Blundell's must be one of the oldest fives playing schools in the country, with records going back to 1625. Fives is still played throughout the year, although the majority of school fixtures take place during the Easter term. The school has six Rugby Fives courts which, unlike Eton and Winchester Fives courts, have no buttressing.


Sherborne, King’s Bruton and Clifton College provide the bulk of local opposition although the school team has been known to travel as far afield as Radley, Bloxham and Rossall for tournaments. 2003 saw the first Blundell's Fives Tour to Scotland. School teams enter the National and West of England Tournaments each year. The school also hosts touring Club teams such as Deep West and The Jesters and a number of Old Boys regularly return to use the courts.

All Blundellians, regardless of experience, have access to the Fives courts, which underwent extensive renovations a few years ago. Both gloves and balls are provided by the master in charge and stocked in the school shop.

Fives 2017-18

Captain of Fives: Addie Chai OH/W
Vice Captain: James MacLaurin FH/W
Social Sec': Barney Ames FH/W

National Schools Fives Championships 2018
At St Paul's School, London

Seniors (Open)
Addie Chai, James Maclaurin, Barney Ames

Colts U16
Boris Ames, Will Bucknell, Harry Rackham, Alex Grubb

Ed Swarbrick, Max Mayor, Freddie Clayton, James Bartlett

We had a very satisfying time at the National Championships, taking the biggest squad to date, comprising 11 players. There were 14 schools involved, with approximately 36 players in each of the three competitions including Tom Kidner of Winchester and Gwydion Wiseman of Alleyn’s the current senior and colts Champions respectively. The standard as usual was very high. It was the best year of Blundell’s squad performance with respect to spirit, attitude and collective support across the age ranges. You could guarantee that when a Blundellian was playing the courts would be packed!. Addie Chai was a great role model and showed the qualities of a true captain, coming back on the last day to support his team mates when he didn’t need to and demonstrating his ability to concentrate on his own game whilst supporting others. As ever the Blundells’ squad played with increasing fluency and threat as the tournament wore on.

Addie Chai  semi finalist in the Open Singles
James Macalaurin finalist and winner in the Open Plate competition
Addie Chai/ James Maclaurin Quarter finalists in the Open Doubles
Boris Ames  Semi finalist in the Colts Plate
Boris Ames/ Will Bucknell semi finalists in the Colts Doubles

Senior (Open) Singles
Addie gave a captain’s performance in every way throughout the tournament, showing inventiveness, accuracy and stickability through out. He won convincingly all his pool games and played a very tough match against Hudis of St Pauls eventually winning 12-10, 11-9 holding his nerve in the second game and coming back from 8-4 down. He had an easier passage against Jackson of St Paul’s in the quarters beating him 11-5,11-4. He found his match in Low of Whitgift in the semis and although he gave no point away willingly, succumbed to the formers superior placement skills. It must be said that to get to be one of the top 4 players in the country, without winning any national age range championship is a remarkable feat. Addie’s achievement differential is far higher than any of his contemporaries on the national scene as reported by many past masters of the  game who witnessed his playing. In this regard he has equaled the heights attained by Sam Wyatt-Haines in former years. We will no doubt hear much of Addie in the future as a fives player at university level and beyond.

James Maclaurin entertained everyone all week, and came up with something different in every game. He was the most watched and arguably the most inventive and creative player in the tournament. It was a fantastic achievement to win the plate competition and showed him at his best. It must be mentioned that James was struggling with a long-term shoulder problem that gave him much pain through out the tournament. In the semis and final he gave the best performances of his career. He eventually beat Hudis in a closely contested and brutal match in the semis. He knew he would have to husband his resources wisely in a potentially 3 game match against Cochrane of Alleyns in the final. In the first game he climbed back from being 8-4 down to win it 11-9. He took a high, but calculated tactical risk in letting Cochrane come back at him 11-4 in the second game. This’ rest period’ paid off in the third game that that he won 11-6 with some stinging and venomous low shots to the back of the court played at just the right time. Brilliant!

Barney upped several levels in his overall competitive performance and proved to himself that despite the 18 months he was out due to injury, that with more court time he would have got through to the main draw of the completion. He played with much greater tactical skill and accuracy. Barney has made a huge contribution as mentor to the younger players and has established himself in the squad as invaluable social secretary!

Addie and James gave a good performance in the Open doubles. They had a convincing victory in the first round against Alleyns II and had a very good first games against the St Paul’s first pair in the quarters beating them 11-9. Unfortunately they were unable to sustain this level in the following 2 games as James shoulder issues reduced his performance substantially.

Blundell’s were a young squad this year and in many instances were playing opponents who were a year above them in age. Nevertheless everyone showed plenty of pluck and determination. Boris showed much courage in playing through with an injured hand and demonstrated some superbly accurate clean hitting in all his single matches. He was always in contention and never gave adversaries an easy ride. He secured an impressive victory against Jourdan of Edinburgh Academy 15-10 that got him through to the semis of the plate competition. Will also had some tremendous moments in his Match against Birch of Winchester. Harry Rackham and Alex Grubb were often really up against it in terms of facing bigger boys with much greater fire-power than themselves. However, they were really dogged and not to be put down, and showed a total improvement in all aspects of their game. The highlight in many respects was Boris and Will’s performance in the doubles where they moved up several levels of Fives ability. This revealed itself in their much improved understanding of court positioning to stay in the game and general tactical nous. Their communication was excellent, swapping sides regularly to stay on their strong hand. Will served out his opponents on several occasions with his unplayable high velocity and accurate left hand serves. They had convincing but not easy wins against Winchester and St Paul’s IV on their way to the semis where they gave a real run for their money to the St Paul’s first pair who eventually went on to win the competition.

The U14’s were a very merry crew through out the tournament and withstood very creditably the upsets and disappointments of playing at a high national level and came back with a smile! We felt that they emerged at the end of the tournament as much more confident and technically assured Fives players. In the Singles Ed Swarbrick was unlucky not to have got through to the main draw having secured two handsome victories at the pool stage and again just missed a place in the final of the plate competition by one point after a gruelling game 11-12 against McIyntyre of City Of Durham. The Doubles competition in many ways showed the Blundell’s squad at its best. Freddie Clayton and James Bartlett worked well as the second pair and played with increasing flair and grit. They made very effective use of James’ ability to serve on both the right and left side of the court. Ed and Max as the first pair had two terrific matches at the pool stage that they won 12-11 each time and they realized the importance of maintaining stamina and playing through discomfort in the long game. They showed much greater tactical awareness and were able to weather the storm at 10 all!  Over the next year the squad will be developing more consistency in their playing.

The great news is that both the Colts and the U14’s are very eager to return to the Nationals in 2019!

CHD, Wayne Enstone, Richard Moore


Under 13 National Championships, St Paul's School, London

Yr 8: Ben Fitzherbert, Oscar Wetherall, Felix Stone, Jacob Cole
Yr 7: Harry Southgate, Barnaby Hull, Dan Pugsley, Charlie Tomlinson

Wayne and I were delighted with the squad’s performance at the U13 national Championships..
One of the most gratifying aspects of the trip was the their cohesiveness and good humour as a team and there was no hint of ageism between the years 7’s and 8’s; they all were extremely supportive of each particularly when the pressure was on. The competition was stiff, the standard of play high and Blundells in many cases was facing opposition with more experience and time on the court. Nevertheless the squad were up for the challenge and never let their heads down. Much was learnt by the end of the day.

In the singles, Ben, Felix and Oscar were at the top of their pools and were entered in to the knockout stages of the competition for the first 16. They had convincing victories on the way. Ben Fitzherbert did extremely well to get to the quarter finals where he was taken down by the superior fire power of Boy of St Olaves, who eventually went on to win the singles trophy.

In the doubles, Blundell’s performed very creditably. Ben and and Felix, the Blundell’s first pair played with increasing fluency, tactical nous and grit as the afternoon progressed and had convincing victories against Alleyn’s Junior 2  and Bedford 2, 11-2 and 11-5 respectively. They were undone in the semi finals by Alleyns senior 2, but not without a fight.
The other 3 pairs were knocked out in the first round of the main draw and played in the plate. They played some confident fives in this competition and were hitting the ball with much greater accuracy and power. Harry and Barnaby as the 4th pair got through to the semis, having taken down Alleyns junior and Bedford 3  11-5, 11-8. Harry and Barnaby played some courageous fives against Pilgrims 1, before eventually succumbing to superior fire power and placement. Oscar and Jacob got to the semis and were just pipped by Pilgrims 3, 11-10 in a long, thrilling and closely contested game that could have gone either way.

The boys should be extremely proud of their performance on the court and their general conduct at the tournament, carried off in the best Blundellian spirit. As usual they composed a Blundell’s song on the way up which they sang full blast as we entered the gates of St Pauls and on our return to Blundell’s!

A great weekend! CHD/Wayne Enstone


v Exeter and Tiverton Fives Club
SQUAD: Seniors: Addie Chai, James Maclaurin,
Colts: Seb Farrant, Oscar Voysey,Tommy Ryder, Oscar Choi,
Boris Ames,Will Bucknell, Harry Rackham

As usual, we had an entertaining and tough fixture against the men’s Clubs. The boys played with commitment throughout. The format consisted of singles and a variety of mixed pair doubles.

Addie Chai and James Maclaurin as the senior pair played extremely well. Addie having been defeated by Wayne Enstone 11-2 in the first game came back with a vengeance and took Wayne down 11-2 in the second! James also gave Dan Hill a serious run for his money and after a long game won 12-10. Seb Farrant played with great tenacity against Nick Gear and managed to take 10 points off him, a real achievement. Boris Ames and Will Bucknell also showed real pluck in their first adult singles.

Addie and James used their complementary skills to best advantage in the doubles. They were narrowly defeated by Wayne and Dan Hill 9-11, but had a convincing win against Andrew Wyeth and Dan 11-7 in their second game. There were some great passages of play from Boris, Will and Harry Rackham in their various combinations. They shouldn’t be overly disappointed by results as being put under severe pressure by adults will bear fruit in the future when they play their peers in school fixtures and tournaments.

The Clubs complemented the boys on excellent attitude, sportsmanship and willingness to learn. All in all it was an excellent evening of Fives. CHD 

West of England Tournament 2018

Addie Chai (capt), James Maclaurin, Barney Ames
Colts: Boris Ames, Tommy Ryder, Will Bucknell, Harry Rackham, Alex Grubb

We had another productive and in some cases exceptional time at the West of England Tournament at Sherborne. Blundell’s fielded 3 Seniors and 5 colts this year the balance of the tournament this year being weighted in favour the Colts with 30 + entrants and the seniors with 20 +. The squad conducted themselves in their usual enthusiastic and competitive manner and as ever were extremely supportive of each other.

The main highlights were Addie Chai getting through to the Finals of the main sIngles  competeition, Boris Ames winning the Colts Plate and James Maclaurin and Barney Ames getting to the semi Finals of the senior Doubles. 

SENIORS - Singles
Plaudits must go to Addie for his quite brilliant performance in the Singles. He is turning into an outstanding and masterful player. It is a testament to his hard work and commitment to the sport that he got so far and proved a very serious challenge to Tom Kidner of Winchester, the Current senior National Fives Champion. He made sure footed progress through the earlier rounds of the tournament against some stiff opposition, particularly in the semis where he played against the very able Chievely of St Paul’s. In the Final, Tom Kidner was completely non plussed by Addies’ tactical nous and capacity for retrieval In the first game which  Addie won 11-4. Being the champion he is, Kidner revived and after many hard contested and long rallies won the next 2 games 11-6, 11-7. Not since Sam Wyatt-Haines have we seen such a performance from a Blundellian at this level of the game. Addie is not the finished article yet, and he will be no doubt honing his skills in the coming season, but he has put down a serious marker for the National Championships in April. Other schools beware!

Doubles - James Maclaurin and Barney Ames made an effective partnership in the Doubles and by the end Barney was playing with impressive fluency. James’s extraordinary glove skills were particularly on display in the match against Tonbrige which they won 11-0, 11-6.

COLTS - Singles
The west of England is becoming an increasingly important part of The Blundell’s Colts development as players. As ever the standard was extremely high and the squad often faced  opposition with much more experience, particularly from some of the London schools. However it was a great Learning experience for our players. Tommy, Will and Harry were playing much more convincingly by the end of the singles and were positioning themselves and hitting the ball much more effectively. Boris played with confidence throughout and was unlucky not to have won against Harvey of Sherborne, there just being 2 points between them. He more than compensated in the Plate competition where he won all his matches in the pool section and went on to beat Redfern of Winchester 11-3 in the final.   

Doubles - In the Doubles Boris and Tommy had a convincing win against Derby Moor 15-3 in the opening game. They had much tougher opposition from the Sherborne pair and although they lost, managed to get 9/11 points off them in the second game. It was very gratifying to see the progress that Will Bucknell and Harry Rackham made by the end of day and in their last game against St Paul’s II. They should be proud of the transformation in their communication and game strategy skills.

All in all,It was great 2 two days and the team thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
CHD/Wayne Enstone


Blundell’s Players: Addie Chai, James MacLaurin, Barney Ames, Toby Pearce,
Tommy Ryder, George Gibbs, Boris Ames, Harry Rackham, Max Mayor,
Oscar Wetherall, Dom Wielenga, James Bartlett

OB players: Daniel Hill, Alexandra Steel, Maddie Raynor, Melanie Whitehead, Christian Cabburn, Christian Brooks, Katharine Armstrong, Christy Bartlett, CHD,
+ Exeter Club payers: Tim Lewis, Keith Kennerley, Nick Geere,

Reichwald Trophy : James Maclaurin & Melanie Whitehead
           Runners up : George Gibbs & Christian Brooks
1st Plate: Addie Chai & Katharine Armstrong
2nd Plate: Dom Wielenga & Keith Kennerley
3rd Plate: Boris Ames & CHD

We had another lovely Reichwald tournament on Sunday now in its 9th year, with 24 players and 10 parents and other guests.

Despite various spells of rain and the closure of two courts due to slippery surface this year’s tournament produced many fine performances from pupils, OB’s and parents, some who hadn’t played fives for many years, 35 in one case. Well done must also go to the spectators who seemed unphased by the conditions and were treated to many compelling matches that took their minds off the weather.

The day began with the usual meeting in the Beale Centre where Janet Wolf, assisted by husband, produced a superb lunch and players were introduced to their partner, OB’s playing with pupil. Mr CHD also announced various new positions of Blundell’s Fives for the season: Captain, Addie Chai; Vice Captain, James Maclaurin: and Social Secretary, Barney Ames.

The initial tournament was three pools of four pairs that established the next round of pools for the main Reichwald Trophy competition and three Plate competitions. In Pool 1 James Maclaurin and Melanie Whitehead had a hard fought match against Addie Chai and Katherine Armstrong, just winning and going through to the Reichwald Trophy draw. In Pool 2 there were three pairs, Toby Pearce and a newcomer to OB’s fives, Christian Cabburn who was Captain of fives last year, such was his enthusiasm he had only just come back from a European trip the day before, and he produced some fine shots throughout the day considering his lack of practice, Tommy Ryder and Alexandra Steel gave eventual winners George Gibbs and Christian Brookes a very close match with a one point difference. Finally, Pool 3 was the most hotly contested with three pairs, Max Maher/ Maddy Raynor, Dom *Wielenga /Keith Kennerely, and Oscar Wetheral / Dan Hill all winning two matches, the positions were decided on who beat who and that meant Max and Maddy went through to contest the Trophy Pool.

The event finished with the usual thanks and presentations and tea back in the Beale Centre. This year was a significant occasion as Frank Akerman, who initiated the Reichwald, noted in his speech the recent sad passing away of Maureen Reichwald, Chris Reichwald’s widow.
Mr Chis H-D handed over the Master In Charge of Fives role to Mr Richard Moore. Captain of Fives, Addie Chai, responded with a speech thanking Mr CHD for the great contribution that he has made to Fives since taking it on in 2006. A moment of reflection for us all on the many good times CHD has given us all, over those years. Fortunately, CHD is still involved for the time being and for this season at least. Farewells were said as some OB’s had quite a way to travel home, and all were looking forward to next year’s event!

Wayne Enstone


Fives 2016-17

Captain of Fives: Tobias Francis OH

National Schools Fives Championships 2017
at St Paul's School , London

Seniors - Addie Chai, James Maclaurin, Christian Cabburn, Barney Ames
Colts U16 - George Gibbs
U14 - Boris Ames, Will Bucknell, Harry Rackham

We had a very positive and encouraging National Championships at the beginning of the holidays, despite not quite being able to bring back some silver ware! It was one of the biggest events in recent years with 138 players involved from 19 schools across the different age ranges. Peter King, The organizer commented on the exceptionally high standard of the Fives on display. Blundell's fielded the largest squad (8) in living memory and Wayne and I are delighted with their overall performance. Christian Cabburn did a superb job as skipper constantly encouraging his players and maintaining the morale of the group. We were impressed that despite losses every player had the grit to take their self-motivation to another level in the next match, never dropping their heads!
There was much to praise across the board, but fulsome praise needs to go to Addie Chai for getting to the last 16 in the knockout stages of the singles, to Boris Ames for being  a quarter finalist in the U14 singles and to James Maclaurin and Addie for getting to the Final of the Senior plate Doubles

Seniors (Open)
Christian  and James had notable victories at the pool stage and Addie marched through his two group games losing only 2 points. He met his match in Julian Hanton in the first round of the knockout and eventually succumbed to superior experience. It was not an easy ride for Hanton as every point was fiercely contested, involving long rallies. There were several moments when Addie took his game to a new level, This bodes very well for next year!  Barney Ames had a tough draw against very strong opposition from St Paul's and Alleyns. With Nearly 9 months out of the game he has had to play serious catch up very quickly and his all round game is developing beautifully with much cleaner hitting.

Colts U16
George Gibbs playing one year up, delivered some very elegant and convincing stroke play exhibiting real tactical nous that allowed him to defeat his Rugby opponent after being 7- nil down. We saw in more mature form, some of the skills that made him U13 National champion two years ago. He has exciting prospects ahead.

Given relative lack of court practice time the Blundell’s contingent did extremely well. Boris Ames displayed superb hitting with both hands in all games and won both his group matches to love. He was unlucky not to get through to the semis, given his great performance against Mackintosh of Merchiston at the quarters where lack of puff allowed his opponent to beat him narrowly 11-9. Will Bucknell proved himself to be a tough opponent for anybody and showed a stubborn refusal to accept defeat, playing every point with total commitment. Harry Rackham showed great feistiness and resilience, particularly in the face of opponents who were physically much bigger than him, He has two equally deft hands and played one of the great shots of the tournament, a right hand fizzler that rocketed to the back of the court!

In many respects the doubles format brought out the best in the Blundell’s squad, so reliant as it is on close cameradie, mutual support and good communication.

Seniors (Open)
Christian and Barney as the second pair showed a massive improvement in their tactical understanding and court positioning when being attacked and undoubtedly one of the highlight matches was against Tonbridge, when they were 7-1 down in the second game and eventually managed to win 3-11, 12-11, 11-4. A truly epic effort!
Addie and James gave a master class of their skills in the quarters and semis of the Plate competition having victories over Edinburgh Academy and St Paul’s 15-4, 15-6. Addie playing with his usual unabated energy and superb court coverage and James rising to the occasion with much greater consistency of concentration and the production of brilliant and subtle game changing shots that show what a great finisher he can be. In the finals after a slow start they played extremely well against Whitgift but couldn’t quite catch up and went down 15-9.

Colts U16
Boris Ames played up with George Gibbs for the colts and they proved to be a great combination. They haven’t played much together so their partnership had to be forged in fire! They had a notable victory against Alleyns II 11-3. 11-6 and showed a very pleasing complementary set of skills, with both being able to produce well executed long shots to the back of the court, They faced more seasoned and older opposition In Winchester II, but gave of their best. Boris fears no one! They will make an increasingly formidable pair as time goes on.

Will and Harry made an impressive start as a partnership, communicating well and executing sensibly their well thought out game plans. They were dogged through out and out played their oppositions on several occasions. Their first match against St Paul’s IV was extremely close with only a couple of points in it (13-15 to St Paul’s). Their plate match against Tonbridge had many exciting moments and It was no disgrace to go down 15-9. This will be an excellent partnership in the future.

All in all it was a great tournament for Blundell’s where much was learnt and we were impressed by the players stickability, determination and desire to raise their performance. Their enthusiasm was undimmed and they were a truly united squad!

CHD and Wayne Enstone

U13 National Championships, St Paul's School, London.

Yr 8: Ed Swarbrick, Max Mayor, Freddie Clayton, James Bartlett
Yr 7: Oscar Wetherall, Oscar Winsley, Ollie Yeadon, Sam Robshaw

The Blundell's squad performed admirably at this year's U13's Championships. They had to perform in an extremely competitive environment against a selection of the 44 players involved, representing 8 different schools. Year on year, the standard of Fives has got higher and higher and in many instances they were up against opponents with very much more experience than their own. Nevertheless, the squad as a whole played with undimmed Blundellian spirit. There were many individual performances of note in the singles and Ed Swarbrick and Max Mayor managed to win more than half their games in the pool stage. Freddie Clayton was unlucky not to have progressed into the knock out, having gained 52 points. It was something of an ordeal by fire for the year 7 squad but they showed real pluck and resilience throughout. In particular, it was very gratifying to see the absolute resolution of Oscar Wetherall to play every point to the utmost.

In the doubles, all pairs competed with increased fluency, conviction and communication as the afternoon progressed. Max Mayor and Ed Swarbrick did very well to get through to the quarter finals of the main draw. The second pair of Freddie Clayton and James Bartlett played some superb fives on their way to the third round of the plate competition. Ollie Yeadon and Sam Robshaw , unfortunately, came up against the top St Paul's pair and whilst never giving up and at times playing very well they were eventually well beaten. Oscar Wetherall and Oscar Winsley similarly played an experience pair but showed determination to the extent that their opponents never looked comfortable despite beating them to a low score. The index of their enthusiasm and desire to improve was the fact that they came off the courts very reluctantly at the end of the tournament. They would have been happy to play on in into the night!

The  squad's behaviour was a credit to Blundell's during the overnight stay at the Oxford YHA and throughout the weekend and they were were all very good company. During the tournament we adopted a mentoring system where by a year 8 supported a year 7, under the expert guidance of our captain Ed Swarbrick and Max Mayor his deputy.

Another very successful and enjoyable weekend of Fives in the 'Capital'. CHD / Wayne Enstone

v Sherborne

Seniors: Addie Chai, James Maclaurin, Christian Cabburn, Barney Ames, Hamish Reading, Paddy Ellicott
Colts: Oscar Voysey, Toby Pearce, Seb Farrant,

We had a very good return flxture against Sherborne, ably skippered by Christian Cabburn. Blundell's won 213-188. The squad played with with its usual enthusiasm and impressive focus throughout.

Seniors: Addie Chai and James Maclaurin as the first pair made a had a clean sweep in their doubles  matches 11-4 and 11-0. Christian Cabburn and Barney Ames to continue to make great progress as a partnership and are thinking more strategically and striking the ball more convincingly. They fought a tight game against Harvey and Mercer, just losing by a small margin 11-13.There was much excellent play in the singles, Christian had a deserved win against Mercer 11-8. The highlight was the epic match between Addie and Shardlow that could have gone either way so fiercely was it being fought. Eventually Shardlow won 12-11.Hamish Reading and Paddy Ellicott have made very pleasing  progress in a short time and were able frustrate the opposition and make significantly more points

Colts: Oscar Voysey, Toby Pearce and Seb  Farrant  continue to make great strides in singles and doubles and had some notable victories. Perhaps one of the most compelling  games was Oscar's last singles match against Black, remakable for its intensity and long rallies

All in all it was an excellent afternoon of Fives, played in the best Blundellian spirit. CHD

v Exeter and Tiverton Fives Clubs
Seniors: Addie Chai, James Maclaurin, Christian Cabburn, Barney Ames, Hamish Reading, Paddy Ellicott

The Match went very well indeed with a very mature performance from Addie as usual, however, his improvement is seemingly endless. He controlled Dan Hill from start to finish winning 11-3. He then went straight on against a very determined Alex Rew who gave nothing away, he really did concentrate to keep Addie down - Addie's first point came at 7 - 1 and although losing 11-2, Alex was grateful to end the game, he never looked comfortable!  This was great experience for Addie.

The new recruits, Paddy and Hamish played Maddy Raynor and Phil, getting 2 and 3 points that were well earned. They really didn't look out of place. Jack Lockwood played Bob Wilmer in a battle of the rugby players, Bob just winning 11-8. Jack then played Maddy later and won 11-6 after some long rallies, he improved throughout the evening and played in with Bob, Phil and Dan, holding his own!

Christian and Barney had two games of doubles, first against Keith Kennerley and Maddy losing 11-3, but then raising their game against Tim Lewis and Johnathan Webber winning 12-11 much to their delight! Addie and James had two tough games against Alex and John Savery, losing 2 and 6. James improved his concentration in the second one, which did make all the difference!

This was another terrific Match against the clubs and well worth playing from many points of view. Wayne Enstone

v Sherborne
Seniors: Addie Chai, James Maclaurin, Christian Cabburn, Barney Ames, Hamish Reading, Paddy Ellicott
Colts: Oscar Voysey, Toby Pearce, Seb Farrant, James Barlow

We had Tremendous afternoon of highly competitive Fives against Sherborne, Blundell's winning overall 181-160
Addie Chai and James Maclaurin played some masterful and fluent Fives in both singles and doubles format, comfortably winning all their games. Christian Cabburn and Barney Ames as the second pair fought energetically in closely argued games, the highlight being their Doubles Match against Mercer and Harvey that they only just lost 12-14. Hamish Reading and Paddy Ellacott played with great spirit and commitment in their first fixture after only 4 weeks experience in the sport and clearly learnt a great deal from the experience.
It is impressive how much progress Oscar Voysey, Toby Pearce and Seb Farrant have made this term in terms of hitting quality and court coverage.This is is particularly true of Seb who is also new to the sport this term. Many of their games were increasingly very tightly contested, but in the end they won convincingly 74-50 in singles an doubles. James Barlow put in a great first performance despite his initial trepidation! The highlight being the epic doubles game where he partnered Wayne Enstone against Haywood-Smith and Mr Scorer, the Sherborne Master in Charge. Blundell's finally triumphed 12-11!

All in a great competition played played in true sportsman-like spirit by both teams. CHD

v Pilgrim's & Bloxham Tournament at Winchester
Squad: Ed Swarbrick, Max Mayor, Dom Wielenga, Ollie Yeadon
We had a great afternoon of Fives playing against Pilgrim's and Bloxham Schools. Bertie Matthew brought a squad down from Bloxham, so it was the first time in some years that we have taken part in a three way at Pilgrim's. Blundell's players acquitted themselves admirably and played hard, but in the best sportsman-like spirit of the game. Many of the games were extremely close in result. Pilgrims were top dogs overall with 99 points, Blundell's and Bloxham were very close with 73 and 71 respectively.

The standard and skill of the squad increased exponentially as the afternoon progressed. In the singles Ed and Max achieved hard won victories against their Bloxham Opponents and Dom Wielenga won both his matches convincingly against Pilgrim's and Bloxham.

In many respects some of the best play was to be seen in the doubles and Ed and Max as the first pair played exceptionally well against Pilgrim's and although Pilgrims got the upper hand (9-6) There were many fearsome and long rallies, notable for excellent court coverage, communication and retrieval. Dom and Ollie had a cliffhanging and long game against Bloxham. They finally won 9-8.

All in all it was an excellent performance, where much was learnt and it will stand them in very good stead, When some of them go up to the Nationals in March. CHD

v  RFA 2017
Squad: Tobias Francis (capt), Addie Chai, James MacLaurin, Christian Cabburn, Barney Ames, Lewis Terry
RFA: Wayne Enstone, Keith Kennerley, Nick Geere, Bob Wilmer, Melanie Whitehead, CHD
We had a delightful afternoon of highly competetive Fives against the RFA. The latter take no prisoners and demanded much of the Blundells Squad.
In the singles there were many very closely fought games with Tobias, Addie and James winning their matches. Eventually honours were equally drawn between the two sides, 44-44.
In the doubles The RFA piled on the pressure and finally won 79-61. Addie and James were dominant against Kennerley and Geere, beating them 11-5 in both games. There were many long rallies in all matches and Blundell’s tactical and communication skills developed very impressively as the afternoon progressed. The RFA team commented on the excellent, sportsmanlike attitude of the Blundell’s squad that nicely balanced serious commitment and evident enthusiasm for the game.
Special praise should go to Lewis Terry for withstanding the ordeal and playing so positively, having only had a week’s experience of Fives! All in all it was a super occasion. Much was learnt from experienced adults and Blundell’ players can take this knowledge forward to matches against their peers from other schools. CHD   

West of England Schools Championships 2017
Tobias Francis (Capt’), Addie Chai, James MacLaurin, Jack Lockwood, Christian Cabburn, Barney Ames
Colts: Boris Ames, Joe Horsey, Tommy Ryder, Dom Vause, Tom MurphyBlundell’s had a full representation at the West of England Tournament taking up a squad of 7 seniors and 5 Colts. The 2017 tournament had one of the biggest Draws in recent memory consisting 43 senior and 30 colts players from 9 schools. The standard as ever was exceptionally high with Winchester currently being the dominant force on the circuit, Wayne and I are extremely proud of the Blundell’s squad’s achievements and the great team spirit demonstrated throughout. No match was unsupported by the squad across the different age ranges. On many occasions the Blundell’s shout could probably have been heard at Yeovil! It was very good to have had so many turning up for the practise session on Friday to get rid of the excess Christmas pudding and it allowed the squad to hit the deck running on Saturday.
Over the two days there were many highlights as pairs and and individuals.

It was a great achievement Addie Chai to get through to the ¼ finals of the main draw. He showed his usual steely determination and brilliant court coverage against Rentoul of Allens who he beat 15-9 and Whitham of St Pauls ( a year older) who he eventually relented to 9-15.Tobias Francis and James Maclaurin got through to the 3rd round  with notable victories against Bedford and St Paul’s. In the plate competition there was much good play From Christian Cabburn and Barney Ames. The latter deserves special mention, as this is the first major competition he has played in for well over a year. In many respects the performance of the day was from Jack Lockwood who got to the final of the plate. He was on fire throughout and played with undimmed intensity. He took out all the players in his pool from Bedford, St Pauls and Tonbridge, capping it with an epic contest against Gugroult of St Pauls that he finally won 11-9. He eventually went down fighting to the end against Manur of Malvern.
In many respects the singles competition was a baptism of fire for the colts but it was to their credit that they never let their heads go down despite disappointments. Commitment and pluckiness was demonstrated throughout. Boris Ames played exceptionally well in the plate only losing one of his 3 games by a point and was unlucky not have got into the knockout semi finals.
We fielded 3 pairs in the senior competition. Addie Chai and James Maclaurin as the first pair got through to the quarter Finals of the main draw achieving a convincing victory over Alleyns 15-1.They succumbed to the greater experience of the top tournament pair From Winchester who are in upper 6th, but not without a real fight. Addie and James continue to develop as a highly combative and effective pair with very useful complementary skills. Tobias Francis and Christian Cabburn, as the second pair, gave some very skilled performances in the pool stage of the plate against Tonbridge (11-2) and Sherborne, and by the end were working very effectively as a unit. Special praise should go to the Ames Brothers as the third pair, young Boris showing great reservoirs of courage as the only Year 9 player competing at senior level!
It was a hard call for the two Colts pairs Joe Horsey/ Tommy Ryder and Dom Vause/Tom Murphy as they were faced with more experienced opposition often I or 2 years their senior. By the pool stage the partnerships had bedded down and these delivered some very effective performances against St Pauls and Malvern.

All in all it was a great start to the season and Blundell’s can hold its head high! CHD

Reichwald Trophy 2016
School: Tobias Francis, Ben Clarke, Addie Chai, James Maclaurin,  
Christian Cabburn, Barney Ames, Lucas Amery, Ed Swarbrick,
CHD, Bertie Matthew
OB’s: Daniel Hill, Jonathan Webber, Alexandra Steel, Christian Brooks, Melanie Whitehead, Frank Akerman, Will Akerman, Tom Massey, John Savery, Nick Geere, Wayne Enstone

As ever we had a thoroughly enjoyable and competitive afternoon of Fives and apart from the odd shower had good weather. We followed the normal format of pairing up ten OB’s with a current pupil on a strong to weaker basis and a draw was made to ensure that the pairings were evenly balanced. We had less pupils than usual as there was a clash between the tournament and the Mills Cup and CCF, thus making unavailable the year 9 and 10 invited players. Nevertheless the matches were very tightly contested and the afternoon saw many long and exciting rallies at the pool stage. The tempo increased at the knock out stage. The results were as follows:

The Reichwald Cup was won by Christian Cabburn and John Savery (15-14)
(by a hair’s breadth against Barney Ames and Wayne Enstone)
1st plate by Lucas Amery and Will Akerman
2nd plate by James Maclaurin and Alexandra Steel
3rd plate by Ed Swarbrick and Dan Hill.
4th Plate was won by Tobias Francis and Tom Massey

It was great to have Bertie Matthew come and play with his usual vigour and enthusiasm. Ed Swarbrick as the youngest player deserves special mention for his pluckiness and super serving. We owe may thanks to Wayne for masterminding the draw and to Frank Akerman and the Exeter and Tiverton clubs for their unwavering support of the event. As ever Janet Woof provided us with a very tasty lunch and tea at the Beale Centre. CHD

National Schools Fives Championship Report 2016

Blundell’s had four players representing school this year with Tobias Francis, our captain, entered the Open Singles and Doubles, Addie Chai entered the Colts (U16’s) Singles and partnered Tobias, and in the Under 14’s Dom Vause and Toby Pearce entered the singles and formed a new doubles partnership.

Tobias was drawn in a Pool of three players which meant playing two matches, unfortunately, the first of which was against the strongest player from Rugby, losing that 15-5. In the second match Tobias showed great determination and whilst getting off to a poor start, 5-0 down, recovered to level at 5-5 all and to go on to win 15-5. If he had produced this form in the first match he could well have been competing in the main competition, instead he was now in the Plate on day two. In this match he initially looked much the better player and his opponent whilst not having the range of shots of Tobias was extremely fit. At 9-9 all Tobias looked tired and proceeded to lose 4 points quickly only to show great determination to recover to 13-13 all, this effort left him exhausted and he understandably lost the match15-13. As he commented later he should have won and now realises he has to work on his fitness for next year.

Addie also played in a Pool of three, winning both his matches very convincingly with no points lost. Addie was through to the knockout phase. He was drawn against a good player from Merchant Taylor’s, fortunately he continued his good form and won both games comfortably 11-4, 11-1. This took him through to the quarter-finals to play Low of Whitgift, the number 3 seed, the following day. Low was a taller boy who was equally talented as Addie and although Addie won many rallies throughout the match he lost 11-2,11-1. As we discussed later this type of match was another valuable lesson for the future. Low played the eventual winner and gave him a more difficult match than his final opponent, so the standard of Colts player was extremely high this year.

In the Open Doubles Addie played above his age range to form a new partnership with Tobias and at 10-10 all in the first game it really did look good for the Blundell’s pair, amasingly a few loose shots at the end from Tobias allowed their opponents to win that 12-10. In fairness to Tobias tiredness again made the difference in his performance and whilst the second game had some super rallies Blundell’s lost that 11-6. As discussed later and on a positive conclusion to their tournament this was a match that could have been won with more practice as a pair.

In the Under 14’s singles both Dom and Toby were in Pools of four players meaning having to play three matches. Whilst not winning a match both Dom and Toby hit the ball very well with their stronger hand and now realise the importance of practice especially with their weaker hand. Considering Toby has limited fives play he has a natural hitting style as does Dom, which did win them many rallies. This was the end of the singles for them both. On day two in the Doubles they met very strong opposition in their first match, losing 15-5, to a pair from St Paul’s who had home court advantage. The pleasing thing for us all was both Dom and Toby showed an improvement in their play from day one and there were many fine rallies in this match. This continued into the plate match where at 4-4 all Dom and Toby looked a very competent doubles pair, especially for the future. Unfortunately, their more experienced opponents equally played some excellent shots and won the match 15-8. Throughout the tournament Dom and Toby showed a good attitude and never gave up, in addition, they improved many aspects of their game in every match. They both left expressing how they had enjoyed the experience and desire to return next year, which speaks volumes.

Very well done to them all for competing and it is only in the future, hoping they continue with fives, that they will value and appreciate this experience even more.

Wayne Enstone

Girls School’s National Championships 2016

Squad: Jessica Whitehead, Grace Labdon

Jessica and Grace did well today. They were third in their doubles group and went into the plate competition where they lost in the semi final. In the singles Jessica lost her first match but then proceeded to get to the plate final and Grace got through her first match but was then knocked out by the eventual winner. There were strong girls from Malvern and Bedford Modern who outclassed ours but they coped well against the girls from Eastbourne, Marlborough and Christ’s Hospital. They represented the school well I think!

Melanie Whitehead

v OBs

Squad:  Tobias Francis, Addie Chai, James MacLaurin, Christian Cabburn, Ed Pawson, Alastair Johnson-Ferguson,

OB team: Rob Whitethorn, Daniel Hill, Keith Kennerley, Bob Hitchens, Christian Brooks, Melanie whitehead

We had a great afternoon of Fives against the OB’s on Saturday. The teams overall were evenly matched. The Blundell’s squad played dynamically and skilfully throughout and with good spirit. In the end honours were evenly distributed. In the Singles unsurprisingly the OB’s with their superior experience and skill won overall 107-70. However Tobias and and Addie played exceptionally well against Rob Whitehorn and Daniel Hill. Christian Cabburn really revved up in his second match against Bob Hitchens and Ed Pawson was triumphant in both tightly fought games against Christian Brooks.

Blundell’s came in to their own in the Doubles winning 73-70. Pawson/Ferguson-Thompson won both their games and the Maclaurin/Cabburn duo played very inventively against Kennerley/Hitchens winning 15-7 in the first game and narrowly losing 12-15 in the second. Francis/Chai played brilliantly against the awesome firepower and tactics of the first pair Whitethorn/Hill and managed to score 8 points in both games. This will serve as fantastic preparation for the Nationals in two weeks time.

Overall it was a very upbeat and fitting end to a very good season. CHD

v Sherborne - AWAY

Squad: 1st IV: Tobias Francis, Addie Chai, James MacLaurin, Christian Cabburn,       
2nd IV: Ed Pawson, Alastair Johnson-Ferguson, Toby Pearce, Oscar Voysey

We had another great afternoon of Fives against Sherborne away on Saturday. It was an extremely close, hard fought and exhausting match as the final scores reveal. The Blundell’s 1st IV won 110-107 and The Sherborne 2nd IV beat Blundell’s 112-93.
It was good to welcome Toby Pearce and Oscar Voysey for their first ever fixture after only three weeks involved in the game! They played with courage and increasing skill throughout.

There was much to praise In Blundell’s performance. In the 1st IV match, Chai’s victories over the Sherborne first pair, Pyman and Shardlow 15-4, 11-3 respectively was an obvious highlight followed by Maclaurin’s clean sweep of his opposition.
In the doubles Francis and Cabburn had a very convincing win against the second pair, 11-3. Christian playing one of his best games ever.

There were also many achievements for the second IV. Ed Pawson was undefeated in all his singles matches, never allowing the opposition to get more than 4 points in a game, striking the ball with awesome ferocity and accuracy. He and Alastair Thompson-Ferguson played as a highly effective doubles partnership and won all their three matches.

It was an excellent overall performance played in the best Blundellian spirit of enjoyment! CHD

v Malvern (at Clifton)

Squad: Ben Clarke, James Lockwood, Christian Cabburn Addie Chai, James MacLaurin,Ed Pawson, George Gibbs 

We had a superb afternoon of fives against Malvern at Clifton playing both singles and doubles formats of the game. We organised the squad in to a first and second IV that crossed age boundaries. For the First IV score-wise it was pretty even-Stephens, Malvern being ascendant in the senior singles, having Nelson their no 1 present. However Bundell’s evened things up in the doubles in which there were some great matches. Chai/ Maclaurin epically took down the Malvern first pair, Nelson/Williams (both in Upper 6th))15-13. Addie and James are now making a superb complementary pair and are turning into formidable opponents, combining Addie’s fantastic court coverage and James’ deft angle shots and volleying skills. This bodes very well for the National Colts championships in April. Clarke/ Lockwood played particularly well in their second match against the second pair, winning 11-5.

The second IV  won both the singles and doubles 142-69, only 4 Points short of a maximum score. Pawson, Cabburn and George Gibbs played in different combinations and were triumphant throughout. They played energetically and with increasing skill throughout. George also had notable singles victories against Standen and Platnauer 15-4, 15-5 respectively.

All in all it was a great performance from Blundell’s, played in excellent spirit.

West of England Championships
There was a good mix of players from various schools for this year’s singles in both the Colts(U16) and Seniors on the Saturday.

In the Colts, both Addie Chai and James MacClaurin had comfortable wins in their first and second round matches, reaching the quarter finals where they both met Winchester players who had a very strong squad this year. Unfortunately, for Addie he was drawn to play the number one seed, not winning a point in the first game and somewhat overwhelmed by his opponent. Not to be deterred and as we have seen in the past with Addie he approached the second game in his usual calm but now also attacking style of his own, at 9 all and Addie looking ever bit as good as his opponent the game could have been won by either player, unfortunately, two unlucky bounces swung it in favour of his opponent. His opponent greatly releaved to have  beaten Addie. He then proceeded to win the tournament very comfortably, indicating that Addie should really have been drawn in the bottom half of the draw and quite obviously warranted the number two seeding. This will be requested for the National Schools provided Addie is available to attend. James MacClaurin fought adversity, having collided unintentionally with his opponent in the third rally of the match and suffering a rather sore nose, James produced a brave performance but never quite recovered from the knock. Whilst he lost the match 2 and 1 the scores do not give a fair indication of how close and long most of the rallies were, again indicating he capable of reversing that result at the Nationals.

In the Senoir singles, Tobias Francis( Captain), Christian Cabburn and Ben Clarke all lost  their first matches, however, despite losing the players showed great determination and spirit throughout the afternoon and produced some fine performances in the Plate competition. Ben and Tobias reached the semi finals and it was very nearly an all Blundell’s final, Ben losing narrowly, with Tobias progressing. Tobias played a very mature game in the final and not only exploited his opponents weaknesses played many excellent winning shots to dominate and win the final comfortably and in style. As he commented it was a pity he didn’t produce that form at the start of the day, however, he realises he had only had limited practice time leading up to this tournament.

In all the Saturday gave the players the practice they required for even better performances to come on the Sunday in the doubles championships.

In the Colts doubles Addie and James were drawn in the bottom half of the draw which kept them clear of the number one pair from Winchester, one of them being the winner of the singles and the other one of the semi finalists. Throughout the early rounds they grew in confidence as a pair. They made reaching the semi final look easy, however, their opponents from St Paul’s had also looked very impressive. The match started very well, Blundell’s winning the first game, then in the second game their opponents showed the form that had enabled them to reach the semi, winning that game, honours shared the third game started off with many extremely long rallies but then slowly Blundell’s began to dominate with James played out right winning shots, despite by this time suffering from a sore shoulder, Addie played a very sensible steady game. Needless to say they met the number one pair in the final. Briefly, the first game was an exciting display of attacking play from both pairs and although beaten to 3 points they really did deserve many more points, however, that shows the high standard that their opponents set. A wonderful match which concluded in the second game being won rather quickly, mainly due to the injury of James who did very well to play the match out. Whilst disappointed to have lost in the final both players expressed how much they had enjoyed the weekend.

In the Senior doubles the partnerships were Tobias and Ben and, Christian and Jack Lockwood. Both pairs had extremely tough draws playing experienced Derby Moor pairs. Both pairs gave very good accounts of themselves, however, as the players all now realise doubles does need practice. In the plate they again met very good pairs and did improve their performances but were both knock out after very close matches.

From many points of view a very successful weekend with medals being brought back and the main objective being complete that everyone indicated having enjoyed the experience, and all the wiser from entering the championships, coaches included. Wayne Enstone

v Sherborne

Squad: 1st IV: Tobias Francis, Addie Chai, James MacLaurin, Christian Cabburn,       
             2nd IV: Ed Pawson, George Gibbs, Alastair Johnson-Ferguson, Dom Vause

We had an exciting afternoon of Fives against Sherborne at home on Saturday. The match followed the usual format of singles and doubles and Blundell’s won overall 188-120 points. In addition to our full time squad it was good to have two Under 14’s, George Gibbs and Dom Vause participating. They acquitted themselves very well particularly as they were playing opponents one or two years up in age. Tobias was suffering from a sore shoulder but doggedly led the squad.

In the singles, there were many closely contested games, but Chai, Maclaurin, Cabburn, Pawson and Gibbs won all their matches convincingly. Players demonstrated excellent court coverage, anticipation and clean hitting throughout.

In the doubles there was also much to praise. Chai and Maclaurin won both of their matches and perhaps the highlight of the afternoon was the game against the Sherborne 1st pair, Pyman and Shardlow ( both 6th formers) that stayed at 8 all for a very long time, before Blundell’s final got the upper hand. Pawson and Vause also won their doubles match comprehensively 11-0.

The squad displayed excellent team spirit and sportsmanship in the best Blundellian tradition. It was, all In all a very pleasing performance. CHD

v Pilgrims at Winchester

Squad: Mat Hoaen, Boris Ames, Harry Rackham, Ed Swarbrick

We had a delightful afternoon of Fives at Pilgrims School, hosted by the ever- hospitable Deputy head, Geoffrey Hammond. We were royally treated to a delicious roast lunch on arrival. This was the 12th encounter between the two schools and it was a compelling session of singles and doubles. Although honours finally went to Pilgrims there was much to praise in Blundell’s performance. Ed Swarbrick deserves Special mention as he has only recently taken up fives and played valiantly through out.

In the singles, highlights included Mat Hoaen’s victory over Pilgrim’s no 2, 11- 4 and Boris Ames matches’ against McColleryn 11-4 and narrow defeat to their no 1,10-11. Harry Rackham was unlucky not to have won his Match against McColeryn, to whom he succumbed after an attritional game, 10-11. Many of the Doubles matches were also very tightly contested. Ames/ Rackham took both their cliff-hanging games to the wire and only lost by 2 points in each.
Blundell’s skill development during the afternoon was very impressive and by the end they were showing excellent court awareness, foot movement and clean hitting.

They should be proud of their achievements. CHD /MJT


Despite the scores, there were several 'close' and hard fought games and I thought James McLaurin played particularly well.  Unfortunately Tobias had to be substituted after the first game due to his shoulder injury.

1 T Francis/A Johnson-Furguson        A Rew
2  J McLaurin                                    D Hill
3  C Cabburn                                    A Steel
4  E Pawson                                     C Brook

Doubles 1&2 v 1&3        1-15, 7-15                      2&4        6-16, 15-9
            3&4 v 1&3        6-15, 15-16                      2&4        0-15, 2-15

Singles 2 v 1        2-11 4 v 4        12-10 3 v 2        2-12

Total 66-145. PFR

v Exeter and Tiverton

Squad:  Addie Chai, James MacLaurin, Ed Pawson, Alastair Johnson-Ferguson,

We had an enjoyable evening of Fives playing against the Exeter and and Tiverton clubs. Blundell’s was missing Tobias Francis and Christian Cabburn due to injury and Wayne Enstone and CHD joined the Blundellian ranks! The clubs unsuprisingly won 107-58. However there were some extremely tightly fought matches and Chai/Johnson-Ferguson’s game against Webber and Wilmer  (9-11) was an obvious highlight. Honours were equally drawn between Maclaurin/Enstone and Rew and Savory both winning a game apiece. As ever the squad learnt much from the highly experienced members of the Clubs. CHD

Reichwald Trophy 2015

School: Tobias Francis, Ben Clarke, Jack Lockwood, Addie Chai, James Maclaurin,  
Christian Cabburn, Barney Ames,Lucas Amery,Jessica Whitehead, Livi Charteris,Dom Vause, Alex Venner

OB’s: Alex Rew,Daniel Hill,Tim Lewis,Keith Kennerley, Jonathan Webber,Nick Cumberlege, Alexandra Steel,Christian Brooks, Jonathan Amery, Rick Vause, Frank Akerman,CH-D, Mat Taylor

We had a very entertaining and enjoyable afternoon of Fives Doubles at last Sunday’s Reichwald trophy much aided by the good weather. There were 12 pairs involved and as normal an OB paired up with a current pupil. We must thank Wayne Enstone for organising a draw and match format that ensured the pairings were very well balanced. At all stages there was often very little in points between the different pairs. There was excellent and highly competitive Fives throughout. It was great to have 2 girls involved as well, Livi Charteris and Jessica Whiteheadd and also to have a good number of parents playing; Christian Brooks, Jonathan Amery, Melanie Whitehead and Rick Vause. Rick Vause did exceptionally well, given that he was an Eton Fives player and hadn’t been on court for over 30 years. There were many memorable moments, Alex Venner’s epic volley and Jack Lockwood’s fantastic stamina being amongst them. As ever current players will have learnt a huge amount from playing with and against some very experienced adult players. We thank Frank Akerman, Nick Cumberlege for their help and support and Janet Woof for providing us with delicious lunch and tea at the Beale centre

The Reichwald Cup was won by by Christian Cabburn and Nick Cumberlege
1st plate by Lucas Amery and Keith Kennerley
2nd plate by Addie Chai and CHD
3rd plate was won by Dom Vause and Jonathan Webber.

Many of the final games were very hard fought and praise is due to the runners up:
Jack Lockwood, Livi Charteris, and Ben Clarke CHD


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