Blundell's has four squash courts to which pupils have free access and so can play when they wish.

There is no official squash in the Autumn and Summer terms, but it is played as part of the P E programme or as an optional activity. The numbers are limited by the court availability.

In the Spring Term squash is a major games option with as many matches against other schools as can be found. Those opting for it will normally play three times a week.


Traditionally squash has been a boys sport and we have fielded a 1st V and an under 16 V. This demarcation, however, is breaking down as our competitors find it harder to produce teams so defined. Any thought of a Junior Team has now been abandoned but there are keenly fought internal competitions.

Squash 2018

Captain of Squash:

Squash 2017

Captain of Squash:

Squash 2016

Captain of Squash: Ed Taylor P/W

Squash 2015

Captain of Squash: Bella Pyne NC/W

Squash 2014

Captain of Squash:Jim Bremner OH/W
Vice Captain:

Squash 2012

Captain of Boys' Squash: Will French P/W
Captain of Girls' Squash: Hannah Watts NC/W

Squash 2011

Captain of Squash: Jess Mudge GH/W

Squash 2010

The school's squash trophy, the Tranchant Cup, was won by Jess Mudge who beat Will Watson 3-1

Captain of Squash: William Watson P/W

Squash 2009

Captain of Squash: Edward Cumberlege P/W

Squash 2008

Captain of Squash: Jack Eadie P/W

Squash 2007

Captain of Squash: Jack Eadie P/W

Squash 2005/6

Captain of Squash: Tom Lockwood OH/W

Squash 2004

The School's top players in 2004 have been Tom Nunn, the captain, and Andy Unwin who are head and shoulders above the others. They have both been playing squash for the the School for many years and they were particularly successful this year. Other schools do not run the type of games programme still in place at Blundell's and so matches have not been easy, both in arrangement and comparable quality of players.

Most of those who have opted for squash have been keen and enthusiastic. There has been a strong upsurge in the game amongst a strong Year 9 group with a large number keen to play.

The girls who have played have wanted more matches than could be found, sadly only two this year. Charlotte Vantreen proved to be the best of the girls.

Squash 2003

Recently, also, more girls have been playing and we have produced a girls team for some inter-school matches. We are pursuing more fixtures for the girls.

The 2003 season saw a mixed set of results. Simon Wright was the regular number one and his highlight was an excellent 3-2 win against Clifton on a freezing cold court. He was usually supported by David Atherton, Fred Allen and Andy Unwin, with Andy being the most successful player in terms of matches won. The team lost more than it won, but all the matches were close and keenly fought. 

The Old Blundellians fielded a youthful team of recent leavers, Ricky Parker, Michael Abram, Will Tyzack and Tom Bacon, hindered only by the chronologically challenged Mr Hamilton!