Pre-Prep News 2015/16

Summer Term 2016

Babbacombe and Kents Cavern Trip for Year One

Babbacombe and Kents Cavern Trip for Year One Babbacombe and Kents Cavern Trip for Year One Year One children thoroughly enjoyed their trip to visit Babbacombe Model Village and Kents Cavern. The sun shone for most of the morning which was fortuitous. They had lots of fun in the 3D cinema and were fascinated by the wonderful model houses and buildings. They devoured a yummy picnic for lunch and then toured the caves. The tour guide told them lots of interesting facts about what life was like in the caves thousands of years ago. The trip ended with a delicious ice lolly. A happy day was had by all.

Teddy Sleepover

Teddy Sleepover Day Teddy Sleepover Day Many children brought their teddies into school for a sleepover today. They were keen to support this fundraising event put on by CHAT. They all brought pound coins in to raise money for this very worthwhile, local charity that supports homeless people.

Pre-Prep Summer Concert

Pre-Prep Summer Concert Pre-Prep Summer Concert The Pre-Prep musicians were thrilled to be able to join in with the Prep School Summer Concert. They bravely performed in front of a packed audience in the marquee and received loud applause for their efforts. It was super to see them singing and playing their instruments with such confidence.

Prep/Pre-Prep Sports Afternoon

Prep/Pre-Prep Sports Afternoon The Pre-Prep and Prep School children enjoyed a fabulous afternoon filled with a variety of sporting activities. The children were bowling skittle down the corridors, playing golf and hockey, dancing to musical statues and many more activities. As the Year 6 children were away, the Year 5 children were responsible for looking after the younger children and they did a great job at this. The nursery children said that they loved making new friends. It was a wonderful afternoon for the Nursery 1 to Year 5 children to enjoy and thankfully the weather stayed dry for us too!

Kindergarten visit The World of Country Life

Kindergarten visit The World of Country Life

Kindergarten visit The World of Country Life
Kindergarten visit The World of Country Life

Kindergarten visit The World of Country Life

The Kindergarten children had a marvellous day out on their trip to The World of Country Life. They skipped onto the bus full of excitement for what the day held. The morning was jam packed with pirate ship escapades, goat walking (or child walking!) and a chance to feed the deer and llamas. They were lucky enough to see two little fawns and some very friendly sheep! The children tucked into a packed lunch swiftly followed by an amazing Birds of Prey display. They finished off the day with a visit to see the baby wallabies and Rheas before jumping back onto the coach. It was a very busy day with lots of happy faces and a few sleeping beauties on the way home!

Trip to Escot Park

Year 2 had a fabulous end of term trip to Escot Park on Friday 17th June. The coach arrived to greet nineteen very excited children and everyone was well prepared to face every eventuality of weather! On arrival it had stopped raining and the children enjoyed exploring the maze and trying to find their way out. After that the children made necklaces from tree biscuits and decorated them. We were then whisked off for a walk through the woods which ended at an adventure park which was lots of fun. The children were then ready for their delicious picnic provided for us by the School kitchen; there was not a lot left at the end as all were really hungry. For an extra dessert the children were able to toast marshmallows on the open fire. A quick trip to the gift shop occurred before we were off to watch the otters being fed. We were given an informative talk about the otters and the children asked some interesting questions. Finally we went on the much anticipated swamp walk. Everyone went through at least part of the swamp if not all the way and it was extremely muddy! It was great to see everyone helping each other along with either and encouraging word or a helping hand. After a quick change into dry clean clothes and a huddle around the fire to warm up the children had a quick play before we headed back to Tiverton. The coach was full of happy, tired but dirty and smelly children and adults after the swamp and camp fire but a great day was had by all!

Spring Players in Pre-Prep Assembly

Spring Players in Pre-Prep Assembly Spring Players in Pre-Prep Assembly Some of the Prep School string players joined the Pre-Prep violin and cello groups to play in assembly today. The children played two pieces that they have been preparing for the Summer Concert.

Outdoor Learning Day

Outdoor Learning Day Outdoor Learning Day The children in The Pre-Prep enjoyed a marvellous day in the sunshine on Wednesday 8th June. All the children from Nursery 1 to Form 2 were involved and all worked together extremely well. In the morning they built shelters in mixed age groups and had lots of fun designing them. For snack they made popcorn and toasted marshmallows around the fire before getting back into their groups to create some works of art using natural materials. There was just enough time to sing songs under the shade of the trees before tucking into a delicious picnic. The afternoon brought foraging for Form 2 and the serious task of making a tasty soup. The other children made some delightful animal homes and thought carefully about what they would need. The end of the day meant we could all try the amazing soup which Year 2 had lovingly prepared – using their Blundell's grown vegetables and herbs. Toasted bread twists accompanied the soup which all went down extremely well with all the children. I think it was safe to say that everyone went home with a big grin and slept well that night!

Year One Play, The Three Little Pigs

Year One Play, The Three Little Pigs Year One Play, The Three Little Pigs The Year One Summer Play was a triumph. The families and friends who watched it were full of admiration for the efforts of the whole cast. The story told was that of "The Three Little Pigs" and the children performed with great enthusiasm and enjoyment. Many of them had solos or duets to sing and they did so with amazing confidence. Every child rose to the occasion and sang, spoke out and acted to the best of his/her ability. Well done Year One.

Nursery Play, The Magical Land of Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Play, The Magical Land of Nursery Rhymes Nursery Play, The Magical Land of Nursery Rhymes All of the Nursery children, aged from two years to four years, were involved in a wonderful production called "The Magical Land of Nursery Rhymes." They looked so happy to be on stage and to be taking part in some very traditional nursery rhymes. There was a Humpty Dumpty falling off his wall. He had to be checked over by Doctor Foster. The Grand Old Duke of York came to inspect Humpty's broken wall. He then called for the help of Bob the Builder to mend it. The children sang the Bob the Builder song with huge enthusiasm. Miss Polly then put the kettle on to make Bob a cup of tea and so it went on. The audience was asked to help with the last song, Rock around the Clock, whilst some very lively mice rocked and rolled in front of the Hickory Dickory Clock. It was a thoroughly entertaining performance and an incredible achievement for children of such a young age.

Tiverton Castle Trip for Year 2

Tiverton Castle Trip for Year 2 Tiverton Castle Trip for Year 2 On the 18th May some rather excited Year Two children set off on the minibuses across Tiverton on route to our local castle. Once in the beautiful gardens, the children were greeted by Mrs Gordon who was ready to take us on an action packed tour.

The children listened intently as Mrs Gordon told them about life in the Castle and those who had lived there. Unsurprisingly, the children were fascinated by the old castle toilets yet appeared somewhat relieved that their own weekly chores do not include toilet cleaning duties. It was agreed that the castle would have been a smelly place to stay and that it is much easier to be a child in the modern day!

As the tour came to an end the children were given the opportunity to look at different artefacts and even tried on helmets. The children were incredibly well mannered and asked lots of great questions. It was a really insightful outing and the children decided that they are very lucky to have such a wonderful historical site just around the corner from school.

Kindergarten Play, Noah

Kindergarten Play, Noah Kindergarten Play, Noah The Kindergarten put on a wonderful summer play called "Noah" for their friends and families to watch. The children enjoyed retelling how Noah escaped the floods by building an ark and filling it with two if every kind of animal. They looked wonderful in their costumes; there were pigs, penguins and giraffes as well as a dove and a raven. The children danced and sang and spoke their lines confidently. There was a great deal of loud applause afterwards from a very appreciative audience.

Kindergarten Hunt for Mini-Beasts

Kindergarten Hunt for Mini-Beasts Kindergarten Hunt for Mini-Beasts The Kindergarten children had a mini-beast hunt, and had great fun collecting specimens and later building mini-beast hotels which they showed to 2K. Lots of fun in the sun!

Easter Holiday Reading Challenge

Easter Holiday Reading Challenge Easter Holiday Reading Challenge Well done to the fifty-one children who took part in the Holiday Reading Challenge this Easter Holiday. Mrs Nash thoroughly enjoyed reading all the super book reviews. It was lovely to see so many children receive Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. The Year Two children are looking forward to continuing with the Challenge when they move on to the Prep School.

School Chapel Visit for Year 1

School Chapel Visit for Year 1 Year One thoroughly enjoyed walking down to the School Chapel in the sunshine. They were greeted by The Reverend Hunt, the school chaplain, who then showed the children around the Chapel and talked to them about the role of the church. They were very interested to find out about the various features of the church and the visit helped to consolidate work that they have been covering during R.E. lessons this term.

Tiverton Museum Trip for Year 1

Tiverton Museum Trip for Year 1 Year 1 had a wonderful day at the Tiverton museum. They thoroughly enjoyed dressing up in Victorian clothing, however they have decided that they are pleased that they go to school nowadays and not in the times where there were canes and hard pieces of wood to ensure you sit up straight in class! The children learnt many things about Victorian life and have all learnt how to wash and dry clothes without a washing machine and are very much looking forward to helping out with the washing at home!!!

Cats Protection Charity Visits

Cats Protection Charity Visits Cats Protection Charity Visits The children in Kindergarten learned all about how to care for cats when Phil Punnett from the charity Cats Protection visited the school. They had the chance to try out a microchip scanner on a toy cat and found out the correct way to stroke a cat. They enjoyed having the opportunity to try out a variety of cat toys. They were all very keen to tell Phil all about their own pets. Phil spoke to them about the fantastic work that the Axhayes Adoption Centre in Exeter do. They currently have nearly one hundred cats needing to be found a home. Across the country the charity look after and rehome about fifty-two thousand cats and kittens a year.

Mervyn Bedford from Musikgarten Visits

Mervyn Bedford from Musikgarten Visits Mervyn Bedford from Musikgarten Visits The children in the Pre-Prep had a wonderful time when Mervyn Bedford, from Musikgarten visited. Unfortunately, the wet weather meant that he was unable to do his music workshops outside but the weather did not dampen our spirits and the activities took place in the hall.

The children listened intently and joined in all the singing and actions as Mervyn led them in activities connected with topic of 'Spring'. They thoroughly enjoyed using a variety of percussion instruments to accompany some of the songs.

Spring Term 2016

Tag Rugby Festival

Tag Rugby Festival Year 1 and 2 took part in a very exciting Tag Rugby match. Local schools came to Blundell's to play a series of Tag Rugby matches against our Year 1 and 2 children. The children showed incredible running, dodging and tagging skills! The children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and made lots of new friends too. A big thanks also for our Year 5 children who helped to marshal and encourage each team.

Exeter Cathedral and Exeter Mosque Trip for Year 2

Exeter Cathedral and Exeter Mosque Trip for Year 2 Exeter Cathedral and Exeter Mosque Trip for Year 2 This term Year 2 have been learning about places of worship as part of their Religious Education Curriculum and on Thursday 17th March they were fortunate to be able to visited Exeter Cathedral and then Exeter Mosque. The children were taken on a guided tour of the Cathedral and they saw many interesting features including the font, stained glass windows and the pulpit. They asked lots of good questions and then the children participated in a treasure hunt to find brass plagues. Later on the children were delighted to be able to do their own brass rubbings to bring back to school. As part of the day the School staff surprised the children as they had organised for them to lay a piece of Lego on the model being made in the Cathedral to raise vital funds. This caused a lot of excitement and some good photo opportunities!

After a much anticipated packed lunch we got back on the coach and travelled the short distance to Exeter Mosque where we were met by the Imam and he showed us the men's washing area as well as talking us through some of the customs and traditions. All the children listened very carefully and they had the opportunity to ask questions too. We were also invited to watch some Muslims pray and the children sat really quietly and behaved respectfully as the watched the rituals that they had heard about at school. The Imam then offered the children and adults refreshments and happily answered the questions that children had about what they had seen and heard.

We all had a fantastic day and the children were very keen to share all the things that they had enjoyed on our return to school.

Pre-Prep Science Week: Space

Pre-Prep Science Week: Space

Pre-Prep Science Week: Space
Pre-Prep Science Week: Space

Pre-Prep Science Week: Space

The theme of the Pre-Prep Science Week this year was 'Space' to tie in with Tim Peake's time on the International Space Station. Jo Richardson from Space Detectives gave a fascinating presentation on 'The Solar System' to all the children. Everyone in the hall, from Nursery One to the teachers, was absorbed and learned a huge amount. In workshops later in the day she told the children some more information about astronauts and rockets and a few children had the chance to dress up as astronauts. The children then made their own rockets which were blasted into the air in the playground. There were excited screams of delight as each rocket went up.

The annual competition was to design and make a space vehicle to bring Tim Peake back from space. The Nursery Foyer was packed with rockets and space craft of every shape and size. Some were so big that Tim Peake would almost be able to fit inside! To add to the excitement one of our parents, who knows Tim, emailed photographs of the space models to him on the International Space Station. His reply was,

"Brilliant rockets... some of them not small either! I feel safe now knowing I have a ride home... thank you!" Tim

House Matches

House Matches House Matches The sun was shining down on us for House Matches this week. The children were excited about playing against each other in the football and netball matches. They all did their best for their houses. Drake won the football and Raleigh won the netball but it was very close. It was lovely to see so many parents join us for the afternoon to support the children and everyone enjoyed a delicious tea afterwards. Well done to all who took part.

Year 2 Play, The Magic Mirror of Health

Year 2 Play, The Magic Mirror of Health Year 2 Play, The Magic Mirror of Health Year Two performed a super spring play called "The Magic Mirror of Health." It was a delightful story of a King who wanted to marry a beautiful princess. He was unable to find a suitable wife to marry him because he was so unfit and unhealthy. With the help of the doctors and the villagers, he starts to improve his health and fitness. Finally, he is such a picture of health, that he manages to find a lovely princess to marry him. The children appeared to be thoroughly enjoying performing in front of their friends and families. They sang some lovely songs and even inspired the audience to join in with the fitness exercises!

Year 3's Pop-Up Books

Year 3's Pop-Up Books Year 3's Pop-Up Books The Year Three children brought pop up books that they had made in a Design Technology lesson down to the Pre Prep to read to the younger children. It was a real treat for us to spend the afternoon having lovely stories read to us.

House Music Competition

House Music Competition The Pre-Prep enjoyed taking part in the House Music Competition. All the children learned the song 'I've Got No Strings' from 'Pinocchio' and they sang it in their house groups. They all remembered the words and sang out beautifully in front of a daunting audience of Prep School children and staff as well as the judge Mr. Gordon from the Senior School.

Poetry Day

Poetry Day Poetry Day The first half of the Spring Term ended with a fantastic Poetry Day. Many of the Pre Prep children took part in the competitions. It was wonderful to hear them recite their poems and to see them dressed up as such interesting poetry characters. It was super to be joined by the Year Eight children from the Senior School who recited a poem for the Pre Prep. They also helped to judge the final of the Poetry Recital Competition and presented the prizes. Well done to all the children who took part and made it such a special day.

Shrove Tuesday in the Kindergarten

Shrove Tuesday in the Kindergarten Shrove Tuesday in the Kindergarten The children in Kindergarten all had great fun making pancakes and then eating them! Sugar and lemon, maple syrup and honey were all popular toppings. They also made their own cookery books explaining how to make pancakes.

Recorder Group in Assembly

Recorder Group in Assembly Recorder Group in Assembly The children in the Pre-Prep Recorder Group played their recorders to entertain us in assembly. In pairs, groups and individually they played a variety of tunes and one of the children even played her own composition!

Grandparents Morning

Grandparents Morning Grandparents Morning The Pre-Prep children thoroughly enjoyed welcoming their grandparents into school this week. The grandparents arrived in time for assembly and then went into classes with their grandchildren. They helped with activities such a puppet making, tent making, art, tasting and computing. Many of the grandparents thoroughly enjoyed seeing how school had changed since their day. The children loved showing their relatives their work and introducing them to their friends.

Cellos in Assembly

Cellos in Assembly Cellos in Assembly The children in the Pre-Prep Cello Club played some fun pieces in assembly with their teacher Mrs Boxer. They all played with great confidence and obvious enjoyment.

Outdoor Learning and the Great Fire of London

Outdoor Learning and the Great Fire of London Outdoor Learning and the Great Fire of London Year 1 had a fabulous afternoon collecting wood, making a fire and discussing the Great Fire of London. They made charcoal for their art work. After a delicious hot chocolate, they sang London's Burning with claves. It was a fantastic afternoon.

The Great Fire of London with Year 1

The Great Fire of London with Year 1 The Great Fire of London with Year 1 Year One spent the day learning about the Great Fire of London. A wool merchant called Master Hugh Scrivenor visited the school to tell the children all about the fire and about life at that time. The children dressed up in the types of clothes that were worn in those days. They found out about the food of that time for both rich and poor people. They learned about the buildings and how they were different from the homes we live in today. They used quills and looked at the types of letters that were used. The day ended with a fun drama session where, in groups, they acted out the events of the Great Fire. It was a wonderfully informative day.

Building Dens

Building Dens Building Dens Kindergarten, Year 1 and 2 had enormous fun on Wednesday 13th January. They spent the afternoon building dens with the help of some of Year 5 and 6. All the children worked tremendously well together and the older children looked after the younger ones incredibly well. After building some very impressive dens, we stopped for hot chocolate and flapjacks around the camp fire before going back to the dens for some stories read by the Year 5 and 6s. The afternoon was rounded off by having great fun playing in each other's dens and seeing what all the other groups had been up to. The children went home fairly muddy and extremely happy!

'Really Wild Encounter' for Nursery and Kindergarten

Really Wild Encounter for Nursery and Kindergarten Really Wild Encounter for Nursery and Kindergarten Squeals of delight and excitement were heard from the Pre-Prep hall when Neil Vaughan visited the school. Neil came to give the children in Nursery and Kindergarten a 'Really Wild Encounter'. With a jungle backdrop and rainforest sounds the children were enthralled as Neil produced three different creatures for them to learn about and handle. The first were three Giant Hissing Cockroaches called Cedric, Shirley and Charlie. The children found out that they come from Madagascar and eat rotting fruit and vegetation. Next we met Ginny the Bird Eating Spider. As well as eating hummingbirds in the wild they also eat grasshoppers, frogs and small lizards. The final creature was Norris a Blue-tongued Skink from Australia. It was wonderful to see how the children's confidence developed during the hour that Neil was with us. Several children, who were initially reluctant to touch any of the creatures, plucked up the courage to stroke Norris by the end of the morning.

Autumn Term 2015

Nursery Nativity - A Wriggly Nativity

Nursery Nativity - A Wriggly Nativity Nursery Nativity - A Wriggly Nativity Nursery One and Nursery Two delighted everyone with their performance of A Wriggly Nativity. All the children took part from the very youngest at only two years old to the oldest at just four years old. Some children said lines and sang by themselves or in small groups and every word could be heard. The costumes for Mary, Joseph, shepherds, inn keepers, sheep, cows, chicks, donkeys, stars, angels and kings were all splendid and the children looked great. We heard enthusiastic singing and saw some confident actions as well as dancing and yes there was a lot of wriggling!

Christmas Party

Christmas Party Christmas Party The last day of term was a very festive, happy day. The children spent the morning involved in fun, Christmassy activities. They enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch followed by a party in the afternoon. Father Christmas was kind enough to call in to the party to give everyone a present even the teachers. The children played lots of party games and went home tired but excited.

Author Amy Sparkes Visits the Pre-Prep

Author Amy Sparkes Visits the Pre-Prep It was a wonderful end of term treat for the children in the Pre Prep to be visited by a very talented local author. Amy Sparkes, who has now written eight books, joined us in the library to read two of her most recent publications, "Alien's Crazy Christmas" and "The Goodnight Star." The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to Amy read these lovely Christmas tales.

Christmas Sports

Christmas Sports The Pre-Prep enjoyed a Christmas Sports afternoon where they learnt many new team skills and sporting activities. The children worked in different aged groups from Nursery 1 to Year 2 with wonderful assistance from our Year 6 Prefects. The activities included: two-directional skittles, golf, hockey and a variety of other team building sports. The afternoon rounded off with a delicious hot chocolate and melon and pineapple.

Informatics and Computer Fluency Competition

Informatics and Computer Fluency Competition We were very proud of four children in the Pre Prep who entered an Informatics and Computer Fluency Competition. They received a certificate each for being the Best In School. They all achieved full marks for their efforts which was fantastic.

Kindergarten Nativity Play - Humph the Camel

Kindergarten Nativity Play - Humph the Camel Kindergarten Nativity Play - Humph the Camel We all thoroughly enjoyed the Kindergarten Christmas Nativity Play this year. It was a delightful story about a camel called Humph who was very grumpy. He was so grumpy that he didn't even want to go and visit the special baby that had been born in a stable. His camel friends persuaded him to go with them to the stable and when he saw Baby Jesus, he realised how special he was. The experience turned him into a much happier camel! The children looked as though they were thoroughly enjoying themselves on the stage. It was lovely to hear them singing and watch them dancing and speaking their parts. It was a tremendous production.

Killerton House Trip

Killerton House Trip Killerton House Trip The children came to school dressed in Victorian clothes for their annual Christmas trip to Killerton House. The theme for this year was based on C.S. Lewis's famous story, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The Education Officer, Mrs. Eileen Dillon, captivated the children with her animated retelling of the story. Each room in the house was decorated to represent part of the story. The house was very atmospheric with its white, snowy Narnia style decoration. The children loved seeing Mr Tumnus, Aslan and the Ice Queen. They played lots of lovely games that were centred around the story. To finish off the visit, they sang a Narnia themed song called "Aslan Lives." It was a wonderful way to start the Christmas season.

Year One Nativity Play - The Stable Boy

Year One Nativity Play - The Stable Boy Year One Nativity Play - The Stable Boy The Year One Christmas Nativity Play was delightful to watch. The children acted with such confidence and positivity. They spoke out clearly and sang some super songs. There were also one or two dances as well. The story is about a stable boy, James, who is fed up with keeping the stable clean and feeding the animals; he really prefers the idea of being a fisherman. Eventually, he grows up to be one of Jesus's "Fishers of Men." The hall was packed full with friends and relatives and they all thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Year Two Nativity Play - Witnesses

Year Two Nativity Play Year Two Nativity Play The Pre Prep entered into the Christmas season this week with the first Nativity Play of the term; Year Two performed a modern adaptation of the happenings that occurred in the stable over two thousand years ago. It was called "Witnesses" and it entertained us all with its humorous take on the story of the birth of Jesus. It involved two reporters interviewing the various characters from the story; they loved the angels so much they asked for a "selfie" with them! The children performed confidently and sang beautifully. It was a super way to start the festive season.

Maths Day

Maths Day Maths Day The sun was shining as we all gathered on the playground for a fun morning of Maths in the Pre-Prep. The children from Nursery, Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 were mixed and split into 6 teams and challenged to collect a number of items listed below.

  • 20 blades of grass
  • 10 small leaves
  • 10 bigger leaves
  • 5 small stones
  • 10 small twigs
  • 1 piece of litter
  • 1 smudge of mud
  • 1 feather

The teams then had to create a collage using all that they had collected. The picture had to include at least one shape – circle, square, rectangle or triangle made from the items collected. The total number of items on the collage then needed to be counted. Each team were supported by two members of staff as they went collecting and then sticking and counting.

The winning team received a certificate. Everyone had a lot of fun and worked very well together outside.

Pre-Prep Story Writing Competition

Pre-Prep Story Writing Competition Mrs Nash really enjoyed reading all the stories that were entered into the Pre-Prep annual story writing competition. They were all so different and so imaginative. There was a First Prize winner from each year group and four children who received certificates for being "Highly Commended". Well done to all the children who took part in the competition.

Book Day 2015

Book Day 2015

Book Day 2015
Book Day 2015

Book Day 2015

Book Day was great fun this year. The children were so excited to come to school dressed as their favourite book heroes. The famous author and illustrator, Chris Wormell, visited for the day and entertained the children with his stories and drawings. They brought their favourite books to school and the teachers read their favourite stories too. At the end of the day, we had the very popular "Book at Bedtime." The children returned to school in their pyjamas clutching their sleeping bags and teddies. They cuddled up in the hall whilst teachers read them bedtime stories. This year, we were lucky enough to be visited by Captain America who also read a bedtime story. It was a super day when everyone was able to focus on the joy of reading and books.

Harvest Assembly with Year Two

Harvest Assembly with Year Two Harvest Assembly with Year Two All the mums and dads, teachers and children enjoyed listening to the Harvest Assembly that Year Two presented this week. The children reminded us about why we need to show thanks for all the different foods available to us. Many families sent in donations of food for the local charity, "CHAT," which provides food for local homeless and poor people. It is an incredibly worthwhile charity that does a lot of good for the local community.

Holiday Reading Challenge

Holiday Reading Challenge Well done to the forty two children who took part in this summer's Holiday Reading Challenge. It was wonderful to see so many children keen to read over the long break. Two children received a Silver Award and eight children received a Bronze Award. Mrs Nash really enjoyed reading the many, many book reviews and looking at all the beautiful pictures.

Oh 'Year Two' like to be beside the seaside!

Oh 'Year Two' like to be beside the seaside! Oh 'Year Two' like to be beside the seaside! With the sun shining brightly, Form 2H and 2K headed to the coast with the aim of comparing two of our closest beaches- Budleigh Salterton and Exmouth. Our first stop was the pebbly beach at Budleigh. After a quick snack we strolled along the promenade, creeping past the gulls, swans and geese down the estuary to catch sight of the river after which our Year Two club is named –the River Otter! As we walked back along the sea front towards the town all eyes were peeled. The spikey, gnarly shells of the spider crab were certainly the most popular and sought after find this year.

Back in the town we met with the coach and headed off to the next stop, Exmouth. After a short journey we tucked into our lunches in the sunshine. With the pit stop over we each bought an ice-cream before heading to the sea for a paddle and building some impressive sandcastles; it was only right that we indulged in the full seaside experience!

I think it was fair to say that everyone had a brilliant day, the children were able to identify many of the differences between the two locations and we have a bank of experiences that will no doubt help us over the coming weeks as we investigate more about the seaside and its inhabitants.