Pre-Prep News 2013/14

Summer Term 2014

Pre-Prep Sports Day

Sports Day Sports Day It was a rare treat to have such a hot, sunny afternoon for the Pre-Prep Sports Day. The children thoroughly enjoyed running in their races; some of the races involved skills such as throwing, balancing and kicking a ball. There was a traditional sack race which is always a favourite and novelty races for the Nursery children. This year we introduced House races which involved children from across the years working together. The highlight of the afternoon for the children was watching their mums and dads becoming very competitive in their races; the dads in a Bunny Hop Race and the mums in the Egg and Spoon. The fun ended with a presentation of certificates to all the winners.

Babbacombe Model Village and Kents' Cavern Trip for Year 1

Babbacombe Model Village and Kents' Cavern Trip for Year 1 Babbacombe Model Village and Kents' Cavern Trip for Year 1 We were blessed with blue skies and sunshine for the Year One trip to Babbacombe Model Village and Kents' Cavern this year. The first stop was to watch a 4D film called "Two thousand Leagues Under the Sea." This was as much fun for the staff as it was for the children as we enjoyed the full sensory experiences of the story. We then toured around the Model Village and had great fun looking at the different miniature scenes. We had a delicious picnic lunch in the garden at Kents' Cavern followed by a guided tour of the caves. Many of the children were fascinated by hearing about the bears, lions and hyenas that inhabited the cave many years ago. After the tour, we enjoyed eating an ice lolly in the sun. Bea Morrison said that it was the best trip she had ever been on!

Nursery Summer Play, Rumble in the Jungle

Nursery Summer Play, Rumble in the Jungle Nursery Summer Play, Rumble in the Jungle The Nursery Summer play was called "Rumble in the Jungle" and all thirty-four three and four year old children took part in the production. It involved a group of explorers travelling around the jungle discovering the different types of animals that they encountered. The children entertained their audiences for nearly an hour with their poems, songs and dances. It was an absolute delight to watch.

Year One Play, The Elephant's Child

Year One Play, The Elephant's Child Year One Play, The Elephant's Child The Year One Summer Play this year was called "The Elephant's Child." It was a play based on the story by Rudyard Kipling that tells the tale of how the elephant got its long trunk. The children loved dressing up as the different animals; there were giraffes, ostriches, snakes, hippopotamuses, monkeys, elephants and of course, a crocodile. They looked as though they really loved performing for their friends and families. They sang some super songs and there were some great jungle dances too. The mums, dads, aunties, uncles and grandparents that attended thoroughly enjoyed watching the children have fun on the stage.

Pre-Prep Summer Concert

Pre-Prep Summer Concert Pre-Prep Summer Concert The Pre Prep Musicians thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Prep School Summer Concert. The Violinists joined in with the older members of the String Group and played three delightful pieces. The Brass Group accompanied Mr Taylor with his rendition of "Ten Green Bottles" and "When the Saints Come Marching Home." The Year Two children sang beautifully and looked quite at home on the big stage in the Marquee. Many of the Mums and Dads enjoyed a picnic and glass of bubbly whilst being entertained by the many different performances. It was a wonderful evening.

World of Country Life Trip for the Kindergarten

World of Country Life Trip for the Kindergarten World of Country Life Trip for the Kindergarten There was tremendous excitement rumbling through both Kindergarten classes on Tuesday morning as they waited to board the coach for their day at The World of Country Life, Exeter.

On arrival, they went to explore the enormous pirate ship. They had great fun running in and out of the ship, jumping in the sand and running over the rickety bridge.

They then went to feed the lambs. They had to hold on tight to the bottles as the animals were very hungry! After that they then went to walk some of the young goats. This was very entertaining for the children as the goats had a mind of their own. It was a case of seeing which 'kid' was in control of the other!

Before lunch the children had great fun on the adventure playground then tucked into their rolls, ready for the afternoon's adventures. The deer train was their next port of call and they all bundled on just as it started to drizzle. Spirits weren't dampened though and they had a rare chance to see a white calf as it come right up to the train. Nearly all the children had a go at feeding the deer and some very proud looking llamas.

The afternoon was topped off with a Bird of Prey demonstration. The children absolutely loved this and they all had the opportunity to have one or two birds land on them. They were shown a Golden Eagle named Buster, an Eagle Owl named Echo and a very small African Scops Owl named Taz. He was very small and young but definitely won over the audience.

We all clambered back onto the coach after a fantastic day... and it wasn't just the children who fell asleep on the way home!

Party Pieces

Party Pieces Party Pieces It was very exciting to have a visit from Ruth of Party Pieces at Busy Bees this week. She dressed up as a pirate and told the children a piratical story. The children dressed up in pirate bandanas and helped Ruth, dressed up as Pirate Patch, find her parrot who was called Polyester. They had to talk using pirate language and they even danced a pirate jig! They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and luckily, after quite a few clues, managed to reunite Pirate Patch with Polyester the parrot.

French Assembly

French Assembly French Assembly The children thoroughly enjoyed performing some of the songs that they have been learning in French this term during today's Pre Prep Assembly. Even the youngest Nursery children took part and sang in French and performed actions to do with their body parts. The children in the Kindergarten have been learning about the life cycle of the butterfly in Science and they sang a beautiful French song about a butterfly. The older children sang a song about the people in their families. It was a wonderful to see them enjoying their French so much. At the end of their performances, Mr. Southgate presented children from each class with a certificate and prize as a reward for their hard work.

Kindergarten Summer Play, Billy No Buzz

Kindergarten Summer Play, Billy No Buzz Kindergarten Summer Play, Billy No Buzz It was a real treat to watch the Kindergarten children perform their Summer Play this week. The play was called "Billy No Buzz" and it was a story about a bee who could not buzz like the other bees. The other bees did not want to be his friends because he was different from them. Luckily, a group of dragonflies came to his rescue and taught the bees that they should be his friend whatever he is like. The children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as bees and dragonflies; they sang beautifully and acted their parts very well. They all had big smiles on their faces and looked as though they were very happy to be on stage.

Chapel Visit for Year 1

Chapel Visit for Year 1 Chapel Visit for Year 1 The children in Year One visited Blundell's School Chapel last week as part of their R.E. Curriculum. The Reverend Tim Hunt met them there and talked about some of the interesting features in the Chapel. The children had the opportunity to ask questions and to look around. It was a very worthwhile expedition.

Busy Bees T-Shirts

Busy Bees T-Shirts The Year One Busy Bees thoroughly enjoyed designing and decorating their own tee shirts. There were a whole range of designs; some children had chosen to focus on their hobbies, some had drawn their favourite football teams and some had just created lovely pictures of their favourite things.

Tiverton Castle Trip for Year 2

Tiverton Castle Trip for Year 2 Tiverton Castle Trip for Year 2 On Wednesday 14th May Form 2K and Form 2R travelled in the school minibuses to visit Tiverton Castle. It was a lovely sunny morning to visit a local historical site. We were met there by Mrs. Gordon and she kindly gave us a tour. We looked at many interesting features and the children could clearly see where the people used to make their fires and how the floor was held up. The children learnt a lot about the work children had to do in a castle such as clean the chimneys and clean out the laboratories. As you can imagine they were horrified and were glad that they did not have to do this today! The children really enjoyed looking at the armour, trying on the helmets and holding the heavy cannon ball. The children listened carefully to Mrs Gordon as she told them the history of the castle and a few ghost stories too.

The Big Sheep Trip for Nursery Children

The Big Sheep Trip for Nursery Children The Big Sheep Trip for Nursery Children Last Friday, the Nursery classes, along with many of their parents, had a fantastic day out at The Big Sheep, Bideford. There was great excitement as they boarded the coach, as for many, it was the first time they had been on one.

Once there, they went to the Sheep Show and discovered that there are many different types of sheep. Several Nursery 1 children think they spotted Baa Baa Black sheep. There were lots of animals, and more sheep to see in the Animal Barn and while on the Tractor Safari.

Later there was the opportunity to feed the lambs, which they thoroughly enjoyed. The children quickly realised that they had to hold on tightly to the bottles of milk as the lambs were very strong and thirsty. They were excellent at passing the bottles around so that everyone was able to have a go.

There were rides on the train, during which the children enjoyed spotting Nursery rhyme characters, and the Piggy pull along was extremely popular, especially when it went over the bumps and through the muddy puddle! Many took part in the duck trials, helping the sheep dog to guide the ducks through the obstacles, and many of the children watched fascinated as a sheep was sheared.

With tractors to pedal, Jumping pillows to bounce on, pony rides, and a large indoor play area, the day passed all too quickly and it was a much quieter coach full of children that returned to school.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and certainly came away knowing a lot more about sheep!

Year 1 Trip to the Tiverton Museum

As part of their topic on 'How Children Lived', Year One children enjoyed visiting the Tiverton Museum to find out how Victorian children lived. They enjoyed dressing up and discovering the differences between our school and a Victorian school. and they practised dong some writing on a slate. Next they looked at some examples of Victorian books and toys and they looked at things found in the home. All the children tried sitting in the tiny bath tub and tried lifting up the heavy cooking pots. They all helped with the laundry although did not have to actually collect and heat the water. The highlight of this trip is always the Tivvy Bumper. All the children and staff felt that living in the Victorian times would have been very hard work.

Year 1 Trip to the Tiverton Museum  Year 1 Trip to the Tiverton Museum  Year 1 Trip to the Tiverton Museum

K.G. - Cats Protection Visit

K.G. - Cats Protection Visit K.G. - Cats Protection Visit The children in Kindergarten have been learning about pets and they recently had a visit from Di and Phil from the charity Cats Protection. The children found out about the work that they do at the Exeter Axhayes Adoption Centre. They were amazed to hear that they currently have as many as one hundred and fifty cats and kittens to look after and re-home. The children found out all about looking after cats and what makes a cat happy or sad. The children with cats of their own were very keen to tell everyone about their own pets. The children were extremely generous with their donations of cat toys and food for the charity.

Music in the Woods

Music in the Woods Music in the Woods The children in the Pre-Prep enjoyed a fun afternoon of music making in the school grounds with Mervyn Bedford from Musikgarten. They played various kinds of bells to accompany an action song about bluebells. They used colourful scarves to represent flowers in a song about seeds growing. The children danced and sang with a partner in a song about a merry go round. Everyone joined in all the activities with tremendous enthusiasm.

Reading Certificates

Reading Certificates It was super to see so many children receiving certificates in assembly for completing the Easter Holiday Reading Challenge. Sixty one children took part in the Challenge; twelve children were delighted to receive a Bronze Star Award for reading ten books and thirteen children received a Silver Star Award for reading twenty books. Mrs Nash enjoyed reading all the Book Reviews which were wonderful; many children had drawn some lovely pictures and made some very thoughtful comments. Well done to all who took part.

Spring Term 2014

Tag Rugby Festival

Tag Rugby Festival Tag Rugby Festival It was wonderful to welcome so many teams from local schools to our annual Tag Rugby Festival this year. All the children in Years One and Two had the opportunity to play in a team and each team played in three matches. They loved having the opportunity to play against other schools; it was good to see so much sporting talent in evidence. Mums and dads were pleased to have the opportunity to watch their children perform on the sports field. At the end of the afternoon, Mr Southgate presented the teams with certificates and there was a delicious match tea to enjoy as well. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

Exeter Cathedral Trip for Year 2

Exeter Cathedral Trip for Year 2 Exeter Cathedral Trip for Year 2 On Monday 24th March Form 2K and Form 2R visited Exeter Cathedral as part of their Religious Education topic, as they have been finding out about places of worship from different religions this term. Children were taken on a guided tour of the cathedral and they saw many interesting features. They asked lots of good questions and then later on the children were then able to have a go at brass rubbings in the Education Centre. After a delicious packed lunch the children went back into the cathedral to do some sketching of some of the things they had seen. It was hugely beneficial for the children to see some of the things such as the font, stained glass windows and the pulpit, which we have studied in the classroom. We all had an enjoyable day and the children were chatting about all that they had seen on the coach on the way home.

French Assembly

French Assembly French Assembly We had a super French Assembly this week. It was a great opportunity for the whole Pre Prep to watch their friends perform the French songs that they have been learning during French lessons. Madame Fitzherbert talked about what each year group has been doing. Mr Southgate presented some particularly hard working children with certificates and French pencils. The children thoroughly enjoyed showing us what they know.

Pre-Prep Maths Day

Pre-Prep Maths Day Pre-Prep Maths Day On Wednesday 12th March we celebrated 'World Maths Day' in the Pre-Prep. The children relished the opportunity to work in mixed-age groups and it was lovely to see the older children take the younger ones under their wings. The day began with a team building activity in which the children were asked to build the tallest structure that they could using 30 sticks of spaghetti, some selotape and some string. The structure needed to be strong enough to support the weight of a marshmallow! The tallest free standing structure, at 58cm, was created by Mrs Read, Savannah Kerr, Jesse Aldridge, Cecily Raper, James Dawkins, Edward Harris and Amber Tucker. The tallest non-free standing structure was measured at 62cm and was created by Mrs Barfoot, Sam Curtis, Ben Weeks, Alexander Morrison, Amelia Churcher, Arabella Gresswell and Amara Lilley. Well done to all of those children! After snack and break the children were set off on a problem solving number trail around the school grounds. Everyone tried really hard to solve the problems and to figure out where the next clue would be. The children had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the day.

Pancake Races for the Nursery

Pancake Races for the Nursery Pancake Races for the Nursery The children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up on Shrove Tuesday and taking part in some very exciting pancake races.

Dentist Trip for Nursery 1 Children

Dentist Trip for Nursery 1 Children Dentist Trip for Nursery 1 Children As part of their topic, 'All about Me', the children in Nursery 1 went to visit the dentist. Dr Curtis kindly invited the class to visit him at Castle View Dental Practice. When they arrived, after what for many, was their first journey on a minibus, we went into the waiting room to wait for our appointment. They were then taken into the treatment room where Dr Curtis demonstrated how he checks our teeth and what all the equipment was for. They were surprised to find that he uses a water squirter and has a special vacuum cleaner and drier! All the children had the opportunity to sit in the dental chair and they helped with pressing buttons to move it up and down. Before we left, we visited the receptionist to find out about making appointments and a very kind gentleman allowed the children to watch him having his teeth checked.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and it helped to alleviate some of the fears associated with going to the dentist. Armed with goodie bags full of items to help promote healthy teeth, the children returned to school.

Best Decorated Poem Winners

Best Decorated Poem Winners Best Decorated Poem Winners As part of the Poetry Day Extravaganza, the children were able to take part in a Best Decorated Poem Competition. There were many wonderful entries and Mr Moore had the difficult job of judging the best poem in each year group. The winners were presented with their prizes during assembly the following week. Well done to everyone who took part.

Poetry Extravaganza!

Poetry Extravaganza! Poetry Extravaganza! We celebrated World Book Day this year by holding a Poetry Extravaganza. The children came to school dressed up as poetry or Nursery Rhyme characters. There was an amazing variety of fantastic costumes; there were Wee Willie Winkies, Little Bo Peeps, witches, pirates, dragons and even an "I'm a Little Teapot." We held a poetry recital competition and most of the children took part and learnt poems to recite in front of their teachers and friends. Mr Rochfort, a Drama teacher from the Senior School judged the competition and there were prizes for the winners. The children in the Nursery joined in as well and recited Nursery Rhymes on the stage. A highlight of the day was when a group of Year Eight children from the Senior School joined us and recited a poem called "Year Six." They were brilliant and a real inspiration for the Pre Prep children. It was a wonderfully fun and exciting day.

Art Week

Art Week Art Week Well done to all the Pre-Prep children for all their hard work and keen participation during Art Week. The theme of the underwater world was embraced with enthusiasm and the children thoroughly enjoyed the extra art this entailed. First of all, each year group became picture detectives as they were shown several famous paintings by our visitor from Magic Lantern. They were given the opportunity to dress up as the characters and act out what was happening in the painting. The children all made observational drawings of fish and some made collages in their sketchbooks. All the children then contributed towards our underwater world. Year two made the rocky columns and the 'peel off paint' fish on the windows. They also had lots of fun attaching the seaweed to the netting. Year One made the watery panels and the hanging 3d fish which they painted with glass paints. Kindergarten made the underwater plants and the fish collages. The Nursery children made the jelly fish, starfish and the bubbles. They also made a huge octopus and a diver which are on display on their Nursery boards. Every child also did a printing activity which will be displayed later this term. Kindergarten even did some printing using real fish! It was lovely to see the children working so hard and collaboratively towards a large piece of art work, which they now swim through on their way to assembly!

Assembly Violinists

Assembly Violinists Assembly Violinists The Pre Prep violinists performed in assembly this week. It was super to hear what they have been learning in their violin classes. Most of them have only been learning the violin for a short time but they made a lovely sound with their instruments. Some of their parents were able to attend the assembly and enjoyed hearing them play together as a group.

House Music

House Music House Music House Music was an exciting event for the Pre Prep this year. All the children from the Kindergarten upwards took part. Miss Purvis taught them a song called "The Super Supper March" which they thoroughly enjoyed learning. They then performed the song in their Houses as part of the competition in the Prep School. They loved being a part of the event and enjoyed being able to listen while the older children performed their items.

House Matches

House Matches House Matches There was a buzz of excitement in the Pre-Prep on the day of the House Matches. The Year One and Two children were desperate to represent their Houses in the Netball and Football matches. They played extremely well and battled hard for their goals. In the end, Grenville was the winning House for the Netball and Drake for the Football. Many parents came to support the children and then enjoyed a delicious match tea afterwards.

Really Wild Encounter at the Pre-Prep

Really Wild Encounter at the Pre-Prep Really Wild Encounter at the Pre-Prep Sounds of the rainforest could be heard from the Pre-Prep hall when Neil Vaughan visited with his Really Wild Encounter. There was great excitement from the children in the Nursery and Kindergarten as they entered the hall with the lights dimmed, animal noises playing in the background and a wonderful set with animal puppets peeping from the trees. The first real creatures that the children encountered were a pair of African land snails called Brian and Briony. They all had the opportunity to touch their shells and learn about how snails have their skeleton on the outside of their body. Several children were brave enough to hold a snail and see how much slime it produced. Ginny the bird eating spider was the next creature that the children met. They were all delighted when she waved her hairy legs at them. The final creature that the children met was Norris the skink. They learned about the importance of using the back of their hand to stroke any kind of reptile. One of the children in Kindergarten was thrilled to have the opportunity to let Norris crawl over her head!

Otters' Camp Fire

Otters' Camp Fire Otters' Camp Fire This week, Otters children had a go at making a camp fire. All the children had a go at making sparks using the fire striker, although they proved quite tricky to use. However, the sparks very quickly lit the cotton wool, then the children put on straw. Next they chose very thin twigs before putting on slightly larger twigs. The fires built up nicely as the twigs the children collected last week were quite dry. All three fires were very successful. The time passed very quickly and the children put the fires out safely before going in. This activity was enjoyed very much by all and the children learnt a lot about fire safety also.

Grandparents' Day

Grandparents' Day Grandparents' Day It was wonderful to be able to welcome our grannies and grandads into the Pre Prep for the morning. They were delighted to be able to witness first-hand the types of activities that their grandchildren are experiencing at school. The morning started with an assembly with the Year Two children doing a presentation about what life is like in the Pre Prep. The grandparents were then able to go with their grandchildren to the first lessons of the day. They helped with many different areas of the curriculum like Information Technology, Mathematics and English. They then enjoyed a cup of coffee and a piece of cake; they all agreed that school life has certainly changed a lot since the days when they were at school and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Outdoor Learning with Year One

Outdoor Learning with Year One Outdoor Learning with Year One The Year One children had a fantastic afternoon at the Hub. They kitted themselves out in their wellies, coats, hats, scarves and gloves and enthusiastically braced themselves for the January temperatures! Having covered the story of the Great Fire of London in History, they were keen to learn about fire making and why the fire spread so quickly. Mrs Shelbourne managed to get a huge fire burning and she put some wood in a tin on the fire to see whether we could make charcoal. The children hunted for suitable sticks to help keep the fire burning. It was a real treat to stop and warm up with a mug of hot chocolate and a biscuit. Then they all sang "London's Burning" around the campfire and accompanied the singing with the musical instruments whilst learning about beat and rhythm. An exciting end to the session was finding out that the wood that had been put onto the fire had actually turned into real charcoal which will be used during an art lesson next week.

St Nicholas Priory Trip for Year One

St Nicholas Priory Trip for Year One St Nicholas Priory Trip for Year One This week the Year One children visited St Nicholas Priory in Exeter to reinforce their learning of The Great Fire of London and look at a building which dates back 1000 years. They had great fun dressing up in period costumes and having their portrait taken. The kitchen was particularly interesting as they discovered many things which are different to today's kitchens. We all ate our packed lunch at the dining room table having discovered the differences in the foods people ate in 1666. We all had a great day out and would recommend a visit to the Priory when it opens to the public in the summer.

Holiday Reading Challenge

Holiday Reading Challenge It was fantastic to see so many children completing the Holiday Reading Challenge this Christmas Holiday despite the fact that it is a very busy time for many families. Sixty one children handed in their three book reviews and received a certificate. Three children received Silver Awards and five children received Bronze Awards. Well done to them all.

Autumn Term 2013

Christmas Party

Christmas PartyChristmas PartyThere was a feeling of extreme excitement in the Pre Prep on the last day of term. Everyone came to school in party clothes and the classrooms were decorated with paper chains and tinsel. The kitchen provided a special party lunch and party games were the order of the day. There was great anticipation about whether Father Christmas would have time to drop in and see everyone; luckily, he managed to squeeze a visit in despite his tight schedule at this time of year. He very kindly visited each classroom and delivered a present for each child; he even had presents for the grown-ups too! It was a super day.

Nursery One and Nursery Two Nativity

Nursery One and Nursery Two NativityNursery One and Nursery Two NativityThe youngest children in the Pre-Prep took to the stage for 'The First Nativity' production in the final week of term. The children looked fabulous in their gorgeous costumes and those that had words to say tried really hard with them. The singing was lovely with everyone trying their best. The children also did really well with remembering where they needed to be on the stage too. Everyone very much enjoyed watching this splendid play. Well done Nursery One and Nursery Two.

Killerton House Christmas Trip for Year 1

Killerton House Christmas Trip for Year 1Killerton House Christmas Trip for Year 1The Year One children dressed up in their best Victorian clothes for the Christmas trip to Killerton House. The sun was shining and the Gardens and House looked fabulous; there were baubles hanging from the trees outside which were glistening in the sunshine. It made us feel very Christmassy as we walked up the drive. Once inside, the children were told the Victorian story of The Christmas Carol. The house was decorated in beautiful Victorian decorations and, as we moved from room to room, the children learnt about different aspects of Christmas in the past. At the end of the visit, we gathered together in the music room to sing carols in front of the fireplace. It was a very special start to the Christmas season.

Kindergarten Nativity Play, Fishing For Stars

Kindergarten Nativity Play, Fishing For StarsKindergarten Nativity Play, Fishing For StarsThe children in the Kindergarten were all stars in their Nativity Play which was called "Fishing for Stars." It was the story of a little boy who, whilst dreaming about fishing for stars, is taken on a journey by a big star to find the Baby Jesus; he is closely followed by the shepherds and the Kings. There was a gasp of amazement from the children in the audience as they saw the big star appear on stage with lights all around her. Despite being so young, the children spoke their words confidently and they sang their songs with pride. They appeared to be enjoying themselves enormously on stage and were happy to perform. It was a super start to the Christmas season.

Year One Nativity Play, Baa... Baa... Bethlehem

Year One Nativity Play, Baa... Baa... BethlehemYear One Nativity Play, Baa... Baa... BethlehemThis year's Year One Nativity Play was called "Baa... Baa... Bethlehem." It was a delightful story about some young shepherds who were feeling second best to the older shepherds who did all the important jobs like taking the sheep to market. They ended up being the first to see the angels appear in the sky as they sang their beautiful song to them; this made them feel very important and special. The children sang beautifully; the stars performed a lovely dance and the children spoke their words with great confidence. The audience of friends and family thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Year 2 Play, Prickly Hay

Year 2 Play, Prickly HayYear 2 Play, Prickly HayA really fantastic performance was enjoyed by all. The energy and enthusiasm was great to see and all the children sang with gusto. The children (and staff) had clearly worked very hard and as such the performance was seamless. A special mention for Maddie's solo which she sang beautifully. Well done to all.

George and the Dragon

George and the DragonGeorge and the DragonShrieks of laughter filled the hall this afternoon as Gormless George tried to kill the dragon while the wicked Countess tried to poison him before he could marry Princess Eleanor. The children joined in with shouts and scary dragon noises. All the children in the Pre-Prep, from N1 to Year 2, and Year 3 also, watched the play; the teachers enjoyed it as well.

Children in Need Appeal

Children in Need AppealChildren in Need AppealAs always, the children in the Pre Prep were very keen to raise money for the Children in Need Appeal. They all baked cakes that they then bought and enjoyed eating during playtimes. They wore spotty ties and scarves into school to brighten up their uniform for the day. Many of them also raised money by doing extra jobs at home for their parents. It was a fun day and a lot of money was raised for a very worthy cause.


RemembranceRemembranceThe Pre Prep children joined the Prep School for a very poignant Remembrance Service. Year Six children read extracts from "The Forgotten Voices of the Great War" which helped to create a picture of what life was like for different groups of people during the First World War. The Head Master addressed the School and this was followed by a Minute's Silence and the Last Post. Right from the Nursery upwards, the children listened carefully and enjoyed being part of something so meaningful and important.

Otters Club: Land Art

Otters Club: Land ArtOtters Club: Land ArtOtters enjoyed collecting sticks and leaves to create some more land art this week. Have a look at their leaf stacks around the outside of the hub. Land art is always left behind for others to discover, and many Otters have said they will be going home to make leaf stacks in their gardens.

Rugby vs Kelly for the U7

Rugby vs Kelly for the U7Rugby vs Kelly for the U7The under 7's had a great rugby tag game against Kelly College on Tuesday. Lots of flowing rugby was seen from all. A wonderful post match tea was had, building friendships for the future.

French Assembly

French AssemblyFrench AssemblyIt was the Pre Prep French Assembly this week. Each class went on the stage and sang wonderful songs in French and accompanied them with actions. They clearly love learning French with Madame FitzHerbert and have a lot of fun whilst also learning a second language. One child from each class was selected to receive a Certificate of Merit from Mr Southgate for working hard during French lessons this term.

Otters Art Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Otters Art Inspired by Andy GoldsworthyOtters Art Inspired by Andy GoldsworthyIn Otters this week, we looked at some pictures of works of art by Andy Goldsworthy – a famous land artist. The rain stopped and the sun came out so we had lots of fun collecting acorns, stones, twigs and leaves to make some circles in the style of this artist.

Ollie the Clown and Happy's Circus

Ollie the Clown and Happy's CircusOllie the Clown and Happy's CircusThe "Friends of Blundell's" Parents' Association organised a wonderful circus day for the children in the Pre-Prep and Prep. They were able to wear their own clothes to school. They had a session with Ollie the Clown who taught them circus tricks. They learnt how to spin plates, juggle, spin hoops and use a pedalo. They really enjoyed themselves. Later in the day, Mr Happy's Circus set up camp on the school field and entertained children and parents with an amazing show. It really was a most marvellous treat for everyone.

Pre-Prep Story Writing Competition

Pre-Prep Story Writing CompetitionPre-Prep Story Writing CompetitionIt was super to receive so many lovely stories from children in Years One and Two who wanted to enter the "Otto the Book Bear" story writing competition. Mrs Nash really enjoyed reading the stories; they were all so different and so imaginative. It was very difficult to choose the two winners so there were also six runners up who received Highly Commended Certificates. Well done to everyone who took part.

Book Day

Book DayBook DayBook Day was fantastic fun again this year. The children dressed up in some wonderful costumes. We had mermaids, pirates, dinosaurs, Peter Pans, Harry Potters and even a "Where's Wally?" The well-known author and illustrator, Shoo Rayner, spent the day in the Pre Prep reading stories to the children and entertaining them with his demonstrations of how to draw. He was inspirational in the way he presented his literature to them. It was a great opportunity to focus on the joy of reading and books. The book, "Otto the Book Bear," became the subject of a story writing competition. The most exciting part of the day was in the evening when everyone returned to school dressed in pyjamas clutching sleeping bags, pillows and Teddy Bears. The teachers read bedtime stories to the children and they enjoyed cookies and hot chocolate before going home to bed. It was a great way to end the day.

Harvest Assembly

Harvest AssemblyHarvest AssemblyThe Year Two children presented us with a wonderful Harvest Assembly. Mr Southgate brought a Harvest Lucky Dip into the hall and children excitedly volunteered to dip in and choose a pot of food to taste. There was a mixture of responses but we were all full of admiration for the Kindergarten boy who tasted the pickled onions! There was a strong message in the assembly about sharing and giving. There has been great support for the appeal for this year's local charity, CHAT. The fantastic array of foods that have been brought in will be greatly appreciated by local needy people.

Holiday Reading Challenge Winners

Holiday Reading Challenge WinnersHoliday Reading Challenge WinnersWell done to the fifty-two children who took part in this summer's Holiday Reading Challenge. Mrs Nash really enjoyed reading all the wonderful book reviews. There were seven children who received their Bronze Awards and nine who received their Silver Awards. It is super to see so many children enjoying their reading.

Year 2 at the Seaside!

Year 2 at the Seaside!TEMPLATENEWSIMAGEOn Thursday 12th September Form 2K and Form 2R set off with lots of enthusiasm to Budleigh Salterton. Once we got there the children looked at many of the local features including the beach huts, the promenade, plants, fishing boats and of course all the pebbles on the beach. We then carried on walking towards the estuary and the river Otter. The children loved seeing the river meeting the sea and all the wild birds on the river; they were making more noise than they were!. We then did some sketches of all the things we had seen. The weather was a bit drizzly at lunch time but that did not stop us enjoying our picnic on the beach while we took in the sea view. We then travelled on the coach to Exmouth where we all bought a delicious ice-cream or lolly. Most of us had a paddle in the sea and some children found seaweed there too. Playing on the sand was fun and lots of shells were collected. We noticed lots of interesting things in both seaside towns and the children were able to remember lots of things for our geography, history and science lessons this term. The children really enjoyed their day and were very well behaved and polite too. Well done Year 2.