Pre-Prep News 2012/13

Summer Term 2013

Babbacombe Model Village and Kents Cavern Trip for Year One

Babbacombe Model Village and Kents Cavern Trip for Year OneBabbacombe Model Village and Kents Cavern Trip for Year OneThe children in Year One had a wonderful day on their trip to Babbacombe Model Village and Kents Cavern. The children loved walking around the grounds of the Model Village looking at the model houses and buildings. The fire breathing dragon and the burning house particularly caught their attention. After a delicious lunch in the gardens of Kents Cavern, Terry, the tour guide, enthralled the children with tales of mammoths, lions, bears and cave men and women. The sun appeared as they came out of the cave and they enjoyed an ice lolly before returning to school, tired but happy!

Pre-Prep Summer Concert

Pre-Prep Summer ConcertPre-Prep Summer ConcertIt was super to see the Pre-Prep children taking part in this year's Summer Concert in the marquee. The string group performed well with the older violinists and cellists from the Prep School. They played a selection of pieces from America. Many of them had only been learning for a short time. The Year Two children sang a delightful song called "We're Going Swimming" and the brass group played "When the Saints Go Marching In." They enjoyed the experience and were brave to perform in front of such a big audience.

Year One Play, Tattybogle

Year One Play, TattybogleYear One Play, TattybogleYear One performed a super play called "Tattybogle." It was the story of a scarecrow who was not very good at scaring the crows away; in fact, she was such a kind scarecrow that all the animals liked to come and visit her. There were rabbits, mice, foxes and owls as well as three mischievous crows. The songs were wonderful and the group of dancers were superb. The hall was packed with parents, friends and grandparents who all enjoyed the performance.

Music in the Forest

Music in the ForestMusic in the ForestThe sound of woodpeckers could be heard in the school grounds recently when the children in the Pre-Prep had a wonderful afternoon of music making with Mervyn Bedford from Musikgarten. After starting with a welcome song the children joined in an action song about a dandelion. They each had a scarf which they blew into the air to represent the seeds. A song about a woodpecker was accompanied by children pulling strings to play some wooden woodpeckers that Mervyn had attached to the trees. A variety of songs and movement followed and all the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Sports Day

Sports DaySports DayIt was touch and go with the weather but luckily, the rain held off for long enough for the Pre-Prep to hold its Sports' Day outside on the Games Field. The children thoroughly enjoyed being involved from the very youngest to the Year Twos. There was a wide variety of races; every child was involved in a Sprint race and then there were lots of novelty races. Nursery One children showed off their expert gardening skills with their "Pick a Flower" race. The children in Nursery Two took part in a very topical "The Happy Event" race which involved working as a team to carry different types of baby equipment to the end where an "expectant Mummy" was waiting. The Kindergarten children tried their hands at the Egg and Spoon. Year One children jumped their way down the track in their sacks. The older Year Twos were very competitive with their different ball skills races. There were even races for the Mums and Dads which was very exciting for the children. Many children went home happily after the event clutching a well-deserved certificate. It had been an extremely entertaining and happy afternoon.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor LearningOutdoor LearningTom and Chris from Exeter Forest School visited the Pre-Prep this week for a day of Outdoor Learning. The children wore their wellies and waterproofs and set off across the field in excited anticipation of what lay ahead. Some children used saws and drills to make "tree cookies" to wear around their necks whilst others made dream catchers using willow and wool. The older children were delighted to have the opportunity to make a real fire. The different activities were interspersed with fun games that helped develop self-confidence and listening skills. It was a really fun day and a wonderful experience to take our learning outside.

Nursery 1 Out and About

Nursery 1 Out and AboutNursery 1 Out and AboutNursery 1 have visited St. Paul's Church, West Exe Recreation Ground and Tiverton Museum to help awareness of different places in our town. Feeding the ducks in the park, dressing-up at the Museum and exploring the Tivvy Bumper were particularly enjoyed!

String group in Pre Prep Assembly

String group in Pre Prep AssemblyString group in Pre Prep AssemblyThe Pre-Prep violin group performed in front of their friends in assembly this week. They played beautifully and demonstrated all the different skills that they have been learning during their lessons this term. It was a super way to start the day.

Escot Trip for Year 2

Escot Trip for Year 2

Escot Trip for Year 2
Escot Trip for Year 2

Escot Trip for Year 2

Year Two enjoyed a fantastic day at Escot on Wednesday. It was raining for most of the day but to their credit the children didn't let that dampen their spirits. Needless to say the children were very excited about their trip but they all behaved extremely well and were a credit to the school. When we arrived we went straight into the maze. The maze is very tricky however this didn't deter our intrepid explorers and every one of them made it to the finish. After a short rest stop which included name badge making we went over to see the otter and bird of prey shows. Once the packed lunches had been devoured the children were treated to a dessert of fire-roasted marshmallows. The afternoon saw the highlight of the trip for most people; a walk through a chest-deep swamp! To their credit the children (and teachers!) braved the muddy water with smiles on their faces. Once we had been hosed down the children ended their day with a rope scramble, a spot of wild garlic munching and then a calming look in the pond. All in all a great day was had by all!

World of Country Life Trip for the Kindergarten

The World of Country Life Trip for the KindergartenThe World of Country Life Trip for the KindergartenThe Kindergarten children were all very excited when it came to boarding the coach to take them to The World of Country Life at Exmouth. They just couldn't wait to get there! Although the weather was a little cloudy this did not dampen their enthusiasm and after a quick stop for snack we all headed off to feed the calves and the lambs. I think that they were even hungrier than the children because the bottles were soon empty and it was time to take the lambs for a walk or perhaps a run was more accurate! Then it was off to the train ride to feed the deer. There was one tiny deer which was only 2 days old and I think that everyone wanted to take it home. Most of the children were brave enough to feed the deer and there were a few llamas who joined the queue too. After eating our own lunch which was one of the highlights of the day we all went to watch the Falconry display. The birds flew so near and one of the owls even landed on the seat beside us. We certainly had a fantastic view. It was then time for a quick play in the Soft Play Zone before boarding the coach for home. We all agreed that it had been a great day out for everyone and even the sun came out to say goodbye.

Halberton Court Farm Trip for Nursery 1

Halberton Court Farm Trip for Nursery 1Halberton Court Farm Trip for Nursery 1Nursery One had a beautiful day for their visit to Halberton Court Farm; picking strawberries in the sun on a Wednesday was a good way to spend a summer's morning! We did share our harvest with all of the children and staff in the Pre-Prep and even saved a few for Mr Southgate, Mrs Stone and Miss Butt!

Holiday Reading Challenge Winners

Holiday Reading Challenge WinnersMany children in Year Two have worked really hard during the Half Term holiday to read their last few books in order to receive a Holiday Reading Challenge Award before they move up to the Prep School. There were twenty Silver and five Bronze Awards presented. The children were all delighted to receive their latest star badges that they will be able to wear proudly on their blazers. Very well done to them all.

Nursery Summer Play, The Garden

Nursery Summer Play, The GardenNursery Summer Play, The GardenIt was a real treat to watch the Nursery children perform their Summer Play which was called "The Garden". It was a delightful story about a palace garden that had no flowers or vegetables growing in it. Luckily, help appeared in the form of many Bob the Builders and two fantastic magicians who helped dig the soil, get rid of the stones and weeds and plant the seeds. The end result was a beautiful garden for the King and Queen. The children sang some lovely songs including "Bob the Builder" and many traditional Nursery Rhymes. They all looked as though they were having a wonderful time on the stage; in fact, many of them were reluctant to come off at the end!

Kindergarten Summer Play

Kindergarten Summer PlayKindergarten Summer PlayThe Kindergarten children performed a wonderful summer play for their friends and families. It was the story of Noah's Ark. There were all sorts of animals on the ark like pigs, ladybirds, rabbits and penguins. There were two raindrops who brought the flood and a dove and a raven who went to look for land. The children looked as though they were having a happy time on the stage; they sang lots of lovely songs and spoke their words loudly and clearly. It was a most wonderful performance.

French Assembly

French AssemblyFrench AssemblyChildren from every class in the Pre Prep took part in the French Assembly this week. Madame Fitzherbert talked about the topics they had been learning this term and this was followed by some lovely French action songs. The children thoroughly enjoyed showing off their linguistic talents!

Otters T-Shirts

Otters T-shirtsBudding designers in Otters. The children had great fun designing their own T-shirts. They came up with many different ideas, from flowers, hearts and faces, to football shirts. Well done to all.

Busy Bees T-Shirts

Busy Bees T-ShirtsAs you can see by the smiles on these faces, Busy Bees was great fun this week. Everyone had the opportunity to design and make a tee shirt. There were many wonderful designs; we had flowers, football teams, horses, cats and even a granddad sitting on his fork lift truck!

Maths Day

Maths DayMaths DayWe had a fantastic day in the Pre-Prep putting our maths skills to the test to try to solve some numeracy problems. All of the children were very enthusiastic about the activities and tried their best to work out the solutions. The Nursery children filled their day with lots of practical problems including using shapes to re-enact the story of Humpty Dumpty. Mrs McDowell also demonstrated the magic shape-shifting carpet, much to the enjoyment of the children! In Kindergarten the children enjoyed making different flags and playing games to help them with their numbers to ten. Year One made different rockets to see how many different combinations they could make just using three colours. In Year Two the children explored different ways to make totals of coins as well as playing a target game to see who could get the highest score! All in all we had a great day and the children really enjoyed themselves.

'Send My Friend To School' Charitable Activity

The children in the Pre-Prep decided to support the charity 'Send My Friend To School'. Around the world a further 1.7 million teachers are needed to make sure every child can have an education. World leaders have promised that this problem will be solved by 2017. With time running out we decided that we would remind MPs about their promise. The children in the Pre-Prep each designed their ideal teacher. The children had some great ideas such as, lots of eyes so the teacher can see what is going on at all times, grippy hands so the teacher would be really good at netball and a big heart so the teacher would be really kind and caring. All of the designs will be sent to our local MP so he can take action on this important issue.

Tiverton Castle Trip for Year 2

Tiverton Castle Trip for Year 2Tiverton Castle Trip for Year 2On a gorgeous sunny morning on Wednesday 1st May Form 2K and Form 2R travelled in the school minibuses to visit Tiverton Castle. We were met there by Mrs Gordon and she kindly gave us a tour. We looked at many interesting features, which we had talked about in the classroom. The children particularly enjoyed looking at the armour, trying on the helmets and holding the heavy cannon ball. They were not quite so keen to see where the old lavatories used to be and hear that young children, of about six or seven years old, would be expected to climb up and clean them! The children listened carefully to Mrs Gordon as she told them the history of the castle and a ghost story too. It was a very enjoyable trip and the children learnt many interesting things about Tiverton Castle.

Tiverton Museum Trip for Year One

Tiverton Museum Trip for Year One

Tiverton Museum Trip for Year One
Tiverton Museum Trip for Year One

Tiverton Museum Trip for Year One

On Tuesday Year One enjoyed an interesting day out at Tiverton Museum. They loved dressing up as Victorian school children and finding out just how strict the teachers used to be. They looked at a variety of wooden toys and learnt how to make a peg doll, which many Victorian children would have made at home. There was so much to see and do at the Museum that we could easily have spent a 2nd day there.

Charity Cats Protection Visits

Charity Cats Protection VisitsCharity Cats Protection VisitsThe children in Kindergarten thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Christie and Di from the charity Cats Protection. The children were completely absorbed for nearly an hour while they were told all about Axhayes Adoption Centre in Exeter and the valuable work that the charity do to promote the welfare of cats. They saw photographs of cats that had been in the centre and successfully rehomed. They also learned about the importance of cats being micro-chipped and vaccinated. Some of the children were very keen to tell the ladies all about their own cats –real or imaginary! The children had kindly brought in some donations of cat food and toys which Christie and Di were very pleased to receive.

Chapel Visit for Year One

Chapel Visit for Year OneChapel Visit for Year OneThe children in Year One set off across the dewy grass early this morning to walk to the School Chapel. They have been learning about the Church and its role in the community during their R.E. lessons so it was really interesting to visit and find out about what happens there. The Reverend Hunt, the School Chaplain, gave a talk to the children about some of the features of the Chapel and then they were able to tour around it asking questions. They were fortunate because an organ lesson was taking place at the same time so they had the opportunity to hear the Chapel filled with the lovely sound of organ playing.

Spring Term 2013

Tag Rugby Festival

Tag Rugby FestivalTag Rugby FestivalFifty-three children from Years One and Two took part in this year's Tag Rugby Festival. Children from five local schools joined us for the afternoon and they all had a lot of fun playing matches against each other. Many parents came to watch and it was wonderful to see the children experiencing the excitement of playing against other schools. There was a delicious match tea after the games and Mr Southgate presented certificates to all the children who took part.

Year 2 Play, Hansel & Gretel

Hansel & GretelHansel & GretelToday saw the performance of the long awaited Year Two production of Hansel & Gretel. The actors had spent a long time preparing and learning lines and today they were able to show their parents and relatives the fruits of their labour. The show was amazing and each and every performer delivered their lines to the best of their ability. The play was a clear hit with the parents of the performers who laughed along and joined in with the pantomime elements of the show! A huge thank you goes out to all of the children in Year Two who have worked so hard on the production. Well done everyone!

Science Week - Competition Entries

Science Week - Competition EntriesScience Week - Competition EntriesThe theme of this year's Science Week was Discovery and Invention. The children in the Pre-Prep were challenged to build, at home, a model of a flying vehicle for our annual competition. Nearly one hundred children entered the competition and they produced a fantastic variety of vehicles. We had flying tractors and trains, hot air balloons, airships and one of the most imaginative ideas, a Daddytron, designed to fly and grab the designer's father and bring him home. Sadly only one winner could be chosen from each class but all the children deserve praise for their wonderful enthusiasm and imaginative ideas.

Kindergarten and Year One had a wonderful time working with Years Five and Six one morning. The older children helped the younger ones make paper helicopters and aeroplanes and they all thoroughly enjoyed testing them outside.

Kelly College Matches for Year 2

Kelly College Matches for Year 2Kelly College Matches for Year 2On a bright but bitterly cold Tuesday 12th March, Year Two welcomed Kelly College to Blundell's Prep. There was great excitement for weeks leading up to this event and the children were not disappointed. The boys played two fantastic games of football, with everyone working together as a team. The boys scored an unanswered seven goals to win their first match with goals from: William Maunder (3), Jasper Winsley (2), Toby Butler (1) and Archie Hull (1). The second match was more closely fought but the Blundell's boys persevered to win 3-1 with goals from: Barnaby Hull (2) and Jack Anderson (1). The girls also did very well with their netball matches and they worked hard as a team passing the ball. The girls narrowly lost their first match 2-3 with a last minute goal coming from Kelly College's superb Goal Attack. The Blundell's girls gathered their spirits and played excellently in their second match to win 4-0. All Blundell's goals were scored by an outstanding Honor Tobin who deserves a special mention. It was a fantastic afternoon and well done to everyone in Year Two for their excellent sportsmanship.

Book Quiz Winners

Book Quiz WinnersWell done to all the children who entered the Book Day quizzes. There were so many super entries that the two winners had to be pulled out of a sack during assembly. They both received a Book Token prize for their efforts. Many congratulations to them both.

World Book Day

World Book DayWorld Book DayThe Pre-Prep has been buzzing with excitement this week in the build up to World Book Day. Every child, from the Nursery upwards, brought a favourite book into school to talk about and review. It was amazing what a variety of wonderful books there were to read and enjoy. The children in Form One N gave an assembly about books and proudly showed the stories they had written and the books they had made. At the end of the week, the children dressed up as some amazing book characters. We had Fireman Sam, Veronica Salt, several Fantastic Mr Foxes, a B.F.G., Matilda; even the staff dressed up. Mr Richards, or rather Mr Twit, kept everyone in order with the threat of being brushed with his "Hugtight Glue"! The author, Amy Sparkes, spent the morning with the younger children in the Department and talked about being an author. She read then her book "Hodge the Hedgehog" and organised some lovely art activities as well. The older Pre-Prep children were lucky enough to be visited by an actor called Anthony Pedley who acted out the story of the B.F.G. He was fantastic and even the grown-ups were entralled by his retelling of such a wonderfully, imaginative story. After lunch, the teachers read their favourite books and the children were able to choose which teachers' stories they went to listen to. The highlight of the day was "Book at Bedtime"; the children returned to school once it was dark dressed in their pyjamas and clutching sleeping bags and teddy bears. The teachers read bedtime stories by candlelight. They had hot chocolate and cookies and snuggled up together to enjoy the stories. It was a super way to end such a fun day.

Art Week

Art Week

Art Week
Art Week

Art Week

The Pre-Prep has been buzzing with excitement this week as the children spent two days watching puppet shows, learning how to make puppets and performing stories with their puppets.

They were enthralled by a shadow puppet show and then spent the rest of the day learning how to make them before getting the opportunity to show their puppets behind the light box. The Nursery children also had fun making puppets and making up stories with them.

The second day started with a puppet show in assembly. Sarah and Rachel then showed the children how to make the puppets move. Year two spent the rest of the day making hand puppets, Year one made pop up puppets and Kindergarten made spoon puppets. All the children worked in small groups to think up a story for their character and they performed their stories to the other children in their class.

Grandparents' Morning

Grandparents' MorningGrandparents' MorningThe Pre-Prep children were very excited about welcoming their Grandparents into school on Friday morning. The Grandparents were invited to join the children in the Friday morning "Celebration" assembly. The violinists performed some of the songs and exercises that they are currently learning, the Kindergarten sang two French songs and the Year One and Nursery classes performed poems that they had learned about Grannies and Grandads. Many children went up to collect certificates for various activities such as swimming, super effort in class and taking part in the Reading Challenge. Some children had written their own poems about their Grandparents and they recited them on stage. We even sang "Happy Birthday" to one of the Grannies who had a birthday that day. The Grandparents then went back to the classrooms and joined in with the morning lessons.

After lessons, they were treated to a fresh cup of coffee and delicious cakes that were served to them by the Year Two children. There was a wonderful atmosphere in the Department and both the children and the Grandparents thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be together. Many of them commented that school life is very different now to how it was when they were young!

Cooking Lessons for Year 1

Cooking Lessons for Year 1Cooking Lessons for Year 1The children in Year One spent the morning cooking in the Prep School Food Technology Room today. They had a wonderful time chopping and mixing. They worked in pairs and had to take turns with the washing up and drying of equipment afterwards. They made chocolate crispy cakes and flapjacks and are looking forward to waiting on their parents later in the week when they come into school for a cup of coffee and a tour of the Prep School.

Snow Fun!

Snow Fun!Snow Fun!The children were thrilled that the snow finally arrived this week. They had great fun at playtimes building snowmen and playing in the snow. Lessons became very "snow-based" with art, drama and creative writing being inspired by the snowflakes falling outside the classrooms.

Year 1 Trip to St Nicholas Priory in Exeter

Year 1 Trip to St Nicholas Priory in ExeterYear 1 Trip to St Nicholas Priory in ExeterAn enjoyable trip to St Nicholas Priory in Exeter, reinforced the children's learning about the great fire of London in 1666. They always enjoy this topic and loved dressing up and exploring this fascinating building. They were particularly interested in the kitchen and the bed chamber where there were lots of objects to look at, and were surprised at how heavy the leather bucket was that would have been used to try to put out the fire in London.

'Really Wild Encounter' for the Kindergarten

Really Wild Encounter for the KindergartenReally Wild Encounter for the KindergartenNeil Vaughan visited Kindergarten recently with his 'Really Wild Encounter'. Before the day there was great excitement and speculation amongst the children about what creatures he would bring. A bear and a baby elephant were two hopeful suggestions! Luckily the animals that he brought were rather smaller and safer. Firstly they met Brian and Briony the African land snails. Several children were brave enough to hold one of them but not so keen on the slime that they produced. Neil used Ginny the bird eating spider to help dispel some of the myths that exist about large hairy carnivorous spiders. The final creature was Wally the water dragon. The children were reassured to hear that he did not breathe out fire. They were fascinated to feel his scaly skin and learn about how his colours enabled him to be camouflaged in his habitat.

Holiday Book Challenge

Holiday Book ChallengeHoliday Book ChallengeFifty-seven children in the Pre-Prep completed the Blundell's Holiday Book Challenge during the Christmas Holidays. They had obviously enjoyed reading their books and wrote some wonderful book reviews. Mrs Nash was delighted to be able to present so many certificates. Some children were taking part for the first time which was super and seven children received their Bronze Awards.

Autumn Term 2012

Christmas Party

Christmas PartyChristmas PartyThe atmosphere was buzzing on the last day of term in anticipation of whether Father Christmas would have time to visit the Pre Prep during the Christmas party. Fortunately, he managed to spare the time and joined us for Christmas songs in the hall before visiting each classroom to deliver gifts to all the children and staff. The children were thrilled to see him and enjoyed opening their presents. They also played games and had dancing competitions; there were quite a few future contestants for "Strictly Come Dancing" to be seen! A super party lunch was provided by the kitchen staff. It was a very happy occasion and a great way to end the term.

A Victorian Christmas for Year 1

A Victorian Christmas for Year 1A Victorian Christmas for Year 1Year One made its annual trip to Killerton House this week to experience a Victorian Christmas. The children and staff dressed up in Victorian clothes to help create the right atmosphere. We were able to tour around the house looking at the beautifully decorated Christmas trees, fireplaces and staircases. The volunteer helpers talked to the children about what types of food would have been eaten, what games would have been played and what toys would have been like in the Victorian times. The cook was running around the house worried because she couldn't find a goose for Christmas day. The children were fascinated to find out that it was the job of a maid to stand by the Christmas tree all day making sure that it did not catch on fire. The session ended with a story time in the music room. The volunteer helpers then sang to us and the children sang two carols for them too. It was a wonderful way to start the festive season.

Nursery Nativity, Whoops-A-Daisy Angel

Nursery Nativity, Whoops-A-Daisy AngelNursery Nativity, Whoops-A-Daisy AngelNursery One and Nursery Two performed Whoops-a-daisy Angel to the Pre-Prep on Monday 10th December. They were delightful and it could clearly be seen that they enjoyed being on the stage. At one point the snowflakes did not want to come off! All the children tried hard and the older children really enjoyed watching them. I am sure their parents will love the play too.

String Group Performance

String Group PerformanceString Group PerformanceIt was a real Christmas treat to listen to the Pre Prep violinists in assembly today. They played some Christmas sounds like reindeers trotting, snowflakes falling and present wrapping. They also played Jingle Bells and one of the Year Two pupils played some solos. We really enjoyed seeing what they could do. It was very impressive considering that many of them had only been learning for a short amount of time.

Kindergarten Nativity Play, Star Shine Star

Kindergarten Nativity Play, Star Shine StarKindergarten Nativity Play, Star Shine StarThe Kindergarten performed a charming Christmas Nativity called "Star Shine Star". It told the story of a star that couldn't shine. The other stars tried to help it to shine by dancing, reading stories, telling jokes and singing songs.

Finally, as Jesus was born, the star started to shine. Despite the fact that the children were only four, they performed with great confidence and enjoyment. Some children sang solos and duets; the music was delightful with all the children joining in with the various songs. A highlight of the play was the star dance with many of the dancers proudly showing off their tutus.

Year 1 Nativity, A Tale of Two Birthdays

Year 1 Nativity, A Tale of Two BirthdaysYear 1 Nativity, A Tale of Two BirthdaysThe Year One Christmas Nativity play was called A Tale of Two Birthdays. It told the story of one of the three kings travelling to find a bright, new star which had been spotted in the sky. The wives of the kings, who were particularly bossy and demanding, thought that it sparkled like a jewel and wanted to own it. The play was full of humour and the children did very well to learn so many words. The songs were very catchy and there were even exotic Eastern dancers who provided the kings with some entertainment. The whole performance was a lot of fun and enjoyed by all.

Year 2 Play, Christmas With The Aliens

Year 2 Play, Christmas With The AliensYear 2 Play, Christmas With The AliensThis year's Year Two play was a Nativity with a difference. It was called Christmas with the Aliens; it was a delightful story about some aliens who landed on Earth when their space ship broke down. They were found by some school children who then invited them to watch their Christmas play at school so that they could learn what Christmas is all about. The songs were super and the children spoke their words loudly and clearly. It was a humorous play which provided the parents and friends who watched it with great entertainment. Well done to the Year Two children and their teachers for such a wonderful performance.

Children In Need

Children In NeedChildren In NeedAs a way of supporting the Children in Need Appeal this year, the Pre Prep children were able to decorate tee shirts with spots and then contribute money to the appeal. They were very excited to be able to wear their own designs to school and had great fun having a non-uniform day. It was good to be able to support such a worthy cause.

Kelly College Matches

Kelly College MatchesKelly College MatchesThe children in Years One and Two were very much looking forward to playing hockey and tag rugby against Kelly College this week. The boys played several different matches and had a great deal of fun working out which way to run and where to throw the ball. The girls practised hockey skills on the Astro turf; it was a wonderful experience for them to play on a full sized pitch with girls from another school. The afternoon ended with a delicious match tea in the Pre Prep hall. The children from the two schools sat together and got to know each other whilst devouring Hot Dogs and chocolate biscuits! They all enjoyed themselves immensely.

Life Education Bus Visits

Life Education Bus VisitsLife Education Bus VisitsThe arrival of the Life Education Bus in the school car park caused quite a stir this week. It is a bus that tours the country visiting schools to provide workshops for children about general health awareness and life skills. A lively character called Eddie talked to each year group using his friends, Harold the giraffe, Derek the penguin and Kiki the kangaroo, to deliver messages about healthy eating, the importance of sleep and exercise, saying sorry and telling the truth. The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshops; there was more interest than normal in the fresh fruit at lunch that day so they had obviously taken on board all that they were told.

Busy Bees Celebrate Hallowe'en

Busy Bees Celebrate Hallowe'enBusy Bees Celebrate Hallowe'enIt was very exciting for the Busy Bees that this week's club night fell on Hallowe'en. They celebrated by making pumpkin lanterns. They had a wonderful time scooping out the pumpkins whilst the teachers did the carving. It was quite a challenge to create nineteen pumpkin lanterns in forty minutes but they did it!

Prep School String Group

Prep School String GroupPrep School String GroupIt was lovely to see some of our old pupils return to the Pre Prep this week as part of the Prep School String Group. They played some delightful pieces of music for the younger children to listen to. Mrs. Davis, their music teacher, was keen for the children to see what can be achieved as you progress through the school.

Poetry Day 'Best Decorated Poem' Winners

Poetry Day WinnersPoetry Day WinnersThese children are the proud winners of the "Best Decorated Poem" competition that was held on Poetry Day. Mr Moore was very impressed by all the beautiful entries and it was a very difficult decision to choose just one poem from each year group. Well done to everyone who took part.

First Joint House Meeting

First Joint House MeetingFirst Joint House MeetingThis year has seen the beginning of a new venture in the Pre Prep. The House system that operates in the Prep School has been extended down the school to include the younger children. Every child has been allocated a House and they have been receiving House Points for such things as good behaviour, thoughtfulness and politeness. They are all very enthusiastic about trying hard to gain as many points as possible for their Houses. This week they attended their first House meeting which was very exciting. The older Prep School children came down to the Pre Prep and they all met together to find out more about their Houses and the opportunities that lie ahead. The House Captains introduced themselves and thanked the Pre Prep children for gaining so many House points.

Poetry Day

Poetry DayPoetry DayPoetry Day was a huge success. Every child in the Department had great fun making a group poem which they then performed in front of their friends. Poetry Slam joined us for the day and expertly helped the children to be creative and imaginative in their poetry writing. The children (and staff!) came to school dressed up in some wonderful costumes. Mr Richards caused a bit of a stir in his crab outfit!

Many children took part in the poetry recital competition; even the children in the Nursery had the confidence to join in. There were also some super entries in the Best Decorated Poem Competition. A highlight of the day was when children from the senior school performed "The Boneyard Wrap". It was a real treat to see them perform with such obvious enjoyment. Well done to everyone for joining in with such enthusiasm.

Harvest Assembly

Harvest AssemblyHarvest AssemblyYear Two presented us with a super Harvest Assembly this week. With the help of Mr Southgate, they told the story of a pizza. Mr Southgate created a pizza and talked about where the ingredients had come from. The children then talked about the air miles involved for the pizza to arrive in Tiverton. They each had the opportunity to take part and it was lovely to hear them speak out with such confidence. It has been wonderful that so many children have supported this year's Charity, CHAT; the homeless people of Tiverton will be very grateful for the amazing variety of produce that has been brought into school.

Ciaran Williams Visits

Ciaran Williams VisitsCiaran Williams VisitsWe were very fortunate to meet Ciaran Williams, a member of the GB Olympic Handball Team, who came to talk to all the Pre Prep children about what it was like to be in the Olympics. The children had the opportunity to ask lots of questions and he encouraged them to work hard at the sports that they enjoy. It was so exciting to see him wearing his GB tracksuit and to hear about such things as the Olympic village, the food provisions and the different events. We were very grateful that he found the time in his busy schedule to fit in a visit to our Pre Prep.

Year 2 at the Seaside!

Year 2 at the Seaside!Year 2 at the Seaside!On Thursday 13th September Form 2K and Form 2R set off with great excitement on a coach to Budleigh Salterton. Once we got there the children looked at many of the local features including the beach huts, the promenade, plants and the estuary. We then carried on and walked towards the river Otter where we saw the river meeting the sea. We then did some sketches of all the things we had seen. The weather was gorgeous, so we ate our picnic on the beach and took in the sea view. We then travelled to Exmouth where we all bought a delicious ice-cream or lolly. We all had a paddle in the sea where Form 2K enjoyed playing with the seaweed and Form 2R saw a jellyfish. Playing on the sand was fun and some children even buried Mr Richards' feet! Luckily he escaped in time to catch the coach back to school. We noticed lots of interesting things in both seaside towns and the children were able to remember lots of things for our geography, history and science lessons this term. The children really enjoyed their day and sang all the way back on the coach too!

Summer Holiday Reading Challenge

Summer Holiday Reading ChallengeSummer Holiday Reading ChallengeIt was fantastic that fifty five children took part in the Summer Holiday Reading Challenge this year. Mrs Nash thoroughly enjoyed reading all the wonderful book reviews. Twenty four children have received a Bronze Award for reading ten books in the past year. This is a great achievement. Well done to all the children who took part.