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Hockey is the main sport in the Autumn Term for girls at Blundell's throughout the 11-18 age range. The Years 9-13 have four games sessions per week, which will include at least one match against the top teams in the South West of the country. The Sixth Form girls can opt for other sports but Blundellians frequently opt to continue their team sports and can field four senior teams. The Years 7 & 8 have three sessions per week. The school can boast two excellent all-weather floodlit astro-turf pitches, one of which is national competition standard, the other a sand-based. The hockey coaching programme is complimented by a fully qualified Strength & Conditioning coach and a fully equipped modern Fitness Suite.

Harry JonesHarry Jones is the Director of Girls' Hockey and Level 3 Head Coach of both boys' and girls' 1st X1 teams. Harry has both played (in UK & Australia National Premier League) and coached at the very highest level - he is still a National League player with ISCA.

  • Wales Assistant Coach - U16, U18 and U21/development
  • 8 years National League Coaching Experience
  • 13 years National League Playing Experience
  • Women’s Head Coach, University of Exeter and Isca Hockey Club
  • Director of Girls' Hockey, Senior Coach (Boys & Girls), Blundell's School

There is a strong coaching set up throughout the school, right from their very first days in the U12s where Mrs Klinkenberg, who previously coached both Millfield and Blundell's 1st teams and played International Hockey herself, introduces the girls to the Blundell's healthily competitive attitude towards team sports. We endeavour to develop depth and breadth of character, encouraging resilience, optimism, self-control, respect, leadership and sportsmanship through playing games, learning skills and taking part in competitive fixtures: a 'sport-for-all' philosophy underpins the school's comprehensive sports programme.

Blundell's girls have often reached the Area and National Finals and at all age groups are the team that the rest of Devon have to try to beat. Many girls each year represent Devon and often the SW and National teams too.

  Devon Schools Finals   National Finals
U18 U16 U14 U18 U16 U14 U13
2011-12 Won Won pool        
2012-13 Won 2nd Won       2nd
2013-14 Won Won Won       5th
2014-15 pool pool Won     3rd  
2015-16 pool Won pool   4th    
2016-17 3rd Won Won   4th    


Girls' Hockey 2017-18

Captain of Girls' Hockey:Millie Eaton-Jones GH/W
Vice Captain:

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th U16 U15A U15B U14A U14B
Exeter School Won 6-1 Won 3-0 L 1-3       Won 4-0 Won 4-3 D 2-2
Clifton College Won 2-0 L 0-7 L 0-2 L 0-2   Won 6-0 D 2-2 L 2-4 Won 3-2
Sherborne Tourn't                  
Canford D 1-1 L 2-3 L 0-6 L 1-3   Won 4-3 L 0-8 L 1-4 L 1-4
Mount Kelly A   D 1-1             L 2-4
Cheltenham College L 0-4 Won 2-1 L 1-2 Won 8-1   Won 3-1 D 0-0 D 0-0 D 0-0
King's Taunton Won 7-0 L 0-6       D 1-1 Won 2-0 canc' D 2-2
Plymouth College     Won 4-0       D 2-2    
Maynard 1st X1   L 2-4              
King's Bruton Won 4-3 L 0-1   Won 1-0   Won 4-0 Won 5-0 Won 6-3  
West Buckland Won 9-0 Won 3-1       Won 6-0      
Devon County Finals (Outdoor)                  
Devon County Finals (Indoor)         Won        
Shebbear           Won 10-0      
Taunton School                  
Wellington School Won 5-0 Won 2-0 Won 4-0     Won 7-0 Won 6-0 Won 6-0 Won 4-0
King's Taunton Won 7-0 L D 0-0 Won 5-0          
Millfield   L 1-3 D 2-2            
West of England
Finals (Indoor)
West of England Finals (Outdoor)                  
Bristol Grammar L 1-3 L 0-3 L 0-2 D 1-1     L 0-4    
National Finals                  
  U13A U13B U12A U12B U12C
St Peter's, Lympstone A   L 0-2      
Blundell's Tournament 2nd pool      
Exeter Cathedral          
Millfield Tournament          
Mount Kelly A   L 1-4   L 1-3  
Shebbear     Won 9-0 D 0-0  
Exeter School Won 9-1 Won 3-2 D 2-2 Won 2-1  
Wellington School Won 7-2 Won 5-2 Won 5-0    
Sherborne Prep'          
West Buckland Won 6-0        
Clifton Prep'          
Millfield Prep' L 2-5        
The Maynard          
Taunton Prep' Won 6-1 D 2-2 Won 6-0    
Plymouth College          
King's Hall D 0-0        
Queen's Taunton   D 1-1      
Devon County Finals 2nd        
Bristol Grammar   L      


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