The 1st XV's Jack Maunder
The 1st XV's Jack Maunder

Blundell’s has a tremendous tradition of Rugby Football. This season, 2018/2019 Rugby Union will have been played at Blundell’s for 150 years. All boys whatever their level have the opportunity to represent the school. Blundell’s runs two teams at every age group and four teams at under18 level. We play on a very competitive schools circuit and regular fixtures against Canford, Millfield, Taunton, and Truro, amongst many other top rugby schools provide us with an outstanding fixture card. The 1st XV enter The School Champions Trophy and the U15 XV into the NatWest Schools Cup. A number of boys who have recently left the school have careers in professional rugby. Jack Maunder at only 20years of age has already captained Exeter Chiefs and was awarded his first Full England Cup in Argentina in 2017. Sam Maunder his younger brother and Barrie Karea players at school only last year have represented the Chiefs 1st XV and Matt Kvesic (another recent Full England Rugby International) has had a fantastic season at the Chiefs after spells with Worcester and Gloucester.

We have a strong association with The Exeter Chiefs and are in regular contact with their Academy managers and conditioning staff. Luke Simpson, Sam Kennaugh, Sam Dodd, Josh Thorne, Matt Karea and Greg Kitson to name but a few are players at Blundell’s who are being carefully guided by Blundell’s Rugby and monitored closely by The Exeter Chiefs Academy. We of course have many old boys playing rugby for the fun and enjoyment of the game at University and Clubs around the country.

Old Mutual Wealth Kids First is England Rugby’s approach to rugby for junior years, giving children the opportunity to prosper by fostering an environment for having fun, learning and building confidence. This is a rugby philosophy that Blundell’s has fully endorsed and we believe that pupils will develop their rugby better in this environment of enjoyment; inclusivity and hard work, helping the players develop and learn the game at their own pace, and making sure they have plenty of fun while playing.

On the coaching front Tony Yapp, Director of Rugby at Taunton RFC, is our part time Director of Rugby Performance & Player Development at Blundell’s. He is fully involved with coaching all boys at the school from the prep school to the 1st XV. He also keeps the Blundell’s coaches, (many of whom are academic teachers as well as PE and rugby specialists) up to date with the latest philosophy and techniques of the game. Tony runs extra sessions for our top age group players to allow them to develop their talent further. Our recent History appointment, Simon Johnson, who played professional Rugby at Bath and Munster, is coaching the 1st XV.

In the spring term, Sevens Rugby is a big part of the activity programme. Every age group is entered into a number of sevens tournaments. Teams at U13, U14, U16 and U18 level and Girls are also entered into The Rosslyn Park tournament and every year Blundell’s seems to perform above expectations. For the first time in thirty years, Blundell’s won the Vase Tournament in 2018.

We have many pupils playing at representative level and we support these players well with extra coaching, fitness, conditioning, and nutritional advice. However, Blundell’s prides itself on its rugby for all philosophy, and players who just enjoy playing rugby have every opportunity for good coaching and competitive games. Winning on the field is important but paramount to the rugby at Blundell’s is the spirit in which it is played and the welcome and hospitality received by all our opposition and referees.

Ed Saunders
Master i/c Rugby

Rugby 2017-18

Captain of Rugby: Sam Maunder FH/W
Vice Captain:

Opposition 1st XV 2nd XV 3rd XV 4th XV U16A U15A U14A
Bristol Grammar Won 44-24 Won 17-0 Won   D 5-5    
Heathfield             Won 32-10
Sherborne (40 mins trial) Won 18-5 L 12-24 L 0-46   L 7-38 L 5-48 Won 10-7
Kirkham Grammar (40 mins trial) Won 18-17            
Sherborne (Champions Cup) away Won 18-7            
Well's Cath' 1st XV   Won 40-7          
Exeter School     b L 0-26        
St Peter's, Exeter              
King's Taunton Won 59-0 Won 50-7 Won 58-17   Won 37-17 L 12-40 L 5-24
Truro School Won 53-3       Won 46-7   Won 24-0
Bryanston Won 31-11 Won 50-0     L 5-7 Won 49-19 Won 43-0
Epsom College (Champions Cup) away Won 31-7            
Canford L 19-38 D 10-10 L 15-31   Won 13-10 Won 32-19 Won 21-20
Abingdon             Won 24-15
Uffculme         L    
Clifton College Won 47-0 L 3-7 L 19-24 L 24-57 L 7-36 L 15-30 L 0-31
Stowe (Champions Cup) quarter-final away Won 16-3            
Taunton School   a L 3-17 b L c Won L L L
Millfield Won 45-15 L 0-34 L 7-50   L 0-12 L 0-52 Won 19-17
Kingswood (Champions Cup) semi-final home Won 27-5            
Dulwich College (Champions Trophy Final) Allianz Park L 29-34            
Cheltenham College L 7-18 L L L 21-24 L 14-21 L L
U18 Rosslyn Park 7s Won            
Opposition U16B U15B U14B U14C
Bristol Grammar canc' Won 41-24 Won 19-12  
King's Taunton   Won 51-10 L 0-40  
Sherborne L 0-27      
Heathfield     Won 35-10  
Truro School     L 12-52  
Kingsley A        
Bryanston   L 10-55 L 17-24  
Canford   D 25-25 cWon 36-15  
Clifton College   L 22-38 L 0-34  
Millfield L 0-54 L 0-29 L 0-52  
Cheltenham College L L 5-17 L  
Taunton School L L Won 22-7  
Opposition U13A U13B U13C U12A U12B
Uffculme Won 60-5        
Bristol Grammar          
Exeter Cathedral A Won 25-5        
W Buckland L 10-15     Won 60-0  
Queen's Taunton Won 30-5        
Exeter School Won 15-5     Won 25-10 L 0-11
St Peter's Prep'          
Truro School Won 45-25     Won 45-0  
St Peter's Exeter          
Kingswood L 0-20     L 10-20  
Mount Kelly A & B          
Wellington School Won 40-10     Won 55-0  
Clust Vale Won 45-0        
Allhallows Prep'          
Sherborne Prep' Won 40-20     Won 25-5 Won 35-10
Taunton Prep'          
Forres Sandle Manor          
King's Hall Won 30-15        
Plymouth College          
Clifton Preparatory          



Rugyby Sevens Blundell's U18 at Rosslyn Park

Rosslyn Park Sevens 1940 Winners

Blundell's won the first Rosslyn Park Public Schools Rugby Sevens Tournament that they entered.

1940 Rosslyn Park Sevens winners
Pictured to the right are: D Chapman, RDM Penny, WJ Hotblack (Capt'), HW Thuillier, RLF Mitchell, LGW Baker, P Lawson.

Stage Opposition Result
v U.C.S. Won 15 - 0
v St George's, Harpenden Won 13 - 0
v Tonbridge Won 17 - 0
v Stonyhurst Won 23 - 0
Semi-final  v St Edward's, Oxford Won 11 - 8
Final  v Dulwich Won 28 - 0


Rosslyn Park Sevens 1981 Winners

1981 Rosslyn Park Sevens winners
Back row: PG Whitlock, R Maltby, Cardinal Hume presenting the Cup, Mr TI Barwell (Master i/c Rugby), SA Watts (Capt'), J Massie, WT Carden. Front row: IM Brierley, RJ Taverner, GW Watts, absent due to injury: RJ Procter-Smith.

Rosslyn Park Record of Finals
Competition Year Opposition Result
Open 1940 v Dulwich College Won 28 - 0
Festival 1981 v Monmouth School Won 16 - 8
1983 v Ampleforth Lost 16 - 18
1993 v King's Canterbury Lost 17 - 21
1995 v Wellington College Lost 5 - 27
2018 v St Peter's, York Won 24-20


The rugby pitches on Amory patiently await action, shrouded in early morning mist

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