The Blundell’s Bulls have become a legendary force in the local basketball circuit, dominating in local fixtures and winning matches throughout the 2018 season. This year, Blundell’s were the organisers of an entire new local league (the South West Winter League), bringing together the best talent from the U18 South West of England schools and inviting the top four teams from the league to ‘the playoffs’, a festival of basketball that includes three-point shootouts and mini free-throw competitions, held over one afternoon at Blundell’s school at the end of the season. This year, the bulls (led by E. Sin) developed dramatically throughout the season, and with some serious talent coming through the school in Y11/12 they are seriously looking forward to the 2019 season...

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News and Match Results


Inter-House Basketball Competition

To end the season, the entire team took part in a friendly inter-house Basketball competition spanning Years 9-13; in the first match, a strong side from Petergate beat Francis House 19 – 16. In the second round, Old House beat Francis House 19 - 13, leading to a tense winner-takes-all final between Petergate and OH. In the end, Petergate took control of the game and beat OH 35 - 15.

  • P (19) v FH (16)
  • OH (19) v FH (13)
  • OH (15) v P (35)

SWWL league positionsSouth West Winter League

Blundell’s hosted the playoffs of the South West Winter League on Wednesday, with the top four teams from the local league competing for the Trophy. The Bulls were in fixtures against powerhouses Taunton, Kings and Millfield, and although they played well, they lost by just 12 points to Millfield to come fourth overall. King’s took the victory over Taunton School in a nail-biting final, winning the league trophy in the last few seconds by only two points.

SWWL group photo

Blundell's Bulls vs West Buckland

In Basketball, the Blundell’s Bulls played West Buckland in their final game of the season on Tuesday evening; Matt Owen was blocking everything lower than British Airway’s cruising altitude, Oscar Choy was hitting 3-pointers faster than the scoreboard could keep up, and the rest of the team were on fire with almost every player scoring.

Final score: West Buckland 19 49 Blundell’s

Blundell's Bulls vs Taunton School

The Blundell’s Bulls had an exciting fixture against Taunton, the top team in the league, on Wednesday. Even after some high flying dunks from the Taunton squad, the Bulls trailed by less than 10 points at one stage in the final quarter, owing to some outstanding pressure and team spirit led by Ernie. In the end though, the talented Taunton side pulled away to victory.

Final score: Taunton 56 – 31 Blundell’s

Blundell's Bulls vs King's Taunton

The Blundell’s bulls played King's on Wednesday, and after a tough start, a ‘dream team’ composed of Ernie, Matt, Josh, Steven and Yulin achieved one of the most exciting comebacks of the season - bringing the Bulls just 7 points away from victory in the final quarter. A close finish, but King's just won in the last few minutes.

Final score: King's 40 – 28 Blundell’s


Blundell's 54 - Wellington 57

“The Blundell’s Bulls had their final basketball fixture against Wellington school on Saturday; despite some disappointingly unsportsmanlike conduct from their opponents, the Bulls maintained exceptional composure. Even though the Bulls were in the lead in the final quarter, they wanted to win honourably, and in an outstanding display of gentleman-like manners, the Bulls were still admitting their own fouls and overturning the referee’s decision to be against them, even in the face of some shameful behaviour from the Wellington squad. In the end, Blundell’s lost by just three points at 54 – 57, but their courage, and their determination to play fair whomever the opponent, was more impressive than any score would have been - they should truly be proud of what they achieved”. MGL

Blundell’s Vs Queen Elizabeth’s (Crediton) Fri 24th Nov 2017
41 - 28 (Win!)

Blundell’s vs Queen Elizabeth’s (Crediton)

The Blundell’s Bulls triumphed over Queen Elizabeth’s Crediton on Friday, securing a solid 41-28 victory. Standout players included Ernie Sin, Alex Tsang, and Howard Wang, and quite impressively, every player on the entire team scored at least one basket!

Blundell’s Vs Richard Huish Tigers (2nd)
35 - 62 (Loss)

“The Blundell’s Bulls had their first opportunity to play basketball in a national league stadium against Huish Tigers on Wednesday- Alexei Michalopoulis made an outstanding debut as the highest scorer in the team, but unfortunately Huish were just a little stronger this time around.”

We have just enjoyed an epic game against Millfield; unfortunately a loss but the bulls were outstanding! Millfield brought their 1st team, who are in the same league as national teams like Cardiff men’s squad this year, and we were even winning 11-10 after the first quarter! Scores from Tues and today below:

Blundell’s Vs West Buckland
36 - 64

Blundell’s Vs Millfield (1st)
40 - 66

Masato scored 16 today and Wenteng scored 19 (out of 40 total).

“The Blundell’s Bulls played their first two fixtures against West Buckland and Millfield 1st teams last week- both Wenteng Ma and Masato Watanabe played exceptionally, scoring almost all of the teams points between them - I was so impressed with the effort, composure and tenacity of the entire squad against such strong opponents.” MGL