating but rather smaller and safer! The hissing giant cockroaches from Madagascar were very popular and many of the children enjoyed having one crawl up their arm. The children were fascinated to see the bird eating spider from South America and several children were brave enough to hold her. The final creature was a dragon lizard from the desert of Australia. The children enjoyed stroking the lizard and discovering what the scaly skin felt like. The children not only had a fun morning but learned plenty of interesting facts about animals as well.

Christmas Book Challenge

Christmas Book ChallengeChristmas Book ChallengeWe were thrilled by the response from the children to the Christmas Holiday Book Challenge. Thirty one children managed to complete the challenge and returned to school after the Christmas break with their three book reviews. They were very excited to receive a certificate in assembly in recognition of their efforts.

Autumn Term 2011

Otters' Caribbean Session

Otters' Caribbean SessionOtters' Caribbean SessionThe Otters group enjoyed a Caribbean style dance session recently. This was a lively session with reggae music, an energetic conga and some limbo dancing. The children were shown how to limbo dance and then everyone had several turns shouting 'lower, lower' every time the bar was moved. We didn't quite match the world record of 8 inches whilst carrying a plate of cakes in each hand but everyone was very determined to get as low to the ground as they could.

We cooled off afterwards by enjoying some Caribbean style cocktails complete with fresh pineapple and cocktail umbrellas. There were a few stiff legs the next day but everyone is keen to have another attempt at that world record later in the year.

West Midlands Theatre Company Visits

West Midlands Theatre Company VisitsWest Midlands Theatre Company VisitsWe were looking forward to the annual visit from the West Midlands Theatre Company with great anticipation. This year they retold the story of The Bluebird. It was extremely entertaining for the children who loved seeing the different characters and following the story of Prince Ivan and his pursuit of the Bluebird. Three young actors played all the different parts which involved some very quick costume changes. Children from the audience were chosen to help and were very brave to appear in front of the foot lights in front of their friends. It was a super way to end the week.

Violin Club Recital

Violin Club RecitalViolin Club RecitalIt was lovely to hear the Pre-Prep violin club playing in the final assembly; the children came into the hall demonstrating an exercise that helps them with their bowing technique. They then showed some Christmas sounds that they could make using the strings on their violins. Finally, they played three delightful pieces which included the first notes they have learned this term. It was quite an achievement considering that one or two of them have only been learning to play the violin for a term.

A Victorian Christmas at Killerton House

A Victorian Christmas at Killerton HouseA Victorian Christmas at Killerton HouseThe sun was shining and the air was frosty as the Year One children arrived at Killerton for their annual visit to find out about what Christmas was like during the Victorian era. They were greeted in the car park by the Housekeeper who led them up to the House. Toby had to knock on the grand door and a maid answered and summoned everyone into the warm, festive hallway. The house was decorated for Christmas in true Victorian style with beautiful garlands and wreaths made out of foliage from the locality. The Christmas trees were sparkling with decorations. The group of volunteers showed the children around the house and described life for the servants and for the family who lived in the house. They were most surprised to hear that one of the maids had the job of monitoring the candles on the Christmas tree to make sure they didn't cause a fire or burn too low. They found out about the types of games that Victorians played and enjoyed playing a game of "Squeak, Piggy, Squeak" and "Blow the Feather." They met the cook who talked about the Christmas food preparations. At the end of the visit, the children congregated in the Music Room and sang carols whilst Mrs Shelbourne accompanied them on the piano. It was a lovely start to the Christmas festivities.

Holiday Book Challenge

Holiday Book ChallengeA new venture has been launched this term in the Pre-Prep; in an effort to encourage pupils to read more during the holidays, a "Holiday Book Challenge" has been introduced. The children will have the opportunity to borrow books and audio books from the library which they can then read and review during the holidays. They will receive certificates for their efforts and achievement. Hopefully, many of them will choose to continue with the challenge throughout their time in the Pre-Prep in order to gain bronze, silver and gold awards. Here is a photo showing excited children with their first selection of books.

Kindergarten Christmas Play 2011

Kindergarten Christmas Play 2011Kindergarten Christmas Play 2011It was hard to believe how young the children in the Kindergarten were when they performed their Christmas Play this week. They acted and sang with such confidence and cheerfulness and the audience was spellbound. It was a play called "The Sleepy Shepherd"; one of the shepherds kept falling asleep. He even found it difficult to count his sheep because he kept feeling so sleepy! One night he was awoken by the angels who told him about a special baby being born in the stable. He rushed down to Bethlehem to find Baby Jesus in the manger. The children sang some super songs and there were one or two solos as well. They all remembered their words and spoke out clearly. It was a charming retelling of this very special story.

Year One Christmas Play 2011

Year 1 Christmas PlayYear 1 Christmas PlayThe children in Year One entertained their friends and families with a delightful retelling of the story of "Baboushka". They all joined in with the singing and the narration of the story.

The play told the story of Baboushka travelling to find the New King, Baby Jesus. She stopped several times on her way there to help other needy travellers and, when she arrived in Bethlehem, found that she had nothing left in her basket to give the baby. She felt sad about this until she realised that it was enough to give her heart to the baby. The children looked as though they were thoroughly enjoying themselves on stage and the audience could hear every word that was spoken.

Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the WorldChristmas Around the WorldOn the 28th and 29th November Form 2K were lucky enough to welcome two visitors to help them with their geography and history topic about Christmas around the world. Mrs Fields lived in Germany as a child and has only been in England for ten years. She told the children about the exciting street markets in Germany and even baked some German biscuits for us to try.

Mrs Cronkshaw came in on Tuesday. She was born in New Zealand but has also lived in Australia. She brought a picnic blanket for the children to sit on as many families in Australia and New Zealand have picnics at Christmas. The children were fascinated to hear that Christmas falls in the summer holidays there and that many Christmas cards still have snow scenes on them! On both occasions the children were able to see similarities and differences about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. They really listened carefully to our speakers and we were very grateful that they gave up their time to talk to us.

Year 2 Nativity Play

Year 2 Nativity PlayYear 2 Nativity PlayThis year, Year Two's Christmas Nativity Play was called "Witnesses". It provided a modern adaptation of the story of Jesus's birth. It involved two reporters interviewing the different characters who appear in the story; There were three very important Kings, three sparkling stars who behaved like true modern day celebrities, three angels, two shepherds and, of course, Joseph and Mary. They sang their songs beautifully and spoke their words with confidence and expression. It provided a super start to the Christmas season!

Children in Need

Children in Need Pre-Prep 2011Children in Need Pre-Prep 2011The children joined in the Children in Need celebrations this year by wearing spotty and stripy clothes. They were very excited and managed to raise lots of money for this very worthwhile charity. Some children brought in spotty cakes which were greatly enjoyed at snack time too.

Year 2 Cooking

Year 2 CookingYear 2 CookingOn Friday 18th November there was much excitement in Form 2K. Not only was it 'Children In Need' day, and they had all donated money to come to school in spots or stripes, but we went over to the Food Technology kitchen and made some mincemeat shapes. The children listened very carefully to Mrs. Watson and they even enjoyed washing-up.

The mincemeat shapes were made to sell at the Christmas Bazaar, which was the following day. All the children made a special Pudsey Bear each and they were able to eat this with their snack. We had a fun morning and Form 2K are excellent chefs!

Remembrance Day with the Pre-Prep

Remembrance Day with the Pre-PrepRemembrance Day with the Pre-PrepRemembrance Day was particularly special for the Pre-Prep this year; the children and staff went up to the Prep School and joined in a very special service to remember the sacrifice made by so many during wartime. Each child and member of staff made a poppy that was then "planted" into a wreath. The Head Boy and Head Girl did a reading and The Reverend Tim Hunt lead everyone in prayer. Members of the Senior School C.C.F. attended and the service ended with members of the Blundell's Wind Band playing "The Last Post" and "Reveille."

Story Writing Competition

Story Writing CompetitionDuring the first half of term there has been a Story Writing Competition running in the Pre-prep. When the author, Jon Blake, visited the Pre-prep on Book Day he set us a challenge to write a story about a visit to a pet shop. The competition was open to children in Years One and Two. There were some super entries; they were so good that Mrs Nash had to read them to the whole of the Pre-prep during an assembly time. The children thoroughly enjoyed the stories and so did the staff. They were so good that it was hard to decide upon just one winner. However, after a great deal of deliberation, Lucie Spencer's story about a boy called Simon buying a pet giraffe was chosen to receive First Prize. She was awarded with a certificate and book token. There were three runners up who received prizes and certificates for being "Highly Commended". They were awarded to Shea Clark, Louisa Chambers and Elizabeth Honey. Well done to everyone who took part and particularly to the winners. There are some very talented story writers coming up through the school.

Book Day

Book DayBook DayBook Day was a great success again this year. The children loved coming to school dressed as their favourite book characters. There were pirates, princesses, witches, wizards, cats, dogs and many other wonderful creations. The costumes were inspired and our thanks go to the parents who put so much effort into organising their children's outfits for the day.

The younger children enjoyed listening to Amy Sparkes's latest book, "Hodge the Hedgehog." They made book marks and puppets with Amy after her story. The children in Years One and Two had the opportunity to listen to Jon Blake talk about his life as an author. He read them his most popular book, "Daley B." He also encouraged them to write their own stories which hopefully some of the children will do over the next few weeks.

After lunch the children chose a story time session that appealed to them. All the teachers "advertised" their books and the children were able to choose which teacher they went to listen to. Mr Southgate was a very popular option this year!

Book at Bedtime was the highlight of the day. The children returned to school in the evening wearing their pyjamas and clutching their teddies, pillows and sleeping bags. The teachers read them bedtime stories by candlelight while they snuggled up together in the hall.

It was an exciting, worthwhile day which gave us the opportunity to focus on the pleasure that can be found in books.

Harvest Assembly

Harvest AssemblyHarvest AssemblyYear Two presented a lovely Harvest Assembly today to the friends and families who were able to attend. They acted out the story of "The Enormous Turnip" and then each child told us about the importance of plants that grow on our planet. Many children had brought in produce for the Harvest table; the food will be given to a local charity called CHAT, Churches Housing Action Team, which provides help for families who are experiencing difficulties in finding a place to call home. During the Christmas period, the food will be put into carrier bags and distributed amongst those most needing help. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this worthy cause.

Mr Southgate's First Assembly

Mr Southgate's First AssemblyMr Southgate's First AssemblyIt was exciting to welcome our new Head Master, Mr Southgate, to his first assembly this week. He had two helpers from Year Two who had to draw pictures of themselves using shaving foam! Quite a challenge for them. They coped admirably well and helped to reinforce an important message about being kind to others.

Form 2K at the seaside!

Form 2K at the seaside!Form 2K at the seaside!On Thursday 15th September Year 2 set off on a coach to Budleigh Salterton. The children looked at many of the local features including the beach huts, the promenade, plants and the estuary. We were lucky enough to meet a friendly fisherman who kindly showed us all the different fish he had caught. We then carried on and walked towards the river Otter where we saw the river meeting the sea. We then did some sketches of all the things we had seen. The weather was gorgeous, so we ate our picnic on the beach and took in the sea view. We then travelled to Exmouth, where due to the Tour of Britain cycle race, we had to leave the coach a long way from the beach! After a trek through the streets of Exmouth we finally reached the seafront in time to have an ice cream or an ice lolly and a quick paddle before trekking back! We noticed lots of interesting things in both seaside towns and the children were able to remember lots of things for our geography, history and science lessons this term. The children were very well behaved and many passers-by commented on this. Well done Year Two.