Nicknamed the “Blundell’s Bulls”, the school Basketball team has been revived after a long absence to take part in some local friendly games against other schools. With new kit and a new positive attitude, Ivan Leung (Captain) lead the team in their first season against QE, Crediton, Wellington School, and West Buckland School. Looking to the future, they have been invited to several tournaments and local competitions - watch this space for more information as the team progresses...

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Basketball, 2014-15

Basketball, 2014-15Basketball, 2014-15

Basketball, 2014-15Basketball, 2014-15

Blundell's Bulls basketball team

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News and Match Results


Blundell's 54 - Wellington 57

“The Blundell’s Bulls had their final basketball fixture against Wellington school on Saturday; despite some disappointingly unsportsmanlike conduct from their opponents, the Bulls maintained exceptional composure. Even though the Bulls were in the lead in the final quarter, they wanted to win honourably, and in an outstanding display of gentleman-like manners, the Bulls were still admitting their own fouls and overturning the referee’s decision to be against them, even in the face of some shameful behaviour from the Wellington squad. In the end, Blundell’s lost by just three points at 54 – 57, but their courage, and their determination to play fair whomever the opponent, was more impressive than any score would have been - they should truly be proud of what they achieved”. MGL

Blundell’s Vs Queen Elizabeth’s (Crediton) Fri 24th Nov 2017
41 - 28 (Win!)

Blundell’s vs Queen Elizabeth’s (Crediton)

The Blundell’s Bulls triumphed over Queen Elizabeth’s Crediton on Friday, securing a solid 41-28 victory. Standout players included Ernie Sin, Alex Tsang, and Howard Wang, and quite impressively, every player on the entire team scored at least one basket!

Blundell’s Vs Richard Huish Tigers (2nd)
35 - 62 (Loss)

“The Blundell’s Bulls had their first opportunity to play basketball in a national league stadium against Huish Tigers on Wednesday- Alexei Michalopoulis made an outstanding debut as the highest scorer in the team, but unfortunately Huish were just a little stronger this time around.”

We have just enjoyed an epic game against Millfield; unfortunately a loss but the bulls were outstanding! Millfield brought their 1st team, who are in the same league as national teams like Cardiff men’s squad this year, and we were even winning 11-10 after the first quarter! Scores from Tues and today below:

Blundell’s Vs West Buckland
36 - 64

Blundell’s Vs Millfield (1st)
40 - 66

Masato scored 16 today and Wenteng scored 19 (out of 40 total).

“The Blundell’s Bulls played their first two fixtures against West Buckland and Millfield 1st teams last week- both Wenteng Ma and Masato Watanabe played exceptionally, scoring almost all of the teams points between them - I was so impressed with the effort, composure and tenacity of the entire squad against such strong opponents.” MGL



v Taunton Tournament

The Blundell’s Bulls played an exciting tournament at the weekend, winning their matches to reach the final against a strong and experienced Well’s Cathedral side. The Bulls played exceptionally well, with outstanding defence from Wenteng Ma, sharp shooting from Luke Hedley-Dent and some great lay-ups from Gordon Russell. However, in the final few minutes, Well’s took the lead, to win by just five points. The Bulls keenly await a rematch in two weeks time! MJL

v Taunton School & Wellington School

“The Blundell’s Bulls hosted an exciting Basketball tournament on Saturday, beating local rivals Taunton 35 to 25 in the first match. The Bulls went on to play an electric final in what MJL has described as the best game of Basketball he has ever seen the school team play, beating a strong Wellington side 40-35! Standout players include outstanding offensive plays from Tim Jones and Luke Hedley-Dent, and excellent shooting from Wenteng Ma and Gordon Russell.”

v West Buckland

“The Blundell’s Bulls played an impressive fixture on Wednesday- although missing a third of their players due to injuries and absences, they actually played two full games in a row against West Buckland 1st and 2nd Basketball squads. West Buckland only just took the victory at the end, winning 73-64, but several Blundell’s players should be highly commended, including Charlie Donovan who played exceptionally for a full two hours!” MGL

Wellington Tournament - Winners

I am so, so excited to say that... the Blundell’s Bulls have just won their first ever tournament!!!! Woohoo!!!

That annual tournament has been the goal since the formation of the team 4 years ago- we have never beaten either Taunton or Wellington individually, and today we beat both!!!

“The Blundell’s Bulls have had an outstanding week, playing admirably against a strong Millfield team, and also winning their first ever basketball tournament against Wellington and Taunton school on Saturday! The Bulls were undefeated over all three games of the tournament, and perhaps more importantly, they showed  exceptional determination and strength of character through some difficult refereeing decisions. However, some excellent shooting from Wenteng Ma and Captain Gordon Russell, as well as some questionable but inspiring song selections on the minibus, led to an outstanding victory.” MGL

v Millfield

Wow…Millfield were pretty strong this year! The Blundell’s Bulls played a challenging match against a talented Millfield squad on Wednesday, and the Bulls were down 21-3 at the end of the first quarter. However, some outstanding shooting from Masato Watanabe and Luke Hedley-dent, as well as some ruthless offence by Captain Gordon Russell, closed the gap to 6 points in the third quarter. However, Millfield  took the victory in the final minutes, winning  57–42. MGL

v Richard Huish

“The new Blundell’s Bulls squad made a strong debut against a very well-established team from Richard Huish College; despite a nervous start, they spent most of the game trailing by only five points, but after some prominent players were injured, they came up short in the final quarter. Final score: Huish 53 – Blundell’s 38” MGL

v W Buckland & Well's Cathedral

We had a pretty tough week- played 3 fixtures, lost 3 fixtures! Not a great note to go out on, but the other teams deserved the win; the circuit is getting tougher.
45 - 58 Vs West Buckland 1st
32 - 35 Vs West Buckland 2nd
35 - 64 Vs Well’s Cathedral School 1st
“The Blundell’s Bulls played 3 tough final fixtures this week against West Buckland (1st and 2nd) and Well’s Cathedral; the competition was fierce, and although the bulls put up a good fight,  they lost all three matches (by as little as three points)!”

We are looking at setting up a Devon Independent Schools Basketball League next year, which is pretty cool! I’ll keep you posted. MGL



v West Buckland

“The Blundell’s Bulls took a 1st and a 2nd team to West Buckland last Friday night for their final fixture of the season, and they could not have ended on more of a high. The 2nds took the lead straight away in the first match, and although West Buckland put up a great fight, an electric full-court finish from Raj Mafatlal resulted in a 27-24 victory! The West Buckland 1sts, however, really turned up the heat, storming the first half and leaving Blundell’s trailing by as much as 10 points. However, outstanding efforts from the entire team, as well as unreal shooting from ‘Tony Ma’ who scored four 3-pointers in a row, brought Blundell’s back into the game, and after a tense final few minutes, the Bulls won 36-35!” MGL

“The Blundell’s Bulls had a great weekend at the Taunton area basketball Tournament against Somerset College, Wellington School and Taunton School. The Bulls placed 2nd overall, including an outstanding victory against Somerset college, where Alex Marutyan and Cam Waller’s sharp shooting, combined with Toby Lee’s aggressive defence, led to a 34-9 win (the highest scoring game of the tournament)! MGL

v Millfield

We had probably the best game of basketball the boys had ever played yesterday! A nervous start left us trailing by as much as 13 points in the first half, but the Bulls had a burst of epic teamwork and scored 10 points in a row in the third quarter, leaving us winning 3 points up with four minutes to go! Millfield kept pushing, and they were leading by 1 point with two minutes to go… Literally every single person watching and taking part was on their feet (even the scorers!) for the final section- they had possession with 15 seconds to go, but we somehow managed to intercept the ball, and throw it up the court to Freddie Hiney, who shot a movie-finish slow-motion shot in the final two seconds which…..bounced off the rim… MGL

Blundells 47 - Millfield 48

v Wellington and Taunton

Blundell’s hosted a tournament on Saturday, and had another tense final minute against Wellington when, during a tied game, a Blundell’s shot ended up balancing and stopping completely on the rim off the hoop (something that even the referees had never seen before)! The game ended as a tie, and Blundell’s had a good game against against Taunton, but the Bulls came a close “second-place” overall, losing by just 8 points. Notable players were Freddie Hiney, who scored 31 points, and captain Ivan Leung, whose energy kept the team pushing throughout every minute of every game! MGL

2nd Team v Tiverton High

“The Blundell’s Bulls 2nds played Tiverton High School on Wednesday; after a record 8 minutes with absolutely no baskets scored whatsoever, Blundell’s broke the ice and scored the first few points. Tiverton ended the first quarter with a stunning 3-pointer from the half-way line, but despite their efforts, they could not hold back the powerful trio that was Uday Kandelwal (10 points), Alex Marutyan (8 points) and Lucas Amery (8 points). Final score:

Blundell’s 36 – 9 Tiverton High



Season Report

The Blundell’s basketball team (nicknamed the “Blundell’s Bulls”!) have had an absolutely outstanding season, showing some major improvements across all skill areas this term! Ivan Leung captained the team to take on established squads from Taunton, Wellington, West Buckland and QE Crediton, and he consistently impressed coaches from all opposing teams with his athletic rebounding and unblockable lay-ups. Freddie Hiney, a new addition to the squad, became the top scorer of the entire season with some impressive shooting, Lori Burian was our fastest player on offence and defence, and the entire team pulled together to achieve some fantastic victories against West Buckland and QE. Looking forward, the team hopes to take on some new challenges from some of the powerhouse teams in the South West next year- for now, I could not be more impressed with the individual efforts from every player this year!


The Blundell’s Bulls had their final game of the season against QE, Crediton last Wednesday. The first quarter was an intense ten minutes, with a talented female pupil from QE scoring 9 points from three consecutive three-pointers, and we ended the quarter 11-9 down. However, the team responded in kind, and had what was probably their best game of the season! Lori Burian played some unbeatable guarding against QE’s best shooter, Ivan Leung got some HUGE rebounds, and Freddie Hiney’s shots were on form all night! Baskets from Tommy Chen, Kirill Skoropupov, Feng Su and Tai Cai followed, and we took the lead in the final half of the game to achieve a phenomenal WIN 35-25! MGL

Blundell’s Bulls played host to West Buckland for a rematch after defeating them earlier in the season. West Buckland were hungry for a win and brought their A-game, taking the lead right from the beginning, and the Bulls just didn’t seem to have the energy to pull it back, trailing by about 3 points all the way to the final quarter. West Buckland took advantage of the fact that our main defence was nearly fouled-out, and won 47-33 at the final buzzer. Though disappointed, the Bulls learnt a lot from the match and are looking forward to settle the 1-1 score with West Buckland next season! MGL

“Blundell’s hosted its first basketball tournament on Sunday, kicking off with Blundell’s Bulls vs Wellington- although Wellington had a particularly strong start, and were 10 points up after the first quarter, the BBs responded in kind and played a very even match from there onwards. Unfortunately, early nerves meant that several shots missed, and we ended the game ten points down at 31-41.
Taunton went on to be an extraordinarily close game against Wellington, with both teams within 3 points of each other for the entire match! Eventually, though, Taunton found a burst of energy to win ‘two baskets up’ at 46-42.
The final game between Blundell’s and Taunton was extremely tense throughout. Though down by almost 20 points at half-time, the BBs thrived on the energy from the crowd and a had surge of points in the last quarter, only 4 points down with two minutes to go (thanks to some amazing rebounds from Ivan Leung and also Freddie Hiney, the highest scoring player of the tournament, with 23 points!). However, Taunton brought their elite team on for a final push and took a 56-45 victory.”

The other coaches gave us the title of “most improved” team - so gutted we didn’t win a game but it does feel nice that the team’s progress has been recognised...! MGL

Today I witnessed an epic triumph that’ll go down in the history books…Blundell’s Bulls have had their first major Victory!! We beat TWO (not one—two!) teams at West Buckland... It was epic!

“9 members of the Blundell’s Bulls travelled to West Buckland last Wednesday to play what may well have been the basketball game of their lives! The Bulls ended the first nervous half 7 points down, but found a burst of enthusiasm and energy at half-time and turned the game around, with strong rebounds from Ivan Leung, as well as some phenomenal shooting from Freddie Hiney and Tai Cai. Pulling ahead in the final five minutes, the Blundell’s Bulls finished strongly with a fantastic 33-29 victory at the end of the match! The same team then went on to comfortably beat a SECOND team from West Buckland, 22-17! Both games saw an outstanding effort from every individual player involved - very impressive...”

Bring on the next one...! MGL

"The Blundell's Bulls played a second match against Taunton School, showing massive improvements, including some astonishing defence from captain Ivan Leung, as well as a fantastic 24 points from the highest scorer of the game, Freddie Hiney. However, Taunton's solid foundation allowed them to pull away in the final quarter, giving them a 65 - 44 victory..." MGL

“At the end of an exciting first quarter against Taunton, Blundell’s took the lead and were 9-6 up, including 7 points from Freddie Hiney. However, Taunton quickly responded and took advantage of a few gaps in the team’s defence throughout the rest of the game, finishing the game 9 points ahead at 34-25. The match against Wellington was a similar story, despite some exceptional scoring efforts from Ivan Leung (70% of the points!), but the Blundell’s team left with their heads high and learnt a lot from playing two very-established teams.” MGL




Queen Elizabeth's Weds 16th October 2013

We’ve just finished the first game against QE - our team played pretty well! However, unfortunately we were outdone - I wanted to give everyone game time so they all played, but it meant that we had year 10s up against year 13s at times.

Ivan Leung was chosen to captain the team, and he did so very well.

Final results: Queen Elizabeth’s 47 – 26 Blundell’s