Blundell’s has its own heated outdoor pool (33⅓ yards) which is in constant use during the Summer term for Games, PE, Canoeing and social activities.


Pupils in Years 9 – 13 can opt for swimming as their sport for the summer term. Some choose swimming to take part in the galas but there are many who choose it for fitness, stamina, therapy due to an injury or simply because they enjoy swimming! Regardless of reason, all pupils are encouraged to work to the best of their ability and achieve their own personal goals through carefully devised training programmes which are designed to improve the swimming of every single individual. These programmes include concentrating on a specific stroke, a specific technique or skill (e.g. turns) or on stamina and are selected and written on whiteboards for all swimmers to follow during a training session to give everyone the best chance to maximise their own swimming ability and techniques. A typical session is either 30 minutes or 45 minutes long and consists of a warm up and a main set before a warm-down. Group and individual coaching is given throughout the training time to ensure that every pupil has access to the best help and advice possible – the coaching team believe that this is vital for everyone.

ButterflyBreast stroke

For those who choose to swim as part of the swimming squad, there are a number of galas versus local schools (including Sherborne, King’s and Queen’s Taunton and Wellington) over the first half of the Summer Term. Normally squads are U16 and U18 for both girls and boys although sometimes we are invited to enter U14 teams too. Over the past few years, Blundell’s success rate has continued to grow.

Pupils in Year 7 and 8 have swimming lessons as part of their PE lessons and in recent years School House have been involved in galas against Wellington and Maynard Schools, normally in the second half of the Summer Term.

End of a raceAt the end of term, both School House and the Senior School host their swimming galas. These are popular events and attract some very strong swimming in an exciting atmosphere.

The PE Department uses the pool for GCSE and A Level practical sessions. The pool is also used on a Monday afternoon during the Summer Term to introduce the pupils to kayaking before they move onto the canal or the River Exe. The Blundell’s Sub-Aqua Club also does early training in the pool, which has proved to be a popular activity.

The swimming pool, apart from its educational value, is a well-used social area where pupils can relax and enjoy the ambience of the outdoor area. The boarding houses make good use of the pool in the evenings.


  • Boys’ Captain: Barney Ames FH/W
  • Vice Captain:
  • Girls’ Captain: Katharine Walton NC
  • Vice Captain:


  • Boys’ Captains: Henry Davey P/W and Jonathan Lane P/W
  • Girls’ Captain: Bethany Mettam GH/W
  • Vice Captain: Jonathan Lane P/W


  • Boys’ Captain: Edmund Leung P/W
  • Girls’ Captain: Imogen Dickinson NC/W
  • Vice Captains: Jethro Clark FH/W and Bethany Mettam GH


Fixture / Tournament Teams Result
Vs Sherborne, Canford, Bruton, Leweston, Taunton and Kingswood U16 and U18 girls 4th
U16 and U18 boys 1st
Vs King’s, Taunton (away) U16 Girls and U16 Boys Won
U18 Girls and U18 Boys Won
Vs Queen’s, Taunton (away) U14 Boys and
U16, U18 Girls and Boys
Vs Wellington School (away) U13 and U15 Girls and Boys Lost
Vs Wellington School (home) U16 Girls and U16 Boys Tied
U18 Girls and U18 Boys Won
Overall  (U16 + U18) Won
Vs Maynard (home) U13 Girls Lost
U15 Girls Won


Swimming 2015

Boys' Captain: Edmund Leung P
Girls' Captain: Charlotte Orrell GH/W

v King's Taunton: Blundell's 186 - King's 173

v Taunton School: Boys lost 65-106; Girls lost 64-110

v Wellington School: Blundell's 66 - Wellington 99

v Sherborne/King's Bruton/Leweston/Canford: Junior Girls 5th, Junior Boys 1st, Senior Girls 3rd, Senior Boys 2nd.

Swimming 2014

Boys' Captain:
Girls' Captain: Holly Keevil GH/W

v King's Taunton: Blundell's 163 - King's 184

Swimming 2013

Boys' Captain:Bastian Harvey OH/W
Girls' Captain: Jess Granfield GH/W

We beat King's Taunton by 6 points. The junior girls and the senior boys both won their respective competitions whilst the senior girls and junior boys narrowly lost. It was great that the overall result went in our favour. Excellent swims as always from Bastian Harvey and Will Klinkenberg and in the junior girls from Ennea Miller-Hunt and Ellie Emo, who was swimming 3 years above age!

School House also had Jack Williams and Jack Gibbs swimming and they were both outstanding, swimming against much older boys. JCH

v King's Taunton Blundell's
Senior Boys Won
Senior Girls Lost
Junior Boys Lost
Junior Girls Won
Combined Boys Won
Combined Girls Lost
Overall Result Won

v Wellington: The girls won their match at Wellington with excellent performances from Holly Keevil, Ennea Miller-Hunt and Ellie Emo but the boys lost despite the predictable emphatic victories from Bastian Harvey and Will Klinkenberg. JCH

v Sherborne: We swam in a gala at Sherborne on Saturday against 5 other independent schools from Somerset and Dorset. Despite being without some key swimmers, the boys and the girls both came second in their respective competitions. Winners were Holly Keevil, Maddie Smith, Bethany Mettam, Bastian Harvey, Tom Hare and Jethro Clarke. JCH

Swimming 2012

Boys' Captain: Simon Tang OH/W
Girls' Captain: Eolande Diaz-Phillips NC/W

v King's Taunton Blundell's
Senior Boys Won
Senior Girls Lost
Junior Boys Lost
Junior Girls Won
Combined Boys Won
Combined Girls Lost
Overall Result Won
Opposition Senior Boys Junior Girls
Sherborne Won Won
Canford Won Won
King's Bruton Won Won
Leweston Won Won
v Taunton Blundell's
Senior Boys Lost
Senior Girls Lost
Junior Boys Lost
Junior Girls Won
Overall Result Lost
v Queen's Taunton Blundell's
Senior Boys Won
Senior Girls Lost
Junior Boys Lost
Junior Girls Lost
Overall Result Lost


Swimming 2011

Boys' Captain: Andrew Cotter-Stone OH/W
Girls' Captain: India Harvey NC/W

Opposition Open Boys Open Girls U16 Girls 
Blundells Oppo Blundells Oppo Blundells Oppo
Kings Taunton 44 39 39 46 40 42
Taunton 35 54 29 58 35 52
Queens 44 34 25 59 57 30
Clifton 44 15 39 9    
Sherborne 20 32 56 28 71 52
Leweston     56 17 71 71
Bryanston 20 61     71 18
St Mary's         71 53
Kings Bruton 20 45 56 31 71 27

2010 Boys' Captain: Mitchell Bennellick OH/W
2010 Girls' Captain: Hannah Barr NC/W

Teams Score
Blundell's Boys 62
Queen's Boys 106
Blundell's Girls 76
Queen's Girls 98
Teams Score
King's Taunton 183
Blundell's 182
Sherborne 157
Clifton 78





Boys' Captain: Morgan Briggs OH/W
Girls' Captain: Hattie Hosegood NC/W

Results Summer 2009

Teams Score
Blundell's 158
King's Taunton 151
Sherborne 145
Clifton 81
Teams Score
Blundell's 140
Taunton School 135
Opposition U15
Sherborne Boys Blundell's Won
Sherborne Girls Blundell's Won

Results Summer 2008

Group Blundell's Trinity Exeter
U13 Girls 55 42 34
U13 Boys 57 19 55
U15 Girls 59 46 31
U15 Boys 69 18 47

Results Summer 2007

Opposition G/B W/L Score
Plymouth College Girls Won 57 - 25
Boys Lost 22 - 55
Wellington School Girls Lost 33 - 48
Boys Lost 38 - 48


Teams Score
Blundell's 111
King's Taunton 95
Sherborne 75
Clifton 33