Netball is the main sport for girls in the Spring Term at Blundells. Girls from years 9 to 13 are offered between three and four sessions of netball per week during the season. All girls have the opportunity to try out for one of the Blundell's teams. We run a 1st VII, 2nd VII, 3rd VII and 4th VII for years 11, 12 and 13, and A and B teams at Under 14 and Under 15 level. School House have matches for Under 13 A & B teams and the Under 12s also field two teams.

Netball 2018-19

Captain of Netball: Grace Francis NC/W
Vice Captain:


Netball 2017-18

Captain of Netball: Millie Eaton-Jones GH/W
Vice Captain: Mantha Unsworth-White NC/W

National Schools Area Round: U16 Winners. The U16 Netball squad competed in the area round of the National Schools competition this afternoon. It is an incredibly tough area and this year only the top four schools entered so every game was tight. As it is so early in the season the girls skill level is yet to really shine through, however Blundell’s determination and perseverance was evident in abundance.

We won the competition with the following results:

V Exeter School 7-7 Draw
V The Maynard 6-3 Win
V St Peter’s 8-6 Win

Devon County Finals: U16 3rd=

National Schools Area Round: U14 Runners-up

The U14s competed in the Area Round of the National Schools Competition this afternoon. All the teams proved tough competition. Our girls improved a huge amount as the afternoon progressed. All girls within the squad played their part and in particular Eve Nugent and Hebe Stone worked incredibly hard in defence.

V St Peter's 2-11 Lost (St Peter's were outstanding)
V The Maynard 12-7 Win
V Okehampton 14-3 Win
V Exeter School 10-9 Win

This means that the squad qualifies in second place for the County Round on Wednesday 22nd November. Fantastic!

Devon County U14 Finals: 3rd place

We won all our pool matches and then had an exceptionally close semi-final that really could have gone either way. We lost by two goals and then won the 3rd/4th play off convincingly.

V South A 6-4 Win
V East A 8-5 Win
V North A 9-8 Win
V West A 8-5 Win

Semi-final 8-10 Lost
3rd/4th play off 9-3 Win

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th U16 U15A U14A
Area Tournament           Won   2nd
Devon County           3rd   3rd
King's Bruton L 13-31 L 7-22   Won 16-4 Won 15-6   L 15-17 Won 22-11
West Buckland Won 19-15 L 8-13   Won 19-8     L 7-13 Won 16-7
Shebbear A   Won 26-5            
Exeter School Won 22-18 L 10-28   Won 19-9     L 22-35 Won 22-18
Wellington School Won 28-23 Won 32-6            
Exeter Tournament                
Taunton School L 12-40 L 22-43  

Won 30-8

Won 25-13

    L 10-15  
OBs Won 38-21              
Bryanston Won 26-13 L 9-35   D 12-12        
The Maynard L 19-20 Won 21-18         L 21-37 Won 35-12
Millfield bWon 32-10 cL 15-34         L 11-30  
King's Taunton Won 37-10 L 16-25   L 9-16 L 17-22   Won 27-24 Won 36-9
Queen's Taunton Won 35-18 Won 21-15   Won 23-6     Won 20-10 Won 23-12
Well's Cathedral                
  U15B U15C U14B U14C
King's Bruton Won 15-3 L 2-9 Won 14-5  
West Buckland L 5-13   Won 16-7  
Exeter School     Won 24-6  
Wellington School        
Taunton School   L 5-12 Won 14-9 L 3-16
Wells Cathedral        
Bryanston   L 4-6    
The Maynard Won 14-7 L 8-15    
Millfield L 13-19      
Queen's Taunton Won 17-9   Won 21-8  
King's Taunton Won 14-13 Won 11-9 Won 23-5 L 4-23
  U13A U13B U13C U12A U12B U12C
Millfield Prep L 9-23 L 5-28        
Taunton Tourn'            
Wellington School Won 10-8          
Clifton Prep   L 9-10        
The Downs Prep            
Exeter Cathedral A            
St Peter's Prep   D 16-16        
The Maynard   L 5-30        
Exeter School            
Wells Cathedral            
Uffculme A            
West Buckland L 4-11 L 2-9        
King's Hall            
Queen's Taunton            
Taunton Prep'     Won 4-2      



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